Jeff Tedford absent due to undisclosed health condition


As the Buccaneers address one of their biggest questions on offense, a major question is swirling regarding the man who runs it.

Via, offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford is absent from the team after undergoing an undisclosed medical procedure.

The procedure went well,” coach Lovie Smith said. “He’s fine, alert, up.  Our staff will pull up the slack and we’ll go from there.”

Tedford won’t coach in the preseason finale.  For now, there’s no reason to think he won’t be available for Week One.

Whatever the condition, we extend our best wishes to Tedford as he recovers.

11 responses to “Jeff Tedford absent due to undisclosed health condition

  1. I just know he got it Monday, and it’s bad enough to keep him out til Friday at least. Hopefully it’s nothing serious at all. Get well Jeff!

    There have been commercials around Tampa about Bucs Fever, and Lovie is on record for asking if it’s contagious…and the doc said it is VERY contagious.

  2. Bucs fans, we better hope he gets better quickly! This guy’s system is not one where you can just pass off the play calling–and he works tirelessly with the QB’s.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed because this has the potential to be very damming to offensive progress—which everyone can agree is something the Bucs desperately need.

  3. MRSA. We know because the code speak of “[t]he procedure went well” is what they said about Nicks and the kicker.

  4. This is Jeff Tedford’s fullback from his SR. Year at Fresno State !! Do you think that a scratch is going to keep Jeff from his first step towards becoming an NFL head coach ??? I don’t think so, he’s “BullDog Born & Bulldog Bred” if he has to, he’ll jog out for the first game of the season wearing a medical gown with a saline drip in his arm. He’s a fighter and knows no other way than when facing “severe opposition” than to simply “turn it up ONE more notch !!” Here’s to a speedy recovery Jeff.

    -DAdams # 33 (No, I don’t mean Davonte Adams who was just drafted this year….)

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