Bucs center on Incognito: “Everyone has baggage”

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As free-agent guard Richie Incognito closes in on joining the Buccaneers, some of the current members of the team have made it clear that the past won’t be used against the man at the center of the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal.

“I think some of the older guys would have something to say to him. It wouldn’t be negative or anything like that,” center Evan Dietrich-Smith said, via JoeBucsFan.com. “I don’t think they would let the man in the locker room if they felt that it wasn’t going to be a good fit.”

But what of Incognito’s baggage?

“This is the NFL,” Dietrich-Smith said.  “Everyone has baggage.”

Incognito’s baggage sweeps more broadly than bullying.  His conduct included the use of a racial slur.

“Everybody deserves a second chance at life,” tackle Demar Dotson said. “I think that this is his second chance.”  As to Incognito’s racial slur, Dotson says he’ll be “hoping that’s not how [Incognito feels] inside.”

What the Buccaneers feel inside and outside is that they need a better offensive line.  Baggage or not, Incognito will give them that.

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  1. He should have a shot at making a roster assuming he does not say or do anything stupid ever again

  2. Let’s see how long it takes him to show off his character. The last thing the Buc’s need is another year of issues in the news other than playing.

  3. Awesome. He will polarize your clubhouse and not even Lovie-dovie will be able to stop the downward spiral of the franchise, they’ll clean house, again, they’ll be sold, and they’ll move to LA because Tampa shouldn’t even have a team to begin with.

  4. Translation;

    “We’re desperate, and don’t want to see both our quarterbacks tear their ACLs before the second half of the first game because we can’t even block a doorway.”

  5. Look at it this way….he didn’t kill anyone, didn’t sexually assault anyone, didn’t hit his wife or girlfriend, didn’t start a brawl inside a strip club, and didn’t force animals to fight to the death for his amusement. All things considered, he’s probably not the worst guy in the NFL to get a second chance. if he can play and help the team, why not give him that chance.

  6. Rich’s baggage is in the back of his pickup truck. Rolling around in there with some empty beer bottles, a rusted bbq, the golf clubs he broke against the tree before he quit the game, and the hooves from the deer he got last fall.

  7. It’s kinda funny that the bullying stuff last year erased everyone’s original thought of Incognito when his name would come up: As a walking 15 yard penalty waiting to happen. A well known cheap shoter. That all seems to have faded away.

    But he’s still by far better than anything the Bucs have at guard so they outta sign him.

  8. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…until anyone can prove his baggage is worse than power bombing a woman on a bed of guns or running over and killing a man or killing a friend while driving drunk or beating your wife like an animal on camera or any # of the other baggage around the league I will contend this man deserves another chance and a clean slate. I know he has a few priors but most are based on him not being a nice guy. Hardly murder or spousal abuse.

  9. Welcome aboard. He should grab the opportunity and help stabilize the line. If anyone has the right to dictate which cities get NFL teams, it certainly wouldn’t be some troglodyte jersey loser.

  10. As much as I don’t care for Ritchie he has done way less harm than a lot of other perps in this lawless league…..Goddell included….

  11. “Everyone has baggage” . . . yeah , especially him.
    I still think he deserves another shot , though.

  12. “Everyone has baggage.”


    Yes, but not everyone has a trunk big enough to encase an elephant.

  13. He’s only using same language in rap songs. I agree and hope he starts using it as soon as possible in the Buc’s locker room.

  14. “Racial slur” I’m black and I can contest that every body uses the word now in every day situations that I really don’t care anymore.

    I gave up.

  15. I’m glad Richie is getting a shot this year. He got the raw end of the deal last year. Richie was able to show unequivocal evidence of him and Jonathan Martin having a close friendship. How they conducted their friendship is none of our business.

    Most of Martin’s issues were with the organization as a whole, and he seemed to be in a bad place in his life. None of those factors make Martin a “sissy.” Being in a bad place in your life can have paralyzing effects on even the strongest of men. I am glad for Martin being with the ‘9ers, and his old coach. I’m expecting him having a great year and, hopefully, a successful career.

  16. Incognito is clearly not a good person. He’s not respectful to anyone, especially women. I hope the incident changed him, but if not, then I don’t know why a team would want him. It will eventually go bad if he’s still the same guy.

  17. “Being in a bad place in your life can have paralyzing effects on even the strongest of men.”

    I’m sure glad the men around me under fire those many years ago in SE Asia weren’t paralyzed by being in a “bad place”. I guess we were all supermen back then. We have become such an emasculated nation.

  18. Certainly not my first choice, however, that being said, if your a fan of this franchise, which I am, you’ve given a pass on bigger things. The Glazer’s seem to be a little looser with the purse strings, which wasn’t always the case and they appear to be making command decisions that actually may improve the teams record. I’m all in, I watch the games every Sunday with a couple jokers that are Dallas and Chicago fans. Chicago worries me but I think the Buc’s can finish ahead of Dallas this year. The problem is the Cowboy fan is a smart gambler and anticipates a woeful season. The Chicago fan is a homer and will be easily goaded into betting on losing match ups. Half the entertainment is watching these guys lose it when there team does something stupid, I’m sure it’s taken years off of their lives, but I hope not.

  19. thatstinks says:Aug 25, 2014 2:21 PM

    His teammates always liked him . The Bucs are starting to look dangerous


    After reading all the texts he sent I don’t know why anyone would like him.

  20. How can so many people make excuses for a guy that sexually assaulted a woman with a golf club.

  21. surfinbird1 says:Aug 25, 2014 2:21 PM

    He’s only using same language in rap songs. I agree and hope he starts using it as soon as possible in the Buc’s locker room.


    He’s not trying to make it in the rap game. He’s a well paid football player.

  22. It is amazing how many people still cry about McCarthyism but think nothing of denying a man the ability to make a living on the specious claims of a politically-correct victim who knows he is a politically-correct victim that people will support blindly. That Icognito was supported by his teammates, and not Martin, tells you all you need to know.

  23. reesesteel23 says:Aug 25, 2014 2:48 PM

    How can so many people make excuses for a guy that sexually assaulted a woman with a golf club.



  24. There’s baggage and then there is BAGGAGE! Incognito has racked up so much, he can start his own line to compete with Samsonite, Ricardo, etc , etc.

  25. True, everyone does have baggage… unless your name is Tatum Bell, former Lions running back… which case you have your own baggage plus someone else’s.

  26. jeagan1999 says:
    Aug 25, 2014 1:57 PM
    Look at it this way….he didn’t kill anyone, didn’t sexually assault anyone…

    I dont know, the inappropriate use of a golf club comes to mind… Just saying

  27. clashpoint says:
    Aug 25, 2014 3:12 PM
    If the NFL can have a team called the “Redskins” then he can certainly play in the NFL.


    If the NFL can have a team called the “Saints,” (or “Patriots”), then he can certainly play in the NFL.

    There, fixed it for ya.

    See how slippery THAT slope is?

  28. onlysane1intheroom says:
    Aug 25, 2014 3:30 PM

    If the NFL can have a team called the “Saints,” (or “Patriots”), then he can certainly play in the NFL.

    There, fixed it for ya.

    See how slippery THAT slope is?

    I don’t see them as the same thing. The name “Redskins” is discrination by race.
    Saints can be any race
    Patriots can be any race

    Furthermore, concerning other comparisons

    Yankees can be any race
    Chiefs can be any race and it’s also a title in the navy etc.

    Vikings are closer, but more ethnic than racial; for example, minnesota vikings is more kin to something like the florida state seminoles, which isnt discrimination by race – its discrimination by tribe. If the Redskins changed their name to the washington cherokee, thats not racist either.

    However: Indians is not only racist, its not even about India lol

    / end sociology rant

  29. Unbelievable. The worst of all evils with liberals is using “a racial slur” — even if it was clearly in JEST.

    None of the other brothers in there had a problem with it, and they’re African-American. Why? Because they GET IT.

    In fact, it was those African-American players that were the ones to avidly leap to Incognito’s defense. Why? Because they GET IT.

    You know who doesn’t get it? Liberal pencil-necked squid who never-played-a-snap-of-organized-football without it involving a Nerf at a family reunion. That’s who.

    If your intent is not meant in a malicious fashion to slam a person based on race, then the word should not be construed the same as if it were uttered in a sinister fashion.

    My bigger problem with Incognito would be somehow getting coerced into spending 5 figures on a dinner. That part right there — that’s the uncool part. That’s taking a man’s money … and a lot of it.

    But using a racial slur when you don’t mean it, like Great Grandpa Lynch Mob did back in the day — shouldn’t be construed quite so harshly.

  30. Amazing the amount of energy we spend over “slurs.” Sticks and Stones everybody, remember that one? Next time you get all crazy over something someone said, just repeat that rhyme to your head. Life’s too short to worry about what some people say. Spend that energy on your family and friends.

  31. Woa not the dreaded racial slur. Next he may say bad things about your momma. Take a tape recorder in a locker room and see how many racial slurs are uttered.

  32. The latest argument you see racist folk use is the “you aren’t allowed to talk about or point out racism” form of racism.

    First: Define the terms.

    If racism = discrimination by race
    Where discrimination = to choose one over others
    Thus, racism more specially = to choose one over others by race

    When preaching silence on racism, silence give consent, doesn’t it? People are allowed to preach racism, because of freedom of speech; yet no one is allowed to speak out against racism? Racism is just “an opinion” but no dissenting opinions are allowed to be heard? No one can even point out racism where it obviously exists, hmm? Silence condones ALL acts of racism.

    Such arguments are actually racist about racism itself; you discriminate by race about who can discriminate by race. Hypocrisy at its finest. More specifically, concerning the conservaturds who usually go this route: Those who preach there is no racism against, nor has never been racism against, nor can we ever even talk about racism against – President Obama – are either blithering fools – or racist. Usually both.

    …at any rate, Incognito deserves another chance, and I thought the comment comparing all the worse acts by others who got other chances won the thread. Josh Brent, Ray Rice, Michael Vick, etc etc. Incognito was rather popular in the Miami locker room, no reason to think anything different anywhere else …unless he sucks, of course. Discrimination by quality of play is practiced in every game people play.

  33. I live in the Dirty South,…some ‘slurs’ apply, to all sides. But this post will never see the light of day because the truth hurts on this site. So let me rephrase, all is well in the world, all smiles and cotton candy.

  34. Why do bucs fans think that lovie smith is the next sean payton, bill belichick or bill parcel? Lovie smuth has no emotion and is overrated .
    He had one of the deepest defensive rosters at chicago and failed to do anything with that team.
    He neglects offense, thats why when the bears fired him and hired trestman their offense went off. If hes so good Why did chi fire him? Ite lets move on to the bucs team. You have no qb , you have the worst oline in the nfl. Nice locker room cancer in incogito pick up good stuff=) your defense is only good on paper every year all the experts are like omg bucs are so good until yall get on the field, you only have mccoy and lavante thats it!!!!! Bucs 1 and 15 at best

  35. Bucs worst to worst , for ever on the bottem.
    Worst offensive line in the history of the nfl 1 and 15 at best . They will have the first pick and spend it on a de because their gm is hard headed

  36. Is he better than what we have at guard? Yes
    Will Lovie Smith hesitate one second to release him at the first sign of something bad? No. Win win situation for the Bucs

  37. Truth be told…Richie Incognito was the scapegoat for the coaching staffs inconsistencies. He followed the lead of his offensive line coach as did other players. The supposed victim, used to call, text and reach out to Incognito during the midst of it all…notice how players in the Dolphins locker room, blacks especially spoke on the behalf of Incognito?? He won’t have any issues to where ever he signs…

  38. In spite of those who dismiss what Incognito did, it was really stupid and that alone is enough for teams not to want him on their roster.
    I’m not black, but if I were and my team signed this guy, you can bet I’d be waiting for him at his locker when he showed up to get some things straight. I would do the same if I were white and a black guy did what Incognito did.
    Look, there are plenty of stupid guys in the NFL just as there are in the real world, but this guy went way beyond stupidity. And what people somehow are forgetting is this guy isn’t even that good of a player. He’s just a guy.

  39. It’s obvious that only a handful of players had issue with what went down in Miami last season. Despite all of the talking heads saying that it wouldn’t have gone on in their locker room, they know it happens everywhere and they’ve all done it. These guys have no problem because one dude out of the NFL’s history couldn’t deal with the chop-busting. They’ll play with Incognito because he’s no different than the rest.

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