Giants’ Corey Washington is having a Victor Cruz-like preseason


In Giants camp, they know a thing or two about undrafted rookie wide receivers becoming stars.

Much in the same way Victor Cruz captured their imaginations with a stellar preseason in 2010, the Giants have another small-college standout who could make a difference for them.

Corey Washington scored his fourth fourth-quarter touchdown Friday night, and three of them have been game-winners. That matches Cruz’s scoring total from his first preseason, when he went from some guy from UMass to a star in New York.

Anytime anybody plays in a superb fashion, it gets your attention,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “He has one area that he has done very well, and that is he will go up and get the ball. That has been very noticeable.”

That’s not the only thing that stands out about Washington. He’s 6-foot-5, and the Giants lack much size in their receiving corps. They claimed Washington off waivers from the Cardinals in May, and the product of tiny Newberry College in South Carolina has a good chance of sticking with the Giants.

And with a role model like Cruz, he might do more than just make the team.

17 responses to “Giants’ Corey Washington is having a Victor Cruz-like preseason

  1. The NJ giants are running a OBSOLETE Andy Reid era, Philadelphia Eagles west coast offense. The players that are actually starting for the team have looked like the stench from the north jersey sewer pot that they are from. Will Ellen Manning throw for 30+ INTs? probably. Then they will clean house next season.

  2. Corey Washington is no where near as good as Jared Aberderus! The Giants suck anyways! The Packers are way better!

    Rodgers is the greatest football player of all time!

    Packer fans are also the best fans in the nfl.


  3. Wish we saw him play a little with the starters. But mainly hoping we find an O line somehow. That’s where this season will begin and end – on both sides of the ball.

  4. Haters love us. Either it’s because we own them or because they’re jealous of our accomplishments. I don’t blame them, I’d be the same way if there was always one team that left me heartbroken every year.


  5. He’s the goods. 6-4, strong, fast, good hands AND he makes plays on the ball. I like seeing this. The Jaguars have a similar story with 6-3 Allen Hurns.

  6. He needs to play in the first half next week. It’s 4th quarter so he is facing scrubs but he clearly deserves a chance to play against better players.

    I have a feeling they are going to try and stash him on the practice squad.

  7. Eli 2 time super bowl MVP, corey washington 6’5 beast, none gun toting swearpant wearing small school kid.. gonna b a green zone monster! Whos this fudge packer fan talking about?? Haters love hanging out on are pages!! Bums cant find success anywhere else so they come here! Mayb these vag farts should take up being baseball fans

  8. Shouldn’t all you Eagles, Packers, and Panthers fans just worry about your OWN teams? I know that I personally, as a Giants fan, have WAY better things to do than troll stories about your teams. I would rather just stick to reading about the team I follow. Guess I might have more of a life than you three do, though.

  9. This kid is gonna stretch the field force teams to cover him deep that’s when Cruz n jennings will start losing their damn minds. Still needs alil bit more seasoning but he’s gonna be a good addition to our receiving corp.

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