Simms, Dungy to avoid using Washington team name

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As the 2014 NFL regular season approaches, and as a game involving the Washington NFL franchise airs on national television when this item is posted, a pair of prominent national broadcasters plans to avoid uttering the name of the Washington NFL franchise.

Via the Associated Press, Phil Simms of CBS and Tony Dungy of NBC will refrain (or at least try to) from using the name.

It will be somewhat easier for Dungy than Simms.  NBC currently doesn’t have a Washington game on the schedule; CBS does, on September 25 against the New York Giants.

“My very first thought is it will be Washington the whole game,” Simms (pictured) told the AP.  “I never really thought about it, and then it came up and it made me think about it.  There are a lot of things that can come up in a broadcast, and I am sensitive to this.”

It could get a little awkward in the booth, given that Jim Nantz, who works with Simms, plans to use the name because Nantz believes it is “not my job to take a stance.”

“I will personally try not to use Redskins and refer to them as Washington,” Dungy told the Associated Press. “Personal opinion for me, not the network.”

ESPN will continue to use the name.  “We use the marks and nicknames as utilized by the teams, leagues and conferences we cover,” the four-letter network said regarding a term that for many has become a four-letter word.

“As long as their nickname is the Redskins, I’ll continue to call them the Redskins,” FOX analyst Troy Aikman said.

I felt that same way until I saw the commercial from the National Congress of American Indians opposing the name.  Unless and until someone makes a persuasive case to the contrary, the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans.  If the NCAI finds the name to be offensive, that’s enough for me — and for the past several months I’ve been avoiding it wherever I can.  (It popped out once today while hosting The Dan Patrick Show.)

That’s not taking a stance.  That’s doing what I now think is the right thing to do, even if it will take some time to completely stop using a term that I’ve used ever since I started watching football in the 1970s.

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  1. My guess is that mssrs Simms and Dungy will do whatever their EMPLOYERS say that they should do. CBS and NBC will determine protocol for them.

  2. “Unless and until someone makes a persuasive case to the contrary, the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans”

    Really? That’s like saying Obama speaks for me. By the way, he does not.

  3. Well thank god I didn’t have to hear that word while I’m watching a bunch of young men running around on a field literally killing themselves playing football.

  4. Very professional…I’ll follow suit and refer to them as…
    Googglie eyes Magee and fat kid from children of the corn

  5. I can’t wait to read the fake outrage from some of you guys. So invested in this story and for what?

    If you really cared, you wouldn’t be on the interwebz complaining about the name or PC.

    Grow up and get a hobby.

  6. I am not personally offended by the name. I’m also not Native American.

    I realize that the name “Redskins” was not created to insult or demean Native Americans. It does, however, seem to bother that group. The name should be changed for that reason.

    A name considered derogatory would never fly with almost any other group of people.

  7. Next, we will boycott the New York Giants because giants is insensitive to people with thyroid issues.

  8. Jim Nantz has the right idea. This is such a PC brownie point job by everyone who is coming out saying the name is offensive when they’ve used it non-stop before.

  9. And will they not eat at restaurants serving redskin potatoes? Will they not shop at stores selling redskin potatoes?

  10. Not even a Redskins fan..

    When Phil Simms is broadcasting, I am turning off the TV because I find him offensive. He was offensive anyway, but now I have a reason to turn him off.

  11. It is the Washington REDSKINS. You are pathetic and so is everyone else who woke up and just decided out of the blue to jump on the next bandwagon

  12. I guess I wonder why you don’t want to say it even though you have no sake in it? I am really happy Troy Aikman took that stance he did. He calls quite a few games usually and I generally like his calls.

    Nantz is completely right. He has a job, he should do it.

  13. What a crock. Call them what they are named. IF (big if) they change the name then call them that–but fans will still call them their rightful name

  14. The National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans. If the NCAI finds the name to be offensive, that’s enough for me.
    First time I’ve heard that. I can’t really disagree with that no matter how I try to spin it.

  15. I feel inspired by their grande moral stance in support of the large majority of Native Americans that aren’t smart enough to realize that they should be offended by the name. Their (the N.A.) support of the name Redskins is uncivilized, and if more people like Simms/Dungy favor non-use of the word, it’ll benefit the Native Americans more than they will ever know.

  16. Simms is a bumbling idiot. “Bucawse he’s a good thrower of the football”, ” I was talking to heem last night and he goes”…who cares what he thinks.

  17. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 168, passed by the California State Assembly today: This measure would urge the National Football League (NFL) to join with the Legislature and numerous organizations in calling for a name change for the Washington, D.C. NFL team, and calls upon the owners of NFL teams based in California to urge the owner of the Washington, D.C. NFL team and the NFL Commissioner to change the team mascot.

  18. As long as that’s what THEY believe, not because that’s what they’re told to believe.

    But ahh, what does it matter. Whole worlds going to hell anyways. Why would football/NFL be any different?

    Carry on, you fruity SOB’s. Carry on.

  19. You know, in order for a word, such as Redskins, to be considered a slur of any kind, it must be used as one, and used to negatively describe someone. There needs to be hatred behind the word. To describe someone as having red skin is in no way a slur, and there is no hatred behind it. Any word used to describe another human being can be used in a detrimental way. I guess the name Native Americans can be considered a slur too because there was no America until Columbus discovered it. Anyone here before that time were only known as Indians, and were not Americans… now American must be a slur too.

  20. I have no clue what you are watching Florio, but every Native American that I have talked to, or seen being interviewed on TV has not had a problem with the name. It seems that the only people who have a problem with the name are you and Dungy and Blondie. Name isn’t changing and stop judging everyone who wants to say Redskins.

    Plus, if it was true that a commercial changed your idea about the name, did every time you saw an ad saying a Whopper or Big Mac was bad for your health stop you from eating at Burger King or McDonalds? No, didn’t think so!


  21. Simms is the smartest nfl broadcaster there is. No surprise that the courageous qb is leading the charge on this.

  22. A persuasive case to the contrary huh? How about this: I will support a name change of the WASHINGTON REDSKINS as soon as the Red Mesa High School, located on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, a public school in which nearly 100% of it’s students are Navajo Indian, change their mascot from the REDSKINS to something more politically correct for white people.

  23. garypagetwo says:
    Aug 18, 2014 10:16 PM

    Liberal Losers


    Wield your intolerance like your dad’s gun, and call us names all you like… it’s what we expect from your kind.


  24. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Aug 18, 2014 9:59 PM

    Good. This disgusting, racist name has no place on my television set.
    So says the guy who has no problem referring to a city as a “dump” and generalizes it’s inhabitants as “morons”, yet is concerned about an Indian name.

  25. Sort of like politicians – they purport to represent us all and only represent the special interests – same with the NCAI. Who thinks of Native Americans when they hear the word “Redskins”? 99% of the American public thinks of an NFL football team. You want it to go back to being a perjorative? Then take away the football team.

  26. “As long as their nickname is the Redskins, I’ll continue to call them the Redskins,” FOX analyst Troy Aikman said.


    Not a Washington fan, but,

    All Hail the REDSKINS.

  27. When league and other team sponsors end relationships outside of Washington’s franchise ,and they can’t be replaced by the thousands of companies dying to do business with the NFL, then the billionaires will begin to chat. The league and its owners are about getting even more wealthy,doesn’t matter how they do it.

  28. Oh puke Florio, seriously? I’m sure you didn’t think about it at all until a bunch of the lefty politicians you idolize jumped on the bandwagon.

    Although I understand and feel your pain. I’ve fought for the end of pirate discrimination for years, but the Raiders are still the Raiders and the Buccaneers are still the Buccaneers.


  29. Just call them by the same name everyone else knows the organization as….RG 3 & 13. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  30. I am sure Dungy will change his mind and come back and say that is not what he really wanted to say. So now he does not like gay players and Redskins.

    The true Dungy is coming out.

  31. The National Congress of American Indians doesn’t speak for all Native Americans…

    Hail to the Redskins!

    – Muscogee Nation Indian Tribe Roll No. 32111 and Cowboys fan since 1969

  32. DaveKShape said:

    I feel inspired by their grande moral stance in support of the large majority of Native Americans that aren’t smart enough to realize that they should be offended by the name. Their (the N.A.) support of the name Redskins is uncivilized, and if more people like Simms/Dungy favor non-use of the word, it’ll benefit the Native Americans more than they will ever know.


    For the record, I was being really cynical and 100% sarcastic with this post. I think it’s really insulting for people in a position of power to be “offended on behalf” of a group of people that have largely been in support of the Redskins name. Especially a bunch of hypocritical talking heads like Simms and Dungy. “Oh wait… SIMMS and DUNGY are taking a stand against the name?!?! Maybe I should reconsider!!!” zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. ‘That’s not taking a stance.  That’s doing what I now think is the right thing to do’

    … actually that’s the textbook example of taking a stance. At least call it what it is..

    ‘the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans,

    … even though many Native American say they don’t speak for them.
    Cool, thanks for clearing all that up.

  34. I find it deliciously ironic that the most racially insensitive name in sports belongs to the team that plays in the world’s epicenter of political correctness.

  35. If they are truly enlighten people, why didn’t they do this sooner?

    Nothing like taking the moral high ground after other people peer pressure you to do it.

  36. I will not be using the names “DUNGY” or “SIMMS” this year. I will, however, use REDSKINS early and often.

  37. The name Redskins has to be the ugliest name …. Snyder should change the name it’ sounds stupid and dumb …. Get a more exciting name like Stallions or Kobras

  38. Have to love people arguing that it was used in the past and therefore should be used now. Yeah, nothing in our language has changed or in the thread of time has evolved to respect the beliefs of others.

  39. Isn’t it great to live in a country where 2 men can get married it’s legal in some states to smoke pot but yet the name Redskins is offensive………here’s a news flash, the name will not change, here’s 2 good reasons…
    #1 the other owners will not vote for it, why, simple bec theydont want the other owners telling them how to run there franchise
    #2 Oh this is a good one, I always hear people saying Roger Goodell should make them change the, Roger Goodell works for the owners not the other way around…so un till then I will chant redskins as loud and as proud as I want…#HTTR!!!!!

  40. Coming from a SEAHAWK FAN…….”REDSKINS…REDSKINS…REDSKINS” oops I said it. Keep the name Washington I got your back. What’s next? We gonna go after the Chiefs in KC?

  41. This is a good start.

    Now only if we can get Simms to avoid using the rest of the english language…

  42. “Whether it’s derogatory to a group of 1 or group of many it’s still derogatory”

    How ironic, coming from a person who uses the tag babyjesus.

  43. I like Dungy. However, if he has a rallying cry, do it elsewhere. Sims, nothing more to say. He is a perfect reflection of himself and nothing else.

  44. There is a hotel named the Iroquois New York. I think Sims should rail on that name. Also change the name of the village of Algonquin in Illinois. There is a Hotel in NY by the same name. There is a town in NC called Cherokee. Change it. Rename the Cher song Cherokee Nation. I understand that Northern Ireland takes offense of the University of Notre Dame using the name Irish.

    We are a nation of problems and this is the best you can come up with.

    get a life

  45. From the article-

    “That’s not taking a stance. That’s doing what I now think is the right thing to do, even if it will take some time to completely stop using a term that I’ve used ever since I started watching football in the 1970s.”

    Actually that’s exactly what you are doing.

  46. How is Washington playing the Giants on CBS? That’s two NFC teams. That game has to be on Fox, NBC or ESPN.

  47. lib losers indeed. they took a break from from destroying the country to whine about this garbage. we will agree to let the name be changed if all liberals move to Europe or Detroit

  48. “Unless and until someone makes a persuasive case to the contrary, the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans.”

    The NCAI only represents about 30% of Native Americans, how could that possibly be a “representative national voice of Native Americans?”

    See…wasn’t so hard to make a persuasive case, eh?

  49. I can’t feel sorry for a franchise that knowingly employs an offensive nickname and has a long history of racism. Abe Pollin changed the Bullets to the Wizards even though nobody complained about the nickname at all. Sorry Skins fan, the issue won’t go away until Snyder figures out a way to make money from the new name.

  50. I love how anyone who disagrees with liberals is “close minded”. We get it, that “insult” was old 3 years ago. Toleramce is the virtue of a man without convictions

  51. You don’t have to change the name anymore than people have to say it out loud or have to stop protesting against it. Keep it all you want.

    32 teams in the league, but only 1 of them has people protesting everything they do. R*dskins Nation must be so proud.

  52. Dungy is lucky the people who wrote the bible didn’t say anything about the Indians or he might not be able to support them. After his comments about Sam I can’t take home seriously. He says Sam isn’t worth the distraction but we all know what he meant. But he had no problem sticking up for Vick which was a bigger distraction. I really can’t stand people like him who put their fairy tale beliefs above an actual person.

  53. I am offended by New Orlean “Saints”…….Saints are Gods chosen few and to use there name in vain for a football team…..bla bla bla:-)
    Boston Celtics is implying all Irish are Leprechauns
    New York “Giants” is derogatory towards dwarfs…..
    The list goes on and on. GET OVER IT, ITS JUST A NAME!!!!!

  54. Am I the only person who can’t understand how this is derogatory? Sure, maybe Redskin is a little dated, but you don’t call your team a name in a harmful way. No one will root for the Los Angeles Sock Puppets the mascot is supposed to be something to get behind. Like a Viking warrior or Mammal that is at the top of the food chain. Redskin in context is supporting Native Americans here. It’s saying a redskin is a feared warrior akin to a Bear or mythical Titan.

    Heck, I’d love if someone used my nationality as a team mascot. That shows I’m respected more than anything.

  55. As much as I disagree with you on this at least you’re taking a stand on something besides Owen Schmitt being worthy of a first round pick (you missed badly on that) and Pat White being a legitimate NFL QB prospect (another swing and miss).

  56. Could care less about the dead skins, but leave the name alone, I’m sick and tired of this “new generation” of idiots……..I’ll leave it at that

  57. When the story came out that CBS would leave it to announcers whether or not to say Redskins during a gamecast, I thought Nantz would crack first. Good on him that he recognizes not saying the team name is injecting personal opinion to what should be a fact-based occupation.

    Florio… you, Dungy, and Simms would look a lot better by saying “I will use the name because my job is to report on NFL football, but I do so under personal protest because I find the name offensive to Native Americans.” To intentionally avoid it would be as disingenuous as only referring to the Steelers’ strong safety as “43” because you had a run-in with Polamalu.

  58. NFL should drop that network and then see how fast Simms decides to say Redskins when he doesn’t have that income because of it.

  59. “Goddamn redskins! They’re savages, Mr. President.” -Brain, from the movie Escape From New York. Was watching it the other day and heard that and laughed. 1:19:40 into the movie, towards the end.

    My personal opinion is that Blackhawks is OK, because there is a specific tribe that can say yes or no to using the name. Iroquois, Fighting Sioux, those would be OK if the specific tribes give consent. They could also be revoked at any time at the behest of the individual tribe.

    Chiefs, Redskins, Indians, etc… not so much.

  60. Respected Simms & Dungy but hard to get on the bandwagon after they choose to say Redskins during and post careers but now find it offensive? You guys just fell a couple of notches on this belt…

  61. What a joke! These two hypocrites aren’t going to use the name Redskins, huh? Then they should be fired.
    I have to laugh. Simms went to a college called Morehead State University. If ever a name change was needed — that’s it!
    Okay — if these sell outs are going to be this politically correct, then they’ll have to give equal treatment to other offensive names. They can’t say “Fighting Irish” or mention the Cleveland Indians because the Indian on their logo is the most stereo-typically offensive image there is.
    And how about the Blackhawks? They were not named after a bird. They were named after a WWI Army division which took its name from an Indian Chief.
    America is becoming the laughing stock of the world because we pander to every little group which has an agenda and ignore the masses. This is yet another indication that this country has lost its focus on what is really important.

  62. How many people are claiming it’s a racist name when they probably thought nothing of it for years or decades? It’s not until the media recently decided to go on a holier-than-thou crusade over the name and pushed the public to see the name as racist that it became a “real” issue.

  63. Not a Redskins fan here – but as an NFL fan I’d say if you are a reporter and can’t bring yourself to say the name of the team you’re covering – you need to find another job. If I were a fan of the team – I’d be offended by this.

  64. i agree with you on this one, Florio. My bro in law is Blackfoot, so I take his word that the name is offensive.

  65. This whole thing about the Redskins name is ridiculous. If the name was such a problem, why was it not an issue until AFTER many of the indian tribes started running casino’s and getting a ton of money?

    In fact, a case could be made about most if not all team names. The Vikings could be considered disparaging to the Norse, the KC Chiefs, the Dallas Cowboys, and a number of others not only in football but baseball as well.

    I may be in the minority, but if I was Dan Snyder, I would fight this to the bitter end!

  66. I’m Native American & I support the REDSKINS since I was 7 yrs old & many of us do as well .. We know it’s a badge & symbol of pride for all Native American people . HTTR!!!

  67. So let me get this straight, after all these years of using the name, suddenly people get a conscience? That is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever heard. I used to respect Dungy but no more. And as for Simms, he’s useless anyway. One of the worst announcers, he never shuts up and continually overstates the obvious as does his partner, Nantz, who I wish would also quiet down and try to get the down and distance right before yapping and yukking it up with Simms. And until this story how many EVER heard of the National Congress of American Indians? So where does this leave all the other sport teams with Indian names? There’s gotta be thousands when you factor in pros, colleges, high schools, etc. Political correctness is going to kill this country. The pc police won’t be happy until we all walk around like robots and look exactly the same. You want to help Native Americans? Then get in touch with a foundation or start one to help them with the crummy living conditions on some of their reservations.

  68. I’m a Redskins fan, born and raised in the D.C. Metro area. I have no problem if they change the name but whenever someone says to me they should change the name I ask them 4 questions. What should the new name be? What should the new logo be? What should the new colors be? What should the new fight song be? To me you simply can’t just change name and that’s it. The logo and especially the colors are their identity. You say black and silver you immediately say the Raiders. Black and gold the Steelers, green and gold the Packers, burgundy and gold the Redskins, etc. Just changing the name won’t stop people from calling them the Redskins. You basically have to start over for it to really take affect, a rebranding of the franchise so to speak. I ask those 4 questions and all I hear is no that isn’t necessary, changing the name will suffice.

  69. Thanksgiving is still the holiday in which thousands of Indians were massacred. There was no feast and everyone in the Native American culture knows this. I bet the the NCAI won’t complain about the entire country celebrating that every year. So please explain why a football teams nickname is so offensive and not Thanksgiving. Let’s get real here.

  70. I have so much respect for Sims and Dungy for not calling the Washington franchise by name; Cuz I know they’ve never ever ever ever said “Redskins” before. (Except for the dozens of times b4 last year when no one gave a crap about it)…

  71. Note to Troy Aikman: Um, Troy, you might want to check that big thick book of word definitions – you know – a dictionary. “Redskins” is NOT a ‘nickname’, it’s the ‘proper name’ of the team, thus much more important than a mere ‘nickname’.

    Webster says ‘nickname’ is “an additional or substitute name given to a person, place or thing: usually descriptive and given in fun, affection or derision, a familiar, often shorter, form of a proper name, as “Dick” for “Richard”.”

    Or perhaps “Joe” for “Joseph”. By the way, and just as an aside, Webster shows many definitions for ‘buck’: One of those is “a fop or dandy”. Just sayin’.

  72. And how, if they change they name, is it going to make 1 damn bit of a difference to anyone of these Indians lives? None.

    Making mountains out of molehills.

    Its funny how the simple minds in this country like to focus on these pointless issues that dont make a damn bit of difference, yet the “leaders” in this country cant figure out the real, meaningful issues.

    And this is why this country is in the shape it is because we focus, and so many people get their panties in a bunch about stupid issues, not real issues.

  73. The writing is on the wall, Dan Snyder. The announcers won’t even say the team name on TV anymore…. you lose.

  74. Nothing like the “soft activism” of an NFL commentator. I’ve always liked Dungy, and I can respect his position. I think he’s genuine. Phil Simms has always struck me as a opportunist, a holier-than-thou guy who really isn’t that good. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve always got that flush of disappointment when tuning in to a game he’s working. Troy Aikman is right.

  75. Wait a second. These guys have been broadcasting for YEARS. Eric Holder is the corrupt department of justice suddenly decide that it’s racist and Simms and Dungy have an epiphany? Love the fact the NFL has adopted politics!

  76. Word meanings can change. Maybe Redskins was once a slur, but for more than 50 years hundreds of thousands cheer, not slur, Redskins every Sunday during the fall.

    Change the name to the Washington Senators or something, and it is even harder to remember the Native American culture. The Redskins are one of those teams that is mentioned in every sports cast of ESPN and other major networks.

    Wouldn’t it be a greater story to say what once was a slur is now a revered way that Native Americans are referred to? With the team in our nation’s capital named after the proud warriors who stood and fought, it keeps these once proud fighters in our vernacular.

  77. As a citizen of both the state of Texas and the United States of America, I find all branding of the Dallas Cowboys, especially as “America’s Team” to be misrepresentative of my culture, my state, and my country as a whole. If it’s not changed, I’ll complain about in on Twitter.

  78. It’s an attempt to get CBS to take them off calling any Washington games. They also said they won’t call the Browns by name any more either…

  79. The NFL should pull games from CBS. By allowing Sims to do this, the NFL brand is being compromised.

    Proponents of the name change believe that pressure can only be exerted one way. They are so incredibly wrong.

  80. “Whether it’s derogatory to a group of 1 or group of many it’s still derogatory”

    Then I say let’s all derogatize away. I bet I can find something that offends me and only me. Will you agree to ban it?

  81. Simms: “I never really thought about it, and then it came up and it made me think about it. There are a lot of things that can come up in a broadcast, and I am sensitive to this”

    In other words, someone said something and I am too stupid to do the research.

    A vast majority of Native Americans support the Washington Redskins team and name. Why do you feel you know better than they? Why do you think you can tell them how to feel?

  82. “Unless and until someone makes a persuasive case to the contrary, the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans”

    Why? Because they say they are the representative national voice of Native Americans? Just because they make the claim doesn’t make it so. That’s a ridiculous argument and just blows a hole in your own logic. You’re not avoiding the name because you, “…now think (it) is the right thing to do,” but rather because an organization tells you it is the right thing to do. Your words–that’s what you’ve written. And why is that? Because you believe that organization’s claim to an authority that is debatable? Nantz has the right idea here…

  83. Had the team been named the Washington Blackskins or the Washington N-Words, would anyone hesitate in changing it?

    The Native American people have been treated horribly by the European invaders hundreds of years. This is just another indignity.

    This isn’t about left or right. Conservative vs. Liberal. It’s right or wrong.

    Your tradition may be to root for a football team called the Redskins. Their tradition is to be forced off their land, slaughtered and be called “Redskin”.

    Washington should change the name.

  84. from now on I will be turning the channel whenever I see or hear Simms or Dungy, and will be refraining from buying any products that they endorse, Bigelow Tea for example.
    NBC and this site are very close behind.

  85. Jim Nantz says it’s “not my job to take a stance”. That’s all well and good when the choice is between paper and plastic. But when it’s between using a racial slur and not using it, it’s pathetic to not take a chance and history doesn’t look kindly on people like that.

  86. @baddegg: There’s no way NFL pulls games from CBS. If anything, they went even deeper with CBS by giving them simulcast rights to Thursday Night Football. The NFL is primarily about money before anything else. So to think they’ll give up money just because a TV guy refuses to use a team’s nickname is naive at best.

  87. I still don’t get why a conversation about the word “Oklahoma” isn’t brought up in same discussion with Redskins. It literally means red skin in Choctaw. Just bc it’s a state name and not as obvious doesn’t change the fact that they are identical meanings. Change the state name, the universities, and pro basketball team maybe you can have a sweeping argument. I’d be interested in seeing where people come out on that one. Especially the fine citizens of Oklahoma and all the interest groups that would be affected.

    Oklahoma was the 46th state in the USA; it became a state on November 16, 1907. Origin of the Name Oklahoma – The name Oklahoma is from the Choctaw Indian words “okla” meaning people and “humma” meaning red.

  88. scoops1 says:
    Aug 18, 2014 9:52 PM
    …but they said it last season….and seasons before that….


    If you say something that is offensive and don’t know it, that is ignorance. Simms becoming aware and understanding what it means to Native Americans has nothing to do with hypocracy.

  89. eloso1 says:
    Aug 19, 2014 7:42 AM
    I still don’t get why a conversation about the word “Oklahoma” isn’t brought up in same discussion with Redskins. It literally means red skin in Choctaw. Just bc it’s a state name and not as obvious doesn’t change the fact that they are identical meanings. Change the state name, the universities, and pro basketball team maybe you can have a sweeping argument. I’d be interested in seeing where people come out on that one. Especially the fine citizens of Oklahoma and all the interest groups that would be affected.

    Oklahoma was the 46th state in the USA; it became a state on November 16, 1907. Origin of the Name Oklahoma – The name Oklahoma is from the Choctaw Indian words “okla” meaning people and “humma” meaning red.


    The original literal meaning of “Redskins” has nothing to do with it. Same goes for the N word. It’s how the word is used to degrade people.

  90. JC De La Torre, that’s actually the point. The name Redskins isn’t like those other terms. Can you image an all or mostly African-American school choosing those names? No, of course not. Yet a school comprised of mostly Native Americans chose the take and recently keep the Redskins name. That is the difference.

    Why are we trying again to impose our will on Native Americans. Let them decide, and so far, in an overwhelming majority, they have. They proudly support the Washington Redskins team and the name.

  91. I wonder if they will stop using the $20 bill? Picture of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, who was known as the “Indian Killer”….wanted to eradicate all of them when he was president!

  92. Redskin fans give some credit to former Cowboy Troy Aikman for getting it right by still using their name.

    Now agree with my comment if you think Dungy and Simms are just suckups. And disagree if you admire them for avoiding the name.

  93. Our definition is not a degradation, and an overwhelming majority of those to whom you say it is degrading don’t feel it is either, only you do. Stop imposing your will on Native Americans.

  94. It’s funny how people have such strong opinions(your pc!,or let’s change this name too, etc.) when other people choose to stop saying something that is offensive to another race or group. If you think it’s cool to say it, then say it. Some people don’t.

  95. “Unless and until someone makes a persuasive case to the contrary, the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans.”

    The reality is that you have no intentions of actually allowing anyone who brings a persuasive case to the contrary, to voice it on this forum. That is the typical tactic used by liberal media. Act as if you are all for fair debate, then work overtime to not allow a contradictory opinion to be voiced.

    Again, look at the facts. If the name is so offensive, why does nearly EVERY native american reservation have a high school with the mascot name of Redskins? Also, since you, Dungy and Simms are now so concerned with the plight of the native american, what have you done, or spent to actually help their situation? And gambling in their casinos doesn’t count. Also, how does the National Congress of American Indians count as the only voice of the native american people? Because they echo your stance?

    We all know that you, being an ultra liberal media type, will never allow this post on your site. So, prove me wrong. Also, the thing that actually offends me, and should offend all Americans, is when some politician or liberal PC monger tells us what we should be offended by, and what is acceptable.

  96. It’s the right thing to do. And, it has nothing to do with political correctness. If the name is racist to any significant number of Native Americans — and it surely is — then it must be stricken from the lexicon. It’s that simple.

  97. Florio, what’s funny is you used the word three times in this article, in quoting Dungy and Aikman, AND it’s an article tag. Sure, you were quoting others, but you still typed it and printed it.

    If I quote the title of a famous Richard Pryor album, am I being offensive? What if I quote the NCAI in one of its press releases criticizing the name ‘Redskin’?

    Words in and of themselves are harmless – it’s the context in which we use them that offends.

  98. I would love to ask these guys why they were OK with the name up until now?

    I know the answer, but they wouldn’t give it. It’s because they are jumping on a high horse that is a product of an issue currently on peoples’ minds. NOW the name is racist? If, in their minds, the name is racist, then this is no different than them saying the “N” word their whole lives and them stopping once it was popularly touted as bad.

  99. So just say “Washington”.

    Quit waving the look at me flags with how right you believe yourself to be with the “Washington NFL franchise” crap.

    Out of Dungy and Peter King and all others who have decided to do this how many make a spectacle of it each time? Just say Washington.

  100. Well that’s just great you talking heads. You’ve made Hundreds and Hundreds of Thousands of dollars through this game playing the Redskins, and now with your comfortable lives you won’t recognize the Redskins as a football team. Hypocrites.

    As for me, I have decided not to recognize the two of you on your shows. I will not watch and listen to your ridiculous reports.

    It’s a football team. It’s not a band of Indians on the field.

  101. Who cares what these two think? If Phil Simms doesn’t want to say REDSKINS then get someone in the booth that will. I call “refusing to do his job”. Hail to the Redskins!!

  102. Who cares about the history of the franchise. Change it.
    Its 2014 and todays NFL world will accept it and move on because times have changed.
    The owner is too worried about losing money

  103. Around of applause for Troy Aikman knowing he recognizes the Redskins name as a football team and nothing else

  104. If, in their minds, the name is racist, then this is no different than them saying the “N” word their whole lives and them stopping once it was popularly touted as bad

    And that’s a bad thing?

    So a person raised not realizing how offensive the N or R word are, then becomes more educated and decides he or she shouldn’t use it is somehow inferior to that same person saying “I don’t care about the meaning or how offensive it was, I’ll continue to use it if I want”?

    Is that not the definition of a bigot?

    Tick tock

  105. As an American, I am offended by any hyphenated use of the word ‘AMERICAN’. Therefore I will cease to use or recognize terms such as ‘Native-American’ or ‘African-American’ or ‘Ginger-American’.

  106. ‘the National Congress of American Indians remains the representative national voice of Native Americans,….

    So a minority group with a significant sum of money represents the entire race? That is kinda like saying that Republicans remain the representative national voice of White Americans…. SMH.

  107. I’m torn between the following:

    – Hating how PC the world around me is becoming.


    – Enjoying that scumbag Snyder squirm and sweat all over lounge chairs during fluff pieces.

  108. So Dungy’s line is that Redskin is offensive but calling a gay player a distraction is cool? Okie dokie there coach.

  109. Its time we talk in earnest about reparations for slavery. I’m thinking 1 million dollars to every African American paid out at $100,000 a year and no taxes of any kind for life for three generations. This injustice must be penalized. Any ideas?

  110. we skins fans dont never use the brains god give us but darnit redskins aint a bad name.

  111. @bubbaword says:
    Aug 19, 2014 10:20 AM

    Its time we talk in earnest about reparations for slavery. I’m thinking 1 million dollars to every African American paid out at $100,000 a year and no taxes of any kind for life for three generations. This injustice must be penalized. Any ideas?
    hahahahah go for it Tonto.

  112. Its a free country. Free for them to say or not say what they want and free for me to watch a different game.

  113. I hope the Redskins win. I hope that the Dwarf Athletic Association of America calls for a ban on Phil Simms’ former NFL team name!

  114. They should appoint Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ad arbitrators and resolve this once and for all. I also believe there are other offensive names and logos out there like the one from the Raiders and the Patriots. It gives the impression that to be Patriotic is to be angry and that Europeans are angry robbers. I am a man of ideas and I think the way around this is to just assign a number to each time after consulting with all major religious groups to make sure numbers are not offensive.

  115. For all of you closet racists, so entitled that you continually feel the need to subjugate in order to continue an instututionalized derrogatory labelling of a race of people, shame on you.
    Hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is when you pretend to be a good guy or gal in front of your kids, then knowingly continue a demoralyzing label of a race of people, even when they tell you it’s demoralyzing, so please stop doing it.
    This is no longer the 50s and 60s, where a generation of Native Americans, simply have to “lump,” (give in to the demoralyzing labellling, they constently hear from their parents and grandparents, tears a hole in their heart.
    Should it be okay to name a team after a desparaging name the Irish or Italians were called in the past.
    You guys need to recognize, the reason the Irish and Italians are no longer called these desparaging names and the reason my group was called “Black Sambos,” up until the 70s and Native Americans are stilled called this derogatory name is because oue Caucasuan races have institutionalized political power and wealth.
    The same reason why owners of professional sports franchises, across the whole spectrum of professional sports, with the exception of the WNBA, are wealthy Caucasian men or women.
    Wake up and stop cowarding behing your own perceived denial, possibly based on a false sense of guilt, and think about someone else’s personal interests and not just yours, especially when your self interests knowingly harms an entire race of another’s parents and grandparents. Isn’t that how you want your kids to perceive you as?
    Then what’s with the double-identity, you have been conditioned to live, one personality to your kids (hypocrite,) one udentity in adult public spaces…oh damn, abd a third, behind your computer that’s even more apathetic and yes, racist, than the one in public spaces, because your group has the instututionalized political power and wealth to change it, our’s does not. Think about it!

  116. IMHO a persuasive case to the contrary has already arisen.

    The commercial from the National Congress of American Indians stating their case was historically and factually inaccurate. The commercial isn’t even as accurate as the mudslinging you see thrown on politically charged election commercials.

    It says Native Americans never call themselves Redskins. Yet a 5 second google search shows that’s completely false. There are entire Native American schools which call themselves the “Redskins” because they describe it as a name of pride.

    In fact, some of these Native Americans fear that they’ll have to change their name from Redskins now due to this hoopla. Not even to mention the fact that history books point out that it was probably Native Americans who chose the name “Redskins” for themselves in the first place due to the red warpaint they chose to wear.

    Documented factual evidence and history itself makes a persuasive case that there are people who have simply chosen to be offended by something they could easily take pride in. If their argument was valid, they wouldn’t have had to lie about it in a commercial designed to pull on people’s heartstrings.

    Perhaps they should have just told the truth, that “I choose to be offended by a nickname that others of a similar linage choose to take pride in.”

  117. To the people who are calling them hypocrites because they used the name in the past; you really ought to look up the definition of the word. People learn things as they move through this life and make changes accordingly. Once they become enlightened to an idea and make changes in their lives it does not mean they are a newly created hypocrite. It means they have changed or grown and are trying become better people. I applaud them.
    Is that what you are scared of? Becoming a hypocrite? Let me assure you, it will not make you a hypocrite.

  118. My fellow Americans it all starts with the number one! Like the One Dollar Bill. It has the image of George Washington on it, a former slave owner! Isn’t it time Washington be removed from the one dollar bill and someone more appropriate be added like Frederick Douglass!

  119. Revelation123 – Ummm…do you know what some black people call themselves? Do you not think that is a racist term? Are they just choosing to be offended by that word? Your argument holds no water at all. As far as Native American schools calling themselves that name, have you ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Same type of idea. For centuries these people were beaten and broken and told what to think, how to speak, how to dress, how to act, how to pray, etc. It takes a psychological toll. The truth is that many peoples throughout history who have been oppressed have at some point looked at themselves as less than their oppressors. Eventually the rise back up though and that is what we are hopefully witnessing right now.

  120. If the name doesn’t offend you – then you shouldn’t be offended at the thought of changing the name – so shut up – and let the name change.

    Cause history will look poorly on you and others that share your “keep the name” opinion…

    It’s already looking pretty poor today.

  121. My take away from reading these comments is: When you don’t agree with or understand a particular view or situation, obviously the most intelligent thing to do is call it stupid. Because by doing so, it makes the person seem even more intelligent.

  122. firstlisten62, your ridiculous and poorly constructed rant seems to ignore that Native Americans, in an overwhelming majority, support the Washington Redskins team and the name. You are the hypocrite, as you ignore the voices of those whom you hop on your shabby soapbox to protect. Instead you treat them like children and tell them how they should feel. They do not want or need your protection or your condescension. Your relevance to this conversation is done.

  123. paullearnedblckjcksn, yes, some African Americans use the term, but do you think there is any chance that a school, even if were comprised entirely of African-Americans, would choose to use that as their school name? Absolutely not. However, the very fact that Native Americans have, should tell you that it is different.

    I wonder how the entire Native American population would feel about you diagnosing them all with the Stockholm Syndrome. I guess you think they are not able to think for themselves anymore, so you are for doing it for them.

    You are forcing your beliefs and will upon them and then diagnose them with a mental illness to justify it.

  124. It is simple do you think a group of Indians would allow their high school mascot to be the Redskins if it was offensive.

    Now shut up about the name change.

    PS they both called them the Redskins last night.

  125. This is such an asinine issue. If he’s going to refuse to say Redskins then he better refuse to say a hell of a lot of other things as well — like the word Indian. If I was a native person I would be offended by the word Indian, because it was used incorrectly by the white settlers that first came over and initially thought that these people were from India. I’m surprised that native people don’t try and change this. The word Redskin is no more offensive than calling someone black or white, it’s just a reference to skin color, which in this case was actually war paint. People just need to dial back the sensitivity level.

  126. GettingNoRespect – I didn’t diagnose anyone with anything. It is no secret that the U.S government did everything in their power to erase their culture and were highly successful in many ways. Thankfully not entirely successful though and we are seeing the resurgence unfold right before our very eyes. If you study Native American history, you will understand what I am talking about. Seems like you just want to put word in people’s mouths though.

  127. Your words: “As far as Native American schools calling themselves that name, have you ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome?”

  128. Again, your words: “It is no secret that the U.S government did everything in their power to erase their culture and were highly successful in many ways.”

    And now you want to further eliminate by removing the Redskins team name.

  129. Exactly. Definitley not a diagnosis of anyone with anything. If your doctor asked you if you’d ever heard of cancer would that be enough to leave the doctors office immediately without further discussion and proceed to tell your friends and family that you have cancer?
    Even with your logic, not every Native American school calls themselves that name so how could that be a diagnosis of every Native American?

  130. So what was your point in bringing up the Syndrome in reference to this issue? In no way did I so, or even imply that Native American cultural history was being taught.

    Although, if you would like to learn. Here are some facts. The term Redskin was created by a Native American in reference to differentiate themselves from Europeans and as a unifying term. The term also applied to vermillion tint that some tribes adorned themselves with when going to war. This is the use that we fans use for our team. Racists use the term as a derogatory or slur. Fans of the Redskins team do not. No team refers to themselves by what they consider to be a derogatory term and claim pride in it.

  131. I’ve lost alot of respect for Tony Dungy the last few weeks first for the Michael Sam is a distraction comment and now he says he isn’t going to say Redskins.

  132. Redskins is a name of honor for honor and anyone not trying to social engineer for the purpose of divide and conquer or anyone that is not an idiot understands this.

  133. You might want to get a new history source. I can use google, too. I learned the history of this word when I was a just a child back in the 70s. It is far more complicated than paging through google until you find an account that serves your purpose.

  134. Everything is so PC now, that it has become very irritating to me. I personally am not in favor of a name change, however, if Mr. Snyder wants to rub their nose in it, he should change the name to the “Washington PC’s”!

  135. I take pride in what my team name represents. and I least my name doesn’t stand for a group of people who are known for brutally murdering entire villages.

  136. After you said this, “We need to draft this kid. Whatever it takes. Johnny Football – Vikings savior” how can we take you seriously?

  137. And, our young Black children have been conditioned to call themselves the “N-word,” too, so your point? A system of conditioning a race of people to be subjugated, is what America is all about…you can never hide from the fact that this country was built of the backs of Blacks, by subjugating, terrorizing, raping and totally demoralizing us. The Native-Americans, although they were allowed to enslave Blacks as well, my mother’s side of the family as a Black Hawk-did, and my father’s side the Cherokee did not, had their land stolen from them and then cast into make-shift ghettos we still see today. All Americans should be afforded the equal protections of the law, and equal access to the 5th Amendment, which guarantees one not be deprived of “…life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…” yet a police officers can act as trial and jury and murder an unarmed Black man, after a threat had de-escalated: shooting him 6-times in the head and 4-times in the arm, then St. Louis Police arresting the photographer who taped this horrific event and have not brought to justice by this, obviously racist legal environment, against Blacks. The 5th Amendment was denied to this man and denied to the Black man choked to death by Police Officers. Whether you choose to open your eyes and admit to the truth, or forever bury your ignorant heads in the sand, or closing your eyes and covering your ears, while screaming to drown out the truth, we have a deep-seeded racial problem in America that has conditioned us to be accepting and even argumenative, for racially stigmatizing societal constraints that give more rights to harming others than protecting them from harm. You are all part of the problem and it only stops when you see the wrong being down and own it!

  138. This is so far beyond the game of football. If you want to be silly and talk about the Vikings (my guess is that you really don’t know the true history of the Vikings either) or slam me for mistakingly saying we should draft Manziel (i can admit when i was wrong) then we can certainly have that discussion…and could probably even do so over a beer and get along just fine. I just don’t see this is a football problem, or even a football discussion.

  139. Football has been a big part of erasing prejudices in the past. We have come together, as a result our common love for football. Football has always been political, you just haven’t thought about it. Why can’t football continue that great legacy and pioneer once again, forward…not backwards?

  140. I fully know the savagery of the Vikings. Personally, I would not call my team the Vikings. I don’t own the Washington franchise of the Minnesota franchise, so it is not my business. That is the property of another, but when I see that something is harmful or derogatory to a race of people, my automatic response, as a 9-medals awarded veteran of the U.S. Army (Military Police Sergeant) and U.S. Marines (Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician for A-4 Aircraft,) as well as an Immigration Information Officer, and who was their, while serving in the Army, in 1992 for the Humanitarian efforts of the 11,000 Haitian migrants fleeing Haiti…I will use my Political Science-Comparative Legal Systems, BA; Law, Societies & Justice-International Human Rights Law-Minor; and extensive studies in Childhood Development and Social Psychology, from the University of Washington, along with my 52-years of life, born in Portsmouth, Va. to a decorated WWII and Korean War -Navy Veteran and mother and oldest brother who picked cotton in the fields of Monticello, Arkansas…and I WILL speak up, because I have something to say and it’s the right thing to do. I back down to no one and I stand my ground honorably. I always have and I always will, defend my country from all enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! That includes, what I perceive to be acts to circumvent the full access of Constitutional Rights, of a minority group, from a Institutionalized more powerful mob! Because that is my DUTY, HONOR and COURAGE as a citizen of these United States of America! Hatred, bigotry and entitlement are not limited to Law Enforcement or malfeasance in Government, they first bread at the lower levels of our society and like a malignant cyst metastasize with every ignorant remark that gets the mob going. I’m not blaming you, I simply asking you to be aware…I’ve lived the early stages of revolt and social unrest before, as today, it starts with dividing us…sports is our place to be as one, it is in many ways one of our last spaces for public discourse or to understand one another, not simply stereotype by what we see played out of TV. Just try to put yourself in the place of the one, I am attempting to aid. Would you want to be identified by a derogatory name…what about the increase in minority populations? What happens when you are the minority and you have no say so in what you are called and how you are treated? If one of us is hurt, all of us are hurt. Your children and grandchildren will inherit the society you build today. Don’t set them up for hardship, such as what we see in the Gaza Strip and other places of hate and divisiveness that have gone one for many more years than we have existed as a nation.

  141. Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo did a lot for Caucasian-African-American relations. We were reminded that we all had a capacity for much love towards one another, once we actually knew one another.

  142. paullearnedblckjcksn

    Yes taking offense is a choice. You can call me any name in the book and I’m not going to be offended by it because I choose not to be.

    As Mahatma Gandhi pointed out decades ago: ‘nobody can offend me without my permission’.

  143. Common’ guys, I’ve worked in government my whole life, with secret clearances you’ll never have…you honestly think that I do not have the ability to know about you, everything about you? Now, who’s really ignorant?

  144. revelations123, how do you think every genocide in history has started? It started with hate speech and a system to subjugate a race of people, eventually labelling them as not human and therefor being treated as such. That is how man has justified human extinction, which the Americans did a pretty good job of with Native Americans and African-American slaves. Don’t continue to spew your ignorance, because the repercussions are far more reaching that you may or may not conceive. Comment, so I may understand more about you and your intentions. You as well, others whose comments could be construed as damaging to a particular minority race of people.

  145. “how do you think every genocide in history has started?”

    Intolerance, much like the intolerance some people have of certain NFL organizations and their freedoms.

    Fortunately free speech isn’t against the law and these organizations like the Chiefs and Redskins can’t be punished just because a few people have chosen to be offended by a name they chose with pride and respect.

    Nobody names their team the “idiotic morons” for good reason. That reason is because it doesn’t generate pride and respect. So if someone doesn’t like the Chiefs name, the Giants name, the Fighting Irish, or even the Red Mesa Redskins, that’s entirely up to them; as they’ve chosen to be offended by a name which was chosen out of pride and respect.

  146. I wonder if a real referendum was conducted by Native Americans, would the result be definitive. I think so. I am against changing because the name is not offensive in the context of NFL football. If the population of NA above 11 years is 5m My guess is a “real” majority will not find it offensive for a FOOTBALL team.

  147. Sooooooooooo, for EIGHTY PLUS YEARS EVERYONE called them the Redskins. And NOW, all of a sudden it’s not proper to call them the Washington Redskins?! Crazy! I’ll bet my life savings (currently @ $547.88) that Simms & Dungy always called the Washington team the Redskins (when they were playing-coaching) until now. Political correctness is stupid regarding this matter. I am NOT a big Daniel Snyder fan but I HOPE he doesn’t buckle to politicians & others that are wanting the Redskins name changed. Stop the stupidness! I’m boycotting Simms & Dungy unless they change their last names!

  148. The former and now washed up blonde idiot who was once a QB in the NFL is now announcing for CBS – the network that fabricated news stories about George W. Bush and that led to the resignation/retirement of Dan Rather.

    I suggest that any Redskin-name hater look seriously at their own racist tendencies and why the feel compelled to give a damn about a name that no native American has been called since the television show “Daniel Boone” has been called.

    I know the blonde idiot with a football past will also lambast the Redskins secondary players who came out onto the field last night with their arms raised in a clear racist action – racist because their symbol cannot be supported by any facts in the Missouri case.

    When the washed up blond QB had a chance to stand as a man in the NFL to denounce the term Redskins, he played the game and didn’t give it a single thought. One would suspect that it was more likely 30 years ago to have an indian to be called a Redskin than now. But the blond and arrogant washed up prima donna QB suddenly finds integrity when the train has left the station with all the so-called superior white people.

    As for Tony Dungy – guess the book sales are down and your information on the NFL is getting pretty useless now. Go to hell.

  149. Did Tony Dungy first ask Peyton Manning what he should do? Tony had been riding on the success of Peyton for so long, I figure he should have asked first.

  150. I think this story just solidifies my opinions of Phil Simms and Tony Dungy. Tony is likely empathetic to their cause and wants to change it because he genuinely feels it’s the right thing to do. Phil is worried about how people perceive him more than the actual issue.

    In either scenario, the majority of football fans believe the name should stay the same. When they continually broadcast without using the well-ingrained nickname, it’s going to hurt their standing as broadcasters more than the Redskins.

    I’m so tired of PC issues overshadowing real issues and real conversations.

  151. They have been the Redskins since 1932, but NOW it’s offensive? There are way worse things with the NFL that need to be addressed. As for Simms and Dungy,I would like it alot if they both just stopped talking,period.

  152. So in all the years he played the Redskins, as many as three times during some seasons, did Phil ever think about this one way or another? Doubtful. Sadly I think the guy is caving to the p.c. crowd. And I bet he slips up and calls them the Redskins at least once.

  153. There is a big difference with the term “redskins” as compared to other terms that some find derogatory and some don’t.

    Usually a word that one part of a group says is derogatory to them and the other part says they aren’t bothered, but that second part doesn’t usually use the word proudly.

    That is not the case. You can go back through history and find the highest members of the Native American Community (starting with Chiefs speaking to Congress back in the 1800’s) referring to “redskin” as a proud and unifying term. You can also look to the present and find it being used openly and proudly as well. Take the three high schools with nearly 100% native american students who use “Redskins” as their mascot.

  154. Obviously,
    I’m dealing with at least one of three things on this board, Very ignorant followers who lack the independent-mind control to at least consider their past presupposition, based on new material disclosed; a very successful societal constraint mechanism to conditional people so well in the art of prejudice that they no longer need direct stimuli, as Pavlov’s dog theory proved, but are now self-conditioning not only themselves, but others; or plain old racism, predicated upon fear and ignorance with a narcissistic evaluation of self and self entitlement, that is to say, “I can do whatever I want, without regards to the feelings or actual harm done to others, zero-sum outcomes (where one gets something out of my actions, knowing as a result someone else must lose something because of my gain), shows me that you are not as humanitarian as you would think you are. You are the bad, not the good, and no amount of attempts to justify your identity as the bad in our society, by the pact of wolves that identify with your guilt, just as that of whites in the 50s, 60s and even during slavery justified what was being done to blacks, by dividing and surrounding themselves with like-minded victims of mind-control. When this ugliness had to be faced, as with any type of change that is when they were at their most violent.
    The ignorance and continued perpetuation of ignorance on this board, knowing that one is pointing out a perceived harm, based on a harm he has felt, growing up in the 60s, before serving you honorably in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army and being decorated with 9-medals as a result of that sacrifice for you, to me is surreal.
    You truly are fanatics. You should take a step back and look at yourself and truly assess what you have become, before continually piling up on someone and making comments to subjugate, humiliate, and assassinate my character, simply because I am one who disagrees with your position. Separate yourself from the pact and get a hold of your self-identity, before continually hiding behind the identity of this mob.
    This tread has really showcased to ugly-side of the country I served, not once, but twice. I am currently a 100% disabled veteran allowed to go back to the University of Washington, where in 1980, I turned down a half academic/half athletic scholarship for service in the United States Marine Corps., as an Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, even though my “gunney” (GunnerySgt)” continued to try and coerce me to go “recon,” because of my 150 lbs. at 6’1″ bench pressing 285 lbs., running the 1600 meters in 4:28, running the 800 meters in 1:48, running the 60 meters in :49 and running the 3-mile in 11:00.
    I have been an athlete, but chose Country, Honor Duty, over my self-interests, something I continued after an 8 1/2 year break in the Marines when I joined the U.S. Army and became a Military Police Sergeant until my injuries caught up to me and was medevac’d from Landstuhl, Germany to Walter reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. for 6-months until I was medical’s out.
    From 2004-2007, I went back to school, at the University of Washington, on “Uncle Sam’s” dime and retained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science-Comparative Legal Systems, and achieved a minor in Law, Societies & Justice-International Human Rights law. I also did extensive studies in Social Psychology , Minority Affairs (African-American, Native-American and Japanese-American,) as well as Childhood Development, where I was less that 10-credits in each from receiving additional minors in these courses of study.
    As a child and adult, my mother (born in Monticello, Arkansas,) picked cotton in the fields of Arkansas and my daddy (also born in 1928, growing up in Muncie, Indiana served as a U.S. Sailor during the tail end of WWII and Korean War, but as a young mixed black kid (but was never allowed to tell it, only to say he was black…I later learned that the grandmother I knew was his step-mother and the grandfather I knew was her second husband, not my father’s biological dad, and that his family was actually more passed for white, so he with his hazel eyes and straight hair, that would get curly with water, and his fair skin with freckles, was labeled as simply (black,) so I have some things to share about race.
    So, with all of your wolf-like and mob-like mentality, to pile on with one demoralizing remark after another, just be aware that people have a host of experiences that you are not aware of, and to simply stereotype of categorize them as “less than,” simply because you do not agree with one social stance, does not give you the right to judge that person, because of it.

  155. They’ve been saying it for the past 30 years or so and now they refuse to say it? They’re just two more of the mindless sheep, arm-chair activists that populate America today. Add Redskins is racist to the list of the other world changing facebook ideas: don’t get vaccinations, planking, YOLO, eat organic, making a heart shape with your hands, selfies, #anything

  156. Firstlisten62,

    First of all,Thank You for your service.Secondly,thank you for your note.I have always felt times change as does what is acceptable.Just because a nickname was acceptable for many years in the past,when it is apparent that it is offensive,any INTELLIGENT person has enough awareness to discontinue it’s use.

    I am a fan of St.John’s for years and years.When they chose to change their nickname from Redmen to Red Storm,I was initially upset.I was accustomed to the first name and it didn’t appear offensive to me.As time went on I actually,was able to see the offensiveness in that name.

    I am forever indebted to my parents for teaching me to admit when I am wrong and change with the times.

  157. wlubake says:
    Aug 18, 2014 11:54 PM
    How is Washington playing the Giants on CBS? That’s two NFC teams. That game has to be on Fox, NBC or ESPN.

    CBS & NFL Network are running Thursday Night Football….gane will be whatever NFL Network is airing, will also air on CBS..

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