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Harbaugh doesn’t know whether Smith ruling will come before Week One


As the Browns wait for a decision the appeal of receiver Josh Gordon’s suspension, the 49ers wait for an initial decision regarding the suspension of linebacker Aldon Smith.  Which would then be followed by a possible appeal.

The NFL has a habit of getting these things wrapped up before the start of the regular season.  But that doesn’t mean 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh expects it.  Here’s the excerpt from a Friday press conference, with the rarely-loquacious Harbaugh talking reluctantly about Smith’s status.

Q: Have you gotten any indication that Aldon Smith’s decision would come down very soon? I mean, you’re coming up on regular season now. Has the NFL indicated to you guys that there will be a decision imminently on what his suspension may or may not be?

A: “I have not gotten any indication.”

Q: Are you sure?

A: “I’m sure I haven’t gotten any indication, yes.”

Q: No, that was another question, I’m sorry. I’ve got a follow up.

A: “Follow up.”

Q: Is it going to happen before the regular season starts?

A: “I don’t know.”

Q: Wow. Shouldn’t you?

A: “I haven’t had any indication, so, I don’t know. . . . My crystal ball, I don’t have it.”

It should be safe to assume that a decision of some sort will be made soon. But with the NFL seemingly dragging its feet on multiple fronts and with only two Fridays left for bad-news dumping, maybe Harbaugh has a point.

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16 Responses to “Harbaugh doesn’t know whether Smith ruling will come before Week One”
  1. The Steelers are Marching and the world cowers. The three rivers were made from your tears and we build boats. We build lots of boats. We walk beside pristine trophy cases and engraved gold. They say it's lonely at the top, but we sure like the view. says: Aug 22, 2014 5:55 PM

    49ers missed their window to win a championship. Womp womp.

  2. ninergang365 says: Aug 22, 2014 5:57 PM

    I can’t stand Jim!

  3. everydayimrusselin says: Aug 22, 2014 6:00 PM

    I bet Jim Harbaugh wears tighty whities.

  4. 4thqtrsaint says: Aug 22, 2014 6:07 PM

    I love the long winded name of the first poster. Too bad they suck again.

  5. i thumbs down your comment says: Aug 22, 2014 6:08 PM

    I don’t care about a head coaches interviewing style or how much he shares.

    I care about Wins and Losses.

    49ers Record from 2003-2010


    (and yes I struggled through all 8 of those years like the rest of the 49er faithful)

    Harbaugh’s NFL record in 3 years 36-11-1

  6. sgunderson17 says: Aug 22, 2014 6:20 PM

    I don’t like Jim Harbaugh, but these SF area reporters seem like they just want headlines for their gossip magazines. This is like the third press transcript I’ve read from his conferences that made them seem very disrespectful just baiting Jim to snap. As a Packer fan, I want to hate Jim and be cheering the reporter on, but they still need to hold a certain level of common courtesy when conducting their professional selves.

  7. explosionsauce says: Aug 22, 2014 6:22 PM

    What a stupid interviewer

  8. allidoiswin55 says: Aug 22, 2014 6:29 PM

    Suspend him 8 games and give him credit for some time away and reduce to 4. I’m biased as a hawks Fan but I’m confident he will be in trouble soon enough unless given a babysitter . He deserves and answer and so do the niners so they can plan accordingly . I’m 100% sure he’ll be back in time for the hawks and it concerns me none that he will play . Unless their taking their time so they can reduce the amount if games get this crap out of the way . He obviously deserves 8+ bc that’s only about 2 per felony type behavior he’s been involved in.

    Get Dorsey back ASAP , go hawks !

  9. chawkup says: Aug 22, 2014 6:35 PM

    Wow. The Chief Whiner was actually funny. Of course, I’m sure he gave those responses with a massive scowl on his face.

  10. succulentnipples says: Aug 22, 2014 6:35 PM

    Big John Football.

  11. jdrewsy says: Aug 22, 2014 6:42 PM

    I think Goodell is gun shy to punish both Gordon and Smith after his putrid handling of Ray Rice incident. If He gives Smith 6 games, people will fire back- “Ray Rice gets 2 and Aldon gets 6?!”

    That’s what’s holding things up.

  12. bubbybrisket says: Aug 22, 2014 6:45 PM

    Isn’t he the dude who made those threats at the airport?

  13. 509seahawks says: Aug 22, 2014 6:47 PM

    Harbaugh face 😥

  14. slugbaitspace says: Aug 22, 2014 6:52 PM

    He should have replied that his Magic 8-Ball said “Try again later”

  15. djshnooks says: Aug 22, 2014 10:41 PM

    Again, don’t wait for it…it probably won’t happen for a year, like Nigel Bradham.

    Such a joke. So is…1 game for weed, and 2 games for beating your wife unconscious.

    Roger sucks at his job…where’s Paul?!?

  16. milehigh49er says: Aug 24, 2014 9:50 AM

    Ohhh, I’d like to see all you dummies runnin your mouth to answer a bunch of stupid friggin questions on an average day. It’d be like your girlfriends questions X10

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