Dolphins cut receiver Armon Binns among moves to 75

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The Dolphins released once-promising wide receiver Armon Binns, as part of their moves to the 75-man limit.

Binns caught 24 passes in 2012, but tore his ACL last year, and was beaten out by other wideouts this year.

Along with Binns and the previously-reported Brady Quinn (sadly, the rest of their cuts don’t rhyme), the Dolphins parted ways with tight end Brett Brackett, cornerback Steven Clarke, defensive end Rakim Cox, defensive tackle Cory Grissom, center Tyler Larsen and receiver Ryan Spadola.

They also placed defensive tackle A.J. Francis, running back Mike Gillislee, tight end Arthur Lynch on injured reserve.

14 responses to “Dolphins cut receiver Armon Binns among moves to 75

  1. Wish the best for Binns as long as he’s not on the Jets or Patriots (JK). He was really coming on last year. Tough break. Could have been a game-changer. Man, we could have used him if he had fully recovered and showed it.

  2. I thought Brett Brackett had a chance, but TE’s must be able to run routes like WR’s and Block like Tackles in this league. Well, except for Graham and Gronk who don’t even pretend to Block nor do they need to.

  3. Sorry Fins fans we are in for a long season Philbin is NOT our answer at head coach!!! No motovation skills what so ever & puts no urgency to beat our division opponents!!! Hopefully Lazor will get this offense scoring often!!! GO FINS!!!

  4. Killerfin,
    Why, exactly, do professional football players making a ton of money need external motivation from their coach? If the players are not motivated, that is their own personal choice/character and they should probably be replaced by equally talented guys who want to excel.

  5. Bit surprising they cut Binns this early. They have some tough choices to make at receiver though. Hope Brackett makes it to the practice squad. Good idea stashing those others on IR since they have some promise.

  6. Smart moves to hide Gillislee, Francis and Lynch on IR.
    Binns was a good with size & talent that got bad breaks with injuries and makes you root that kind of underdog. I hope he gets a chance to play somewhere with needs for a WR.

    Gator Hoskins welcome to the 3rd TE spot.
    Daniel Thomas: white courtesy phone. Your bags are packed.
    That last spot is up for grabs : Darkwa, Thigpen or Thomas.

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