Gerald McCoy already sick of criticism of Bucs’ offensive line


The Buccaneers’ offensive line had a rough preseason debut against the Jaguars, prompting major concerns about the ability of the blockers to block effectively when the real games start.

Defensive lineman Gerald McCoy dismisses the concerns that have arisen in the wake of that poor performance.

Get over it,” McCoy said Thursday, via  “It’s one preseason game.  Move on.  We have three more.  So what if they look, let’s just, you know, hypothetically say [the offensive linemen] look terrible all of preseason.  Who cares?  You know, we’re out here working and we know what we have to improve on.  And we’re just keep working until we improve.”

The only problem is that the performance wasn’t hypothetically terrible in the preseason opener.  It was actually terrible.  And it was bad enough to get starting right guard Jamon Meredith removed from the starting lineup and placed at backup tackle.  And it could result in a trade for Alex Boone or a scouring of the waiver wire or other available avenues for making a bad situation not quite so bad.

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  1. Hypothetically terrible is different from actually terrible.

    And where is McCoy hearing all this criticism that he’s so tired of it?
    Is he in the wrong meetings or press conferences?

  2. McCoy is right, it’s the first game of the preseason with a team that has a lot of new pieces on both sides of the ball. Yeah, the line was terrible on offense, but the defense looked absolutely dominating. Consider these preseason games to be scrimmages; one bad game isn’t the end of the world. If there isn’t any improvements in the next three weeks, it’ll be time to worry.

  3. Love McCoy but they have been playing the whole its only preseason card for a few years now and how they just need to keep improving. I understand that but at some point we need results. At least Lovie is better than the last two buffoons so that is a plus in the right direction.

  4. Gerald McCoy also said Greg Schiano was a good NFL coach… Sorry but the Bucs Oline does suck and we will continue to complain until they fix it.

    But thanks for the meaningless words Gerald…

  5. Jamon Meredith is probably the worst offensive lineman in the league.

    He couldn’t make it in Buffalo when they had the worst offensive line in football.

  6. It’s one preseason game and I think a lot of it was about one-on-one evaluations. Opposite of zone-scheme techniques they were running in camp, so I get that it wasn’t pretty and that’s why. Cousins was still pretty bad though, and the only good thing I can say is that he pulls well on running plays but in pass protection he was invisible. Still, at least you don’t have to see that moron schiano on the sidelines, and that’s good enough for me to get excited about this season.

  7. Love ya Gerald, BUT…I watched that game and it was pretty alarming how bad they were. Wake up call to get it fixed before its too late. We dont want to see our QB’s get killed. Go Bucs!

  8. You gotta give him credit for covering for his teammates. I mean, he practices against those guys. He knows first hand how bad they are.

  9. Everybody needs to remember…the first pre-season game is played the majority of the time by second and third string players. As the second, third and final pre-season games are played, first string players playing time will increase. If at the end of the fourth game we see no real improvement….that’s the time to start worrying.

  10. The Bucs never have a good offensive line. It’s like they’re cursed. A couple of years back OL was supposed to be a strength–possibly best in the league–with Donald Penn at LT, Carl Nicks at LG, Davin Joseph at RG (all Pro Bowl talent at the time) and decent guys at the other two positions.

    Of course, Joseph gets injured in the preseason and is out for the year. The next year Joseph comes back and is mediocre, Carl Nicks get MRSA, and Donald Penn ages 15 years in one offseason. They’re all gone now.

    So now we’re back to building an OL again. I swear it never ends.

  11. Iron sharpens iron. If McCoy and the rest of the Bucs DL are going against crap O-Linemen every day in practice, they’re not getting adequate preparation for the higher-caliber opponents they will face during the season.

    Eventually — as happened with the Bears under Lovie — degradation of the OL will impair the effectiveness of not only the offense, but the DL too.

  12. they don’t look as horrible as the new uniforms… or maybe it’s the new uniforms that makes the o-line looks so horrible…. either way, they’re both pretty bad.

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