Tony Romo throws well, but can’t hold onto football


Maybe Dr. Jones was right. Maybe Tony Romo is 100 percent.

The Cowboys quarterback saw his first action since back surgery Saturday night, and showed a glimpse of his old form in both directions.

Romo had to step up and out of the pocket before hitting Dez Bryant for a 22-yard gain to convert a second-and-19. He threw deep down the sideline a few plays later, and didn’t immediately come up holding his back.

But then he and DeMarco Murray fumbled an exchange, with Ravens linebacker Courtney Upshaw picking up the gift and returning it 26 yards for a touchdown.

The most danger Romo was in was probably in making a flailing grab for Upshaw.

UPDATE 7:26 p.m. ET: Romo followed up with a 31-yard touchdown pass to a single-covered Dez Bryant. The ball was a bit underthrown (maybe on purpose), but Bryant came back to make a good play on the ball.

That was enough for the night, and he finished 4-of-5 for 80 yards and the touchdown.

32 responses to “Tony Romo throws well, but can’t hold onto football

  1. It’s not nice to take pleasure in you enemy’s downfall. Anyway I am a Skins fan and couldn’t be happier about the fact that the girls may not win 3 games this year.


  2. I’m watching your game. Two weeks in a row and your defense gets driven on methodically down the field. I’m pleased.

  3. Seriously. I am an eagles fan. I like tony romo but hate jerry jones. Plastic face is everything wrong with that team. It will never be what it was till he sells. The only reason they one three was because of jimmy Johnson. This guy us such a bafoon and his son is a close second.

  4. Mosley is lost, Flacco is terrible and Shazier has 5 tackles is the first 4 minutes of the game.

    I’m pleased

  5. Anything to get in a jab on the Cowboys. Romo looked really good and threw the ball with zip. ravens offense didn’t take the field until 4 minutes in the 1st. The they essentially went 3 and out.

  6. That plus very loose salary cap… Take a salary cap plus free agency, never again will dynasties be replicated… That’s what made the patriots such a wonder

  7. Mosley looks lost. Tomorrow you wont see any headlines about Mosley… Guess who you’ll see?

  8. @ hawkwind8

    It’s not nice to take pleasure in you enemy’s downfall. Anyway I am a Skins fan and couldn’t be happier about the fact that the girls may not win 3 games this year”.

    Uhhhh, you lost all credibility at “Anyway I am a Skins fan. All our condolences.

    When the Cowboys not only win well more than 3 games, but sweep the skins, let’s see how available you suddenly are not on here.

  9. You got to love skins fans. A year after being the second worst team in the league they still talk trash.

  10. He’s actually fine for now. He’s got rust to wear off. I’m not a fan, but I too feel that he shouldn’t be under microscope.

    Didn’t Tom Brady throw a pick-6 yesterday btw?

  11. Romo plays one set of downs and still throws in only one direction, to his right. All these over paid so called coaches haven’t figured this 3rd stringer QB flaw out yet. Hey! got FILM!

  12. If Cowboys win 3 games, 2 will be against Skins. And I thought someone said the Boys D didn’t play well, looked alright to me.

  13. RG 3&13 will not be a redskin in three years. In fact nobody will. They will be called the Washington Pelicans or some such shyte. Oh and RG3&13 will be out of the league due to repeat knee injuries and inabilitiy to hit a guy that is not wide open.

  14. ^whichever NFC East is currently better than the other two.

    The D played fair with the starters and key backups in. No one is going to confuse the Ravens with the Saints, however.

  15. @balsawoods- I don’t know exactly what game that you were watching, but one of the first connections he made was to Dez Bryant to the left. learn your directions

  16. Romo is an elite QB,..right up until the game is on the line.

    Romo has quite a knack for making the decisive, game killing mistake when it comes to winning.

    Romo is a highly rated QB. He’s not a winner. He can’t close. He doesn’t have the killer instinct to finish off the game when it matters most. That, is his downfall and ultimately why he will continue to put up numbers but fail to win the big games.

    If you look at a QB like Russell Wilson, he has the killer instinct. He plays at his best when the pressure is at it’s highest,…and he’s only played for two seasons. The level of maturity in Wilson as compared to Romo is night and day. RW3 is already a more accomplished, polished and mature QB than Romo. He doesn’t stand a chance of catching up at this point in his career.

    The Cowboys are years away from even seriously competing in the NFL for a division crown.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Jerry Jones. He’s the most entertaining guy in the NFL. He cracks me up on a regular basis. I must say, it’s truly of a gift of happiness that he has brought into my life.

    If you look up Jerry Jones in the dictionary,…It will say “Picture removed due to offensive nature”.

    Go Hawks!!!

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