Rams give free tickets to high schools near Ferguson riots


It’s hard to find anything resembling normal in Ferguson, Mo., right now.

But the Rams at least made an attempt.

Via Robert Klemko of SI.com, the team offered free tickets to Saturday’s preseason game to the three schools in the area impacted by the riots which followed the police shooting of an unarmed man.

Rams manager of fan development and alumni relations Kyle Eversgerd contacted coaches at McCluer High, McCluer North and McCluer South; offering 75 free tickets to each team if they wanted them.

“In light of everything going on it just kind of hit me,” Eversgerd said. “I can’t imagine with all that stuff going on, how tough it must be to practice. We were able to get them away from it all.”

It’s a small gesture for a town gripped by something far more important than football, but the chance for a few hours of escape was welcome, and an admirable move for the team.

30 responses to “Rams give free tickets to high schools near Ferguson riots

  1. If police would’nt shoot someone 8-10 times when they’re on their knees with their hands up, teams like the Rams wouldn’t have to pay a part in trying to keep the piece.

  2. I think the word you were looking for was protests. These aren’t even close to riots. Are there pockets of idiots who are using the situation to be opportunists? Of course! That doesn’t change the overwhelming majority being peaceful protestors. Protestors who have actually stepped to intervene to protect businesses from looters. Let’s use our heads to understand the difference between a protestor and a looter, a majority who are peaceful and a minority out for themselves.

  3. Dashboard cams should be mandatory. All it would take for this case to be settled is some facts. Either Michael Brown went after the officer, and the shooting is justified, or he didn’t and a homicide of an unarmed man occurred. I’m kind of sick of he said/she said and just want some incontrovertible video evidence.

    Here’s how I tie this in with football: in the absence if incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, the call on the field will stand. That’s how it works in determining whether police use of force was justified, whether the cop was ultimately right or wrong.

    Also, those losers showing up from St. Louis to loot businesses need to go back home and stay there.

  4. Give the tickets to the cops who have to deal with all of these idiots. People just make assumptions about guilt or innocence then use it as a reason to riot and loot. How many young men were killed that very same night by gangs or criminals? Where’s the outrage there?

  5. Anyone watch the video where the body was in the street and people were talking about what happened?

    There is a guy having a conversation about what happened and he said at least twice that Michael Brown turned around and went towards the cop, then the cop shot him. Then he came at him again and the cop shot again.

    2 sides to every story. All this rioting and protesting would be much more meaningful if people waited for the facts to come out before making a judgement. But thats not what they want…

  6. Free tickets to a Rams preseason game? Isn’t there a constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment?

  7. People who are talking about not making assumptions are making a lot of assumptions. It’s not a clear-cut, black-and-white (no pun intended) issue. It’s complicated.

  8. Seriously??? Rewarding bad behavior while the shop owners and hard working police have to put up with the rioters every night. Not only police now but the national guard! How about we reward law abiding citizens.

  9. the only people who deserve justice are his parents and the cop. The rest are idiots looking to create trouble and or cash in.

  10. People rioting and looting are idiots who are in it for themselves.

    People that are protesting silently(that you don’t hear about or just refuse to acknowledge) ARE WAITING FOR THE FACTS! THEY HAD TO PROTEST FOR ANY FACTS TO EVEN BE RELEASED! This is the point you all are missing.

  11. When the game is over the stadium will be stripped of everything, even the seats. Why is theft from businesses the reaction to anger? Never understood that one.

  12. We would have both sides of the story if Ferguson PD would stop arresting journalists or at the very least stop throwing tear gas at them, dismantling their camera set-ups or forcing them to “move on”. For once this really is a First Amendment issue.
    As for the Rams giving a few high school football teams some free tickets: that can only make things better… unless someone knows that the high school players were actually looters, it’s hardly rewarding the rotten apples.
    Giving some tickets to the store owners affected as well would have been a nice touch too.

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