Bills drop 11, including Dennis Dixon

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The Buffalo Bills have parted ways with 11 players, in an effort to get toward the 75-man roster limit that becomes effective on Tuesday.

Gone are quarterback Dennis Dixon, safety Derek Brim, punter Jake Dombrowski, receiver Tori Gurley, safety Jajuan Harley, kicker Dustin Hopkins, defensive tackle Damien Jacobs, center Mackey MacPherson, receiver Chris Summer, guard J.J. ‘Unga, and running back Ronnie Wingo.

Hopkins was a sixth-round pick of the Bills in 2013. But he’s a kicker; in a quarterback-driven league, the decision to drop Dixon could mean that the one-time Heisman candidate finally has been driven out of the league.

A fifth-round pick of the Steelers in 2008, Dixon last appeared in a regular-season game during the 2010 season.

18 responses to “Bills drop 11, including Dennis Dixon

  1. The Bills seemingly screwed themselves by trading next years first to Cleveland for an average receiver. That will be a very high pick(1st overall?) and have the worst stable of QBs in the league slightly ahead of Minnesota. Buffalo should look into trading for Locker or McCarron. They can throw in Spiller.

  2. I was excited when the Steelers drafted Dixon, but he never developed. He was hurt a lot and couldnt get comfortable in the offense. I think the fact that Kelly didn’t keep him last year spoke volumes. He’s almost 30, so his developmental potential is almost zero. It’s a shame, but you can’t say he didn’t have opportunities. Best of luck to him.

  3. The QB position needs some help. The Jets did the right thing by bringing in Mike Vick to push and mentor Geno Smith …. and take his place if he didn’t advance fast enough. I suppose that was the plan for Kevin Kolb. But since Kolb is gone, a replacement is needed. Sanchez?

  4. Here’s how dominant the Steelers’ defense was in 2010: Team actually won with Dixon as its starting QB.
    Here’s how idiotic Tomlin is at personnel decisions: He actually put Dixon ahead of Charley Batch on the depth chart to start the 2010 season.

  5. I am definitely not a Tebow fan, but I find it hard to believe he isn’t better than this sorry group of back ups. Is it better to have three guys that are below average at everything (Lewis, Dixon, Tuel) or one guy that is terrible yet adequate at throwing the football but terrific at running and leading a team? Seriously, the guy is a winner, even if it is ugly. Why in God’s name (pun intended) are Tuel and Orlovsky (Detroit) and Clausen (Chicago) employed as back ups and Tebow is out?

  6. Not sure why Dixon can’t land a solid gig… He’s a athlete showed some flashes in Pittsburgh.. My bet is Chip Kelly makes a roster spot for a Oregon Alumni.

  7. @djshnooks I don’t follow Dixon.. My fault. Sorry.. I stopped keeping track of him when he was on the Ravens practice squad.

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