J.C. Tretter out for “multiple” weeks with knee injury

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The Packers lost a defensive lineman in Friday’s game against the Raiders when defensive tackle B.J. Raji tore his biceps and Sunday brought word that they’ll also be without their starting center for a while.

Coach Mike McCarthy said at his press conference that center J.C. Tretter suffered a “significant” knee injury and will be out for “multiple” weeks as a result. Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.com reports that Tretter is expected to miss five or six weeks.

“Once the ones went out of the game, and once he settled down, that’s when it started bothering him,” McCarthy said. “It was bothering him at halftime, then when I got back in here after the game [the medical staff] ended up putting him on crutches.”

Tretter, a 2013 fourth-round pick, broke his ankle last summer and missed the entire season. Corey Linsley, a fifth-round pick this year, is the next man up at the position. The Packers’s offensive line depth already took a hit this summer when Don Barclay tore his ACL, so things will be stretched even thinner in the early weeks of the season.

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  1. Packers keep dumping busted players. Might as well dump all of the roster and let Ted Thompson play D and WR. Oh wait, no one to throw him the ball!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the 2 wins this year cheeseheads,the vikings will know how to win playoff games representing the NFC north,the packers won’t win anything anytime soon.BTW,C.patterson will be a Star.SKOL

  3. Packers know how to win despite this seasonal phenomena. The numerous injuries to the Packers every year is the football gods bringing parity to the league. If it weren’t for the injuries, the Packers would have four SuperBowls in a row. They still own the division……especially the Vikings.

  4. This kid was having a hell of a camp and got himself into shape physically to match his superior smarts. Even Rodgers went out of his way to praise him. Hate to see a guy SO committed to success have a setback like this. Heal quickly JC. Hopefully he’s on PUP or IR designated for return. GoPackGo!

  5. Patterson is already a star. The Vikings have a pro-bowler there for sure possibly more… we’ll see. In the case of my team this is devastating as the new center only has 11 days to prepare.

  6. Even with Rodgers missing half the season last year the Queen’s couldn’t even keep themselves out of the basement. Nothing has changed.

    Patterson is already a star? SKOLOLOLOL!!!
    If kick returners are stars then I guess he is.

    Most people don’t consider WR’s who can only run bubble screen routes and go for 470 yards/4 TD’s in season a star. It won’t get any better with the trash they have in Tedmatt Casselwater at the helm.

  7. Packer fans………. How soon they start talking about the past again since there is NOTHING to look forward to this year……………………….

  8. Week 1 is looking like a nightmare for the Packers. 2 lineman will miss the game with injury (Barclay and now Tretter), which happens to be against one if the best defenses in the loudest stadium. Add that the Seattle offense looks as though it’s capable of being just as dangerous as the defense, and the loss of Raji coupled with Hayward’s potential injury, and it might be a start to forget.

  9. Their team motto is “next man up”.

    The Packers have the best depth they’ve had since they won their last Lombardi. They also won their last Super Bowl with the most injured team in the NFL.

  10. Not to worry. I’ve been assured by a certain frequent commenter that it’s much better to build depth with multiple 6th- and 7th-round picks than it is to accumulate talent with multiple first-round picks. Clearly, the Packers have the deepest team in the league so all these injuries shouldn’t faze them at all.

  11. Norseman says:

    Hope the backup QB is ready- Rodgers ain’t gonna make it through this year either with that Oline.

    Listen to the Viking fans barely hold their glee in…. except once again, they’re misinformed. Last year, GB’s OL was rated in the top 10 in the NFL… and this year they have all the pieces to be better (even with Tretter missing a few weeks).

  12. Vikings fans are either comical or delusional or both, i actually dont remember the last time they won something in the NFC North, its been a while.

  13. I will ignore the Vikings trolls because all they can hang their hats on is that the Packers have a ton of injuries while their team still flounders trying to put something in their empty trophy case.

    Anyhow can one team be so snake bit by injuries for what the last 4-5 years in a row?

  14. I’m ashamed to admit that I watched a Pack game, but will readily admit that I thought Tretter looked like a good player. Too bad he’s hurt.

    With the early rash of Packer injuries becoming about as predictable as the changing of the leaves, this has to be more than a coincidence. Does MM practice too hard? Don’t they stretch/prepare/condition enough? Does the training and medical staff stink? What the heck is the deal?

  15. Going to be a long night to open the season for Rogers. Rookie center playing his first real game, playing his first game period with the QB and doing it all using the silent count. 8 sacks in the fail marry game had nothing to do with the refs and the Hawks pass rush is better now. Bennett and Schofield could have a field day coming up the middle.

  16. Linsley was a first team all Big 10 at center. He has played more center than Tretter has. He was earmarked for a possible starting role as soon as he was drafted. I know he’s a rookie, but sometimes rookies get their chance sooner than expected. Rodgers says they’re ready. Lacy is ready. Peppers is ready. I’m ready.

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