Derek Carr avoids serious rib injury


Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr is going to have to spend some time recovering from a concussion, but he won’t have to do double duty and rehab a serious rib injury at the same time.

Carr was knocked out of Friday night’s game on a hit by Larry Webster of the Lions, he reportedly told team doctors that he heard a crunch, leaving him with injuries to both his head and his ribs. X-rays on the ribs came back negative for any serious injury, however, and coach Dennis Allen said Carr is feeling better. Allen is also feeling good about what Carr was able to do before getting hurt.

“I did see a lot of improvement,” Allen said, via the Associated Press. “I saw some improvement in his accuracy, I saw some improvement in his reads, I saw some improvement on his touch passes. I think that’s a positive sign. There’s still obviously a lot of room for improvement and room for growth, but I did see him take a step forward from his first preseason game.”

Carr played a series with the first team, but that won’t happen again even if he gets cleared to play in the third preseason outing. Allen said Matt Schaub will get the work with the starters in order to get him ready for Week One and that the starters will play a “significant” amount before taking a step back in the final preseason outing. That will likely be Carr’s next chance to play and Schaub’s play come the regular season will probably determine how long he has to wait for another spin.

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  1. I hope that scrub coach is fired after week 4. And GM fired with him. And they land chucky for the following season and somehow get john Madden to be the GM.

  2. This is good news. Hard not to like Carr. Local Southern San Joaquin Valley kid like his older brother. Want to see him do well. The Raiders need as much positive as they can get if they are ever going to shake the worst team in the NFL label.

  3. Maybe the Raiders are finally waking up to the realization that Schaub was washed up from a not-so-talented career a year ago – like the rest of the world knew.

  4. How about that blatant helmet to helmet attack on Simonson at the end of the game? Lions D as dirty as ever.

  5. hate on haters, and all you kool aid drinking matt mcgloin fans.

    Gimme a break…it’s preseason that does not mean squat, and all you doubters and haters want to put a fork in them.

    Bottom line the plan was to take two (years) steps backwards in order to take three (years) steps forward. This is the first step forward and most of you want to trip and fall…..ease up….Go Raiders, Go Schaub.

  6. The biggest problem that I have with this coaching staff is this team is never motivated or inspired to play at the beginning of games. I am tired of uninspired football. Thursday when the Jags played the Bears, Gus Bradley had his team ready to play. That emotion makes of for the lack of talent. We look like we are playing at 50 mph when everyone else is playing balls to the wall. We need a coach that would have this team thinking that they could kick any body’s butt at any given moment. I don’t see this in the current staff.

  7. That “dirty hit” didn’t even draw a flag. The TE got hit from the right side which changed his direction last second before the other safety hit him. It was unavoidable.

  8. Carr has the highest ceiling of any of the QBs on the roster by far. Sadly, Schaub seems to have completely lost it, like the post-foot-injury Shaun Alexander of QBs.

  9. Fire Mckenzie he is the reason for the debacle on the field the last few years. Horrendous free agant signings and bad drafts. Green Bay laughing at the Raiders for making him their GM and clearing the way for other Green Bay front office talent to move up.

  10. Schaub is the answer for the Raiders for the next two years. We need stability at the position in order to keep improving the other parts of our team. 8-8 is possible this year.

  11. It’s a bit early to write off Schaub. He got little help from his teammates in the first exhibition game. His O-line was better at run blocking than pass blocking Friday night. But I like McGloin. He that delay of game penalty, but he appears to be fearless, and loves to play. When he tossed that late TD, then turned to the sideline and held out his hands, I laughed out loud.

  12. Dennis Allen is supposed to be a defensive coach but the Raiders first string defense was scorched, eviscerated, burned, you name it, by the Lions. If he has anything for the defense, this would be a good time to see it.

  13. The Chiefs spent two 2nd round picks on a QB they don’t want to extend. You could read a Chief fan’s comments on something Chief related, but you really have to pay attention. Most of them camp out in Raiderville, and ignore the home team.

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