Ryan Shazier glad to “show everyone what I can do”


Pittsburgh fans had to wait an extra week to see first-round draft pick Ryan Shazier in a Steelers uniform, as a knee bruise kept him out of the preseason opener. But Shazier was on the field Saturday night for the Steelers’ second preseason game, and it was worth the wait.

Shazier had 11 solo tackles, a pass defensed and an interception that he returned 27 yards, and afterward Shazier said he was pleased to be able to do in live action what he always believed he could do when he got to the NFL.

I’m just excited to be back out on the field,” said Shazier, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Just to be out there and show everyone what I can do. You’re always nervous your first game. The NFL was the dream of my life. I finally got the opportunity to do it.”

Shazier’s teammates were impressed with what they saw.

“His pass coverage is awesome,” inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons said. “You saw the tackles; he was making tackles left and right. He has the pedigree. He has all the talent and the intangibles you want in an inside linebacker.”

Added defensive end Cam Heyward, “He’s an athletic guy who’s very fast. We keep working with him, by season’s start, we’ll expect a lot from him. Playing that position, he’s going to make a lot of plays.”

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Shazier looked in the game the same way he has looked in practice.

I thought he did some good things,” Tomlin said. “But not unlike what he’s done when he’s worked from the instant he’s got here he’s proven that it’s not too big for him. So I can’t tell you that I’m surprised by his effort tonight, I’m not.”

No one should be surprised if Shazier provides a spark to the Steelers’ defense this season.

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  1. Steeler fan here and I freely admit on draft day going “Who?”

    Well if he can keep this up that “Who?” will go to “Defensive Rookie of the Year” and potentially a year to year pro bowler.

    I know – one preseason game does not a Pro bowl player make, but its good to be excited about a young player on the team you root for. Its been awhile if you are a Steeler fan [insert Steelers are old joke here].

  2. 11 tackles, 1 pick first NFL game in a quarter and a half. Although its preaseason, this guys got much promise and a bright NFL future. Tomlin and Colbert might have struck gold here. Here is to hoping Tuitt is the same after a strong camp.

  3. Tebowed out of the playoffs years ago the steelers have 0 winning seasons and o playoff appearances. And oh this was buffalo in preseason.

  4. Packer fan here – I was crushed that Shazier didn’t make it to pick 21. HHCD is going to be a good pro. But Shazier has all pro written all over him.

  5. As a ravens fan I gotta say;

    The kid looked explosive like a young Troy.

    Any raven fan who doesn’t see that either doesn’t want to or doesn’t understand football but I’m guessing it’ll be him and Mosley battling for defensive rookie of the year.

  6. None of this will do anything to prevent several mediots from continuing to call the Steeler defense “old” or “aging” this year. They’ll have two maybe three starters north of 30, but that’ll be enough to trot out analysis from two years ago.

  7. What a pathetic franchise. Have to pay off the refs just to rob us of our deserved Super Bowl. Whatever we have at least 6 more coming. Guarantee this clown couldn’t touch Beast Mode if they ever met up.


  8. Hey that’s a good start…but what were the other 10 guys doing? Standing around watching him?

  9. Another Packer fan that really wanted this kid to fall to my team.
    We ended up with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, which filled a need, but I still would rather have had Shazier.

    This is the LB the Vikings should have drafted.

  10. Thats what the best player at each position going into the draft is supposed to do. Is anyone surprised when Clowney, Watkins, Shazier, Matthews, Eron, etc do good?

  11. The kid looked really good in his first NFL action. The Steelers are gonna surprise a lot of people this year. Not based off of a preseason victory against Buffalo, but the fact that they’ve had easily they’re best offseason in the last 5 years. Some key guys got healthy and they’re one of the youngest teams in the league, only 4 guys over 30(Ben, Ike, Troy, Heath) Munchak is gonna work wonders with all the first round talent on the o-line. If Jarvis Jones comes along and Leveon Bell takes another step watch out. Not to mention Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers in the league. Realistically, corner is still a concern, but I think that’s there only glaring weakness. I’ll stop my rant now. Shazier looked really good. I’m getting really pumped for September 7th.

  12. This thread epidomizes why people hate steeler fans. Straight to Canton, ’cause he’s a beast.

  13. This guy makes Kiko Alonsi look junior varsity.

    Well if he can keep this up that “Who?” will go to “Defensive Rookie of the Year” and potentially a year to year pro bowler.

    Best pick of the draft. Another dominant Steeler defender. Jealous much?

  14. He looked very active, very quick and keeping it all in perspective. he is obviously working hard as a rookie should be. Should he stay on this current path, he will be a staple in LeBeau’s defense for many years. Now we need to see the same type of progress from last year’s number one, Jarvis Jones. If he can prove he’s not a bust, then we can start making playoff plans.

  15. Has to be a preseason favorite for defensive rookie of the year along with Clowney.

    Can’t believe that was a rookie playing last night. The guy was all over the field. Pretty impressive.

  16. Glad to see him healthy and productive on the field. I foresee Shazier and my Ravens’ Mosley battling it out for defensive rookie of the year. AFC North will dominate this year

  17. Pre-season or not, when a guy comes in his first time out and takes over like that, that’s something. And he wasn’t playing against scrubs either. Shazier was simply awesome looking last night. Here’s to the new, fast Steeler D! Sorry, Sapp, you’ll have to find a new name for them now.

  18. He had 11 tackles because the Bills picked on him. They weren’t all tackles for losses. They were down field. Other than goal line defense, Steelers got crushed by Bills moving the ball. Watkins out by cheap shot on play 3, Williams out, Goodwin out, Bills trying players in new line spots, and you still got rolled on the stat sheet in a non game play contest. One long play and not a lot more. You’re lucky the Browns are in the division or you’d be last

  19. Steelers first team straight outplayed the Bills first team. A lot of the yards came from backups and on non scoring drives. Preseason or not the games still mean something, and for the Bills, it looks like it means another basement finish.

  20. Let’s face it. The Steelers are not the Steelers unless their linebackers are the best defensive players on the field. Has been . . . and always will be. It’s just their style. Drafting Shazier was a step in the right direction for this organization to get back to where it wants to be.

  21. It’s always the same with steeler fans. The old, slow players are Pro Bowlers, still. The guys they let walk stink. The young players are studs. They haven’t had a good draft since 201o. JJones, LBell, MWheaton, DeCastro, Adams. You’all think they’re great. They’re nobodies. JAGS. That’s why it’s been 2 yrs of 8-8 in a down division.Wake up! (I won’t even get into Colbert and Tomlin.)

  22. No Ted, what’s weak is your trolling and putting words into people’s mouths. Preseason or not he had a good game. No one said he was going to Canton but took the first steps of what could be a great career.

  23. MAY be a great player. MAY even be the best player in the draft. MAY be the 1rst starting rookie LB in Lebeau’s D to do a thing. But, as of now, you don’t know squat. You don’t know if he makes Alonzo look JV. You don’t know if he’ll be a DPOY candidate. Especially with Colbert’s recent draft history.

    Garappalo looked great for the Pats in the 1rst 2 preseason gms. You don’t see any Pat’s fans he the next Brady, do ya?

  24. Ted, Polamalu was a pro bowler last year, Ben had better numbers then some if the QBs selected. 2 years if 8-8 reloading and in both seasons they were in the playoff hunt late into the season. The young group you mentioned are not great, just have potential. They will be better this year.

  25. Steelers first team straight outplayed the Bills first team.

    That’s like saying that your Ones outplayed the Jets or the Raiders.
    Should be expected, not bragged about.

    Nice pick with Shazier.

  26. level of competition in B10 is very low.. makes it hard to properly judge players

    and I am always skeptical of Urban Meyer guys… many have serious character issues

    Shazier may be different… looked good but preseason against kids that wont be playing in a month

  27. Now, I can agree with a reasonable comment like that. Polomalu made the Pro Bowl on reputation more than great play, but he deserves it. Great career. I know that the Pats wanted to draft him in the worst way, but he was born to be a steeler. Not a great player anymore IMO, but still a good one. Ben should’ve been better, but he’s still a top 6-8 QB. Not sure about the reloading, as I think they’ve had too many bad drafts in a row, but I think they win 10 and take the division.I agree, a lot of POTENTIAL. I just have a beef with annointing players during the preaseason. We’ll see when a fast, undersized Shazier has to take on 330 lb gaurds during the reg season when they run right at him.

  28. Name a Steeler first round pick that has lived up to the preseason PFT commenter hype other than Pouncey. Anyone?

    He could be AMAZING, guys, but don’t act like we haven’t seen this movie before.

  29. Archer looks to be a good weapon. As far as draft goes DeCastro is coming along great. Let’s not forget how late in the draft Guys like Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace were picked. Sure Wallace is gone but the Steelers got much mileage without paying alot . plus the fact that they paid Brown instead shows that the team knows what they’re doing.

  30. Please these clowns make me laugh coming on here trying to rain on our parade.. Nothing wrong with being excited about the 1st round pick! If someone says he’s HOF bound so what! Ted stop acting like you know about the Steelers & their draft history because you sound foolish, totally ignorant! The Steelers build their team through the draft not picking up to many FA none high profile. I like to know how your fav team is built? since 2010 drafts Shazier , J.Jones, Pouncy, Decastro, Gilbert, Cortez, Bell, Shamarko, Brown, Heyward, Beacham, & Wheaton. All but 1 are Starters and there other good young players under 2 years experience. open mouth insert foot..

  31. The problem with the Steelers the past several seasons is lack of ‘splash plays’, and the reason for that is lack of star caliber play. Polamalu makes some plays once in a while, but he’s clearly aging and has had some injuries. Timmons is definitely a good player in his prime. But other than that not too much in the way of playmaking, until Heyward started getting more action and now Shazier getting drafted. Both OSU players seem to be the pieces to build around on defense, but they can’t just rely on those few all season if they want to be an elite defense like before. Jarvis Jones is the big key. Worilds has to at least be a decent 7 or 8 sack guy. Mitchell has to contribute. And Ike Taylor better rebound. But if some of those things happen this defense should be at the very least be pretty solid. I like the direction the defense is heading in but they need someone else besides and including Timmons, Polamalu, Shazier, and Heyward to step up internally, and I’m looking at Jarvis.

  32. As a Packer fan I was hoping that the Pack would get Clinton-Dix after seeing him in his last bowl game and knowing that we needed help at safety. Happy that we have him. But going into the draft I was sold on Shazier. Was hoping that he would fall to Pack. Just feeling that this guy is going to be a top 5 guy from this draft.

  33. Now just admit it, how many of you numbskulls were posting this past week that Ryan was going to be a bust because he had an injury and might not have played this past weekend? The story is still there so everyone can go back and look.

    Ryan had a very nice game indeed, far from a “bust”, and he needs to continue to develop from that. But, so much fear in fans of other teams about Ryan, and frankly the entire Steeler team this season. The Steelers will absolutely win the AFC North this season, and let’s see how they fare in the playoffs.

  34. lamo – steeler fan saying who? at draft now saying told you so….beast in college but not as good as Burfuct

  35. “We’ll see when a fast, undersized Shazier has to take on 330 lb gaurds during the reg season when they run right at him.”

    Not very likely to happen in a 3-4. The front 3 take on most of those blocks to free up guys like Shazier and Timmons. Also, most 330 lb guards will have trouble making good contact with the agile Shazier in the open field.

  36. People need to remember that Shazier played with the starting unit against the Bills’ starting unit in his first game action of the year. 9 tackles, a 27 INT return, 2 special teams tackles and a QB pressure is pretty darn good for any player in any game, nevermind a rookie in his first game action EVER. Sure, he had 2 bad plays allowing Chandler to get a first down and then allowing Chandler to slip away for a big gain, but this kid is going to be good. However, did anyone see #74 McCullers on the Steelers second team D? This guy is 6’7″, 365 lbs. and has a size 18 shoe.

  37. The rookie had a very impressive game even if it was against the Bills . Judging from the number of posts from trolls of the Ravens and Pats in particular they were suitably impressed and should be. No one said he was going to Canton unless they implied he was going back home. Oh the lies little fellas will vomit up.

  38. “However, did anyone see #74 McCullers on the Steelers second team D? This guy is 6’7″, 365 lbs. and has a size 18 shoe.”

    How could I miss him? The guy is gigantic for sure, but very raw. I hope the Steelers can teach the man some technique and footwork. Jury is still out but he has huge upside and well worth the risk considering when he was drafted.

    On another note…. Is anyone else already completely fed up with the officiating changes and the ridiculous amount of flags?

  39. I want you to continue to hate on him. If Steeler fans continue to be excited by Shazier’s play and you haters come in here trying to subdue our excitement, that means he’s out there destroying teams.

    Continue to hate, I embrace it.

  40. Steelers are re-tooling with some great
    young talent. They will be flying around
    this year.

    Shazier is an all out stud, and so is Tuitt.
    Now, if McCullers can keep his pad level down
    and fire off the snap, their defense will once
    again be top-5 in the league.

  41. If Shazier can live up to expectation, and Sean Spence can show the dominance he did at Miami, this may turn out to be one of the greatest LB group in Steelers history. Timmons is already a top 5 ILB in the NFL, I truly believe Jarvis Jones will be way better this year, and Worilds looks like he busted his butt in the off season. If these guys can all stay healthy, and feed off of each other, the Steelers defensive front will be one to reckon with. Now if we can just sure up the CB position, we will be dominating the AFC North once again!

  42. If Shazier can live up to expectation, and Sean Spence can show the dominance he did at Miami, this may turn out to be one of the greatest LB group in Steelers history. Timmons is already a top 5 ILB in the NFL.

    Perfect example.

  43. Shazier should be elected into the Pro Football HOF. Just kidding!!! Everyone looks good in preseason!

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