Maybe it’s the preseason, but see how they run


Perhaps coaches just want to keep the clocks rolling in the preseason.

But there have been a number of outstanding rushing performances tonight, or at least enough to make you think the art of handing off to the guy behind the quarterback isn’t dead.

The best of the bunch was an 86-yarder by Lions veteran Reggie Bush. He took one good block from Eric Ebron and took it to the house against the Jaguars, showing the kind of burst that will get him plenty of looks in a high-powered passing game as well.

The surprise might have been Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s 40-yard touchdown, as he showed a bit of popped he lacked in Jacksonville last year. He looks to be in condition, which didn’t always seem to be the case last year.

The Jets also showed the ability to pound the ball, with Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory each popping long runs (18 and 17 yards), combining for 62 yards on 11 carries.

On the other sideline, Giants running back Rashad Jennings had 67 yards on 13 carries in the first half.

So while all the attention this preseason has been on the emphasis on certain rules to free up the passing game, old man football can still work from time to time.

8 responses to “Maybe it’s the preseason, but see how they run

  1. Football has always been a game of cycles. Once most of the teams shift to one kind of offense or defense, some smart or perhaps talent poor coach starts doing something different and if it works the tide starts to shift. The advent of 350 lb DLs that can run and last for most of a game has dampened the running game, but it will come back. It always does, unless the league just doesn’t want it and keeps changing the rules to make passing more attractive under any circumstances.

  2. I have been playing and coaching for over 40 years and can guarantee a clock controlling, running game and a stout defense is all that matters. Execute them well and fancy playbooks and super-skilled QB’s mean nothing (but good to have too either way).

  3. Watching the Detroit game as a Jags fan, people were all worried about the Jags pass defense. I wasn’t. We won’t face a better running back all year, Bush had a burst of speed and could read holes so quickly, he’d make Seattle and Denver defenses look bad, too. Plus Eric Ebron is a pure stud, he blew up some holes and caught a nice pass. This just in, Detroit is GOOD! Caldwell ‘ s pull blocking really had the Jags on their heels and ruined the blitz. Pick up Bush on your fantasy team.

  4. If the run got called back, it was never a 21 yard run, it was a -10y run if anything. Reggie would have never gotten that far down the field if not for the hold.

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