Jets get to 75-man limit, cut Jacoby Ford, Ras-I Dowling

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The Jets got down to the 75-man limit ahead of Tuesday’s deadline, making six cuts including wide receiver Jacoby Ford and cornerback Ras-I Dowling.

They also released wide receiver Michael Campbell, tight end Colin Anderson, fullback Chad Young and defensive end Anthony Grady.

The Jets upgraded their receiving corps this offseason, but Ford still figured to have a chance as a return man, and will likely get that chance elsewhere.

Dowling, the Patriots’ second-round pick in 2011, spent time on the Jets’ practice squad last year, but he was limited to special teams snaps this preseason.

14 responses to “Jets get to 75-man limit, cut Jacoby Ford, Ras-I Dowling

  1. The Patriots inability to draft good D-backs is astonishing to me. Since ASamuel in 2003, they’ve only drafted one really good one, DMcCourty, and even he doesn’t play the same position he was drafted at. The D has been broken since 2007 and, IMO, kept them from winning more rings during Brady’s prime. They finally relented this yr and went out and bought Revis and Browner. Even during the SB winning yrs, their best D-backs were FA’s(RHarrison, OSmith, TPoole) or drafted by Parcells(TLaw, LMilloy).

  2. Weird how some teams always have some inability to secure that one position (outside QB, obviously top flight QBs are hard to come by)

    New England just needs to stop drafting DBs all together. Waste of a pick. FA only.

  3. It’s not weird. It’s consistently drafting at the bottom of each round. The best athletes always go early.

  4. They may draft at the bottom of the rounds every yr, but that’s partially an excuse. They seem to find players at other positions at those spots. There are plenty of players at lower rnds that are good. You’d think the Pats would hit on a couple, just by luck. Seattle has no problem finding these guys. There are guys like TJ Ward and Verner for example every yr. I know you can always play this game in retrospect, but when the Pats take PChung 5 spots ahead of JByrd or BMeriweather 12 spots ahead of EWeddle it kind of makes me wonder. They’re not much better at WR either. They still come up with a top roster every yr and are especially good in low rnds and UFAs, but they deserve some criticism too.

  5. str8up12 says: Aug 24, 2014 1:02 PM

    It’s not weird. It’s consistently drafting at the bottom of each round. The best athletes always go early.

    Ed Reed was drafted at #24
    Brian Dawkins at #61
    Charles Tillman at #35
    Kam Chancellor at #133
    Jairus Byrd at #42
    Richard Sherman at #154
    Nnamdi Asomugha at #31
    Eric Weddle at #37

    Keep in mind these are just DBs. A good scounting group and front office can find atheletes anywhere, regardless of draft position. With as many picks as the Patriots have had over the last decade, their inability to draft good DBs is pathetic.

  6. I hope Ras-I makes it in the NFL. With that name his mother invented for him he will have few employment opportunities.

  7. .
    Dowling was the first pick in round 2. The Patriots had 24 hours to move the pick for additional choices, as Dalton and Kaepernick were still available. For the first time ever, Belichick refuses to trade out and drafts the NFL version of a lame duck.

    It’s an ugly chapter in Patriots history.

  8. Man when Jacoby Ford was a raider I always thought this dude will be a star! He’s never been the same without Hugh Jackson.

  9. I thought Rex was a D-Genius and could turn this water into wine, no? Isn’t this a Jets post?

    Can’t the Pats haters wait until their cuts are announced to start bashing? I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunity.

  10. @raiqw
    You’ve proven my point. You came up with 8 names over 12 years. One of which will be a hall of famer.

  11. @tedmurph
    Call it an excuse if you want but it’s true. The deck is purposely stacked against them and anyone else who sustains excellence. Could be worse Ted, my brother is a Bills fan. They’ve drafted in the top half of the first round for the last 14 years and are about half as talented as the Pats.

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