Tom Savage gaining ground on Texans backup job

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Texans rookie quarterback Tom Savage opened some eyes Saturday night in Denver, and coach Bill O’Brien admitted that he had gained ground on Case Keenum for the right to be their backup.

O’Brien forgot to share that with Keenum, however.

I hadn’t heard that until you just told me,” Keenum said, via Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle. “But it’s not something that I pay attention to. I’m just trying to get better every day, work hard, and be the best quarterback in this offense that I can be.”

Considering the starter is journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, the competition is not an insignificant one.
And with the draft pick Savage directing a sharp two-minute drill to lead the Texans back for a win against the Broncos, it’s natural to wonder if he can leapfrog the guy O’Brien inherited and didn’t pick.

“We’re pulling for each other,” Keenum said. “We’re all on the same team here. To see him lead the team down there in the two-minute drive, that was awesome. We were all going pretty crazy on the sideline. Preseason or not, we all wanted to win that game. Tom did a great job of leading those guys down the field, getting in the end zone, and converting the two points.”

If the fourth-rounder can put on another solid display Thursday, he has a chance to end up a a play away from the field for the Texans. And with a roster that’s stacked on defense and missing that one key component on offense, that likely means a chance to play before some of the quarterbacks who were chosen in the first round this year.

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  1. He wasn’t Tom Brady, and it was preseason, but Savage did a nice job in the situation. He deserves the consideration they’re giving him. Best of luck to Savage and Keenum.

  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be #1 for very long. No matter where he’s played,he always gets yanked. He’s not consistent. He can look brilliant in one series and horrible the next. Just my thought…

  3. .
    Minnesota traded up to choose Bridgewater just ahead of Houston. The Patriots unexpectedly chose Jimmy Garopollo just ahead of the Texans. Murray became the consolation prize. Who knows were each will be in 3 years?

  4. They need a qb bad. Tom savage probably needs a few years before he’s ready at the very least. Fitzpatrick isn’t great. Keenum was 0-8 last year and not good at all. No matter how good their defense or receivers are on offence they won’t go far

  5. Savage was a solid quarterback at Pitt. He’s a hard worker with lots of potential. I’m glad to see he’s making the most of this opportunity. There’s lots of first round busts over the last decade who would kill to be in Savage’s place right now.

  6. “And yet they cut Yates ”

    They didn’t cut Yates. They traded him. They deserve an atta boy for getting anything other than a bag of balls and a bucket of chalk for that guy. Fitz is a placeholding interception machine, Keenum is a UFA that holds on to the ball too long and Savage is a 4th round pick. Odds are none of them are the future, but Savage is intriguing at least.

  7. “Yet they cut Yates. The guy that won the only playoff win the franchise has ever won”

    And his playoff win wasn’t the only in franchise history…. they beat the Bengals in the 2013 playoffs as well with Matt Schaub as QB.

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