Browns admit to “strong feelings” about “timing and process” of Gordon decision


The Browns shouldn’t be happy that it took more than three months for the NFL to resolve the status of receiver Josh Gordon.  And they aren’t.

“While we may have strong feelings on the timing and the process of this decision, we have also consistently communicated that we will focus on what we can control in our day-to-day approach,” G.M. Ray Farmer said in a statement issued by the team.  “Right now that is preparing our team for the 2014 season and at the same time, supporting Josh however we are able under NFL guidelines during his suspension.”

That’s a polite way of saying, “We’re pissed that it took this long to get an answer.”

But as the Browns focus on what they can control, the fact remains that the Browns could have controlled trading Gordon last year (they chose not to) or drafting Sammy Watkins in May (they chose to trade the pick).

Without Gordon, the depth chart now features Miles Austin, Andrew Hawkins, Nate Burleson, and a collection of no-names.  The Browns possibly will find someone who is cut by another team, or maybe swing a trade.  Either way, the receiver position quickly has become a weakness.

Although the Browns arguably (if not actually) were jerked around by the league, they knew this was coming.

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  1. It is another piss-poor decision by the sorry Browns! They knew this was coming and did nothing about it. Another loosing season for the Doggy Pound to enjoy

  2. The NFL is becoming the joke of professional sports with these suspensions, the length of suspension, the “pick and choose” manner they display when handing out(or just completely ignoring) certain cases.

    This league will cease to exist in 20 years. I absolutely guarantee it. By 2025 it will be flag football. By 2034 it will be gone.

  3. I’m no fan of the Adolf Goodell, but is it too much to ask Gordon to follow the rules, or at least know he took a deal to get a suspension down to 2 games that put him in stage 3? Blaming the league because Gordon couldn’t stay clean is the wrong thing to do in my opinion. Gordon and only Gordon is at fault and must take responsibility for his actions. Browns were fools for passing on Watson knowing this suspension was coming. Let’s call a spade a spade.

  4. I bet the Browns would love to have Sammy Watkins right now. The organization HAD to know this was going to happen prior to dealing that pick to the Bills.

  5. It may have taken a long time to become official but the Browns knew this was going to happen.

    They are just trying to make excuses for why they did not draft any WRs in one of the best WR drafts of all time.

  6. Here is the bright side Cleveland fans: (1) your team was not going to make the playoffs this year with or without Gordon, (2) you now have an excellent chance of having 2 of the top 5 picks in next year’s draft, and (3) the 49ers are about to implode and you will likely get Harbaugh (the crazy one) without having to trade for him. Cheers!

  7. Why don’t you ask the Redskins about timing. Crazy how the league waited until a day before free agency before telling them they were going to take 30 million away.

  8. As a Union member myself. Darn right they should me made!!!! He could have started his suspension over three Months ago! It shouldn’t had takin more then 3 days to make this decision!! He appeals, 2 weeks later he starts his suspension! It’s is absolutely ridicules that it took them this long!! He could have been already well into 3 Months of his suspension! Goodell playin his games again! Now, what Gordon should do is have his Union file a grievance as to why it to so long and the timing off the decision! That directly effects his career!! Had they made this decision sooner! He at least could had played last week or two of next year!

  9. Watkins is who I meant. But thumbs down me because I won’t let Gordon play the victim for breaking league rules. And folks wonder what’s wrong with society nowadays. Let him cry on your shoulder for not being able to quit smoking to make millions. Personally, I don’t have any sympathy for him. He could retire at age 35 with millions of dollars and smoke for the rest of his life. Me on the other hand. Will have to work till I’m 65. No I won’t feel sorry for him.

  10. WAAAAAH! Knew about it before the draft, didn’t draft a WR (Sammy Watkins), played him all pre-season taking snaps away from other WR’s, bad organization, making bad decisions, sounds a lot like their genius deservedly suspended WR.

  11. The fact is, he’s is guilty for smoking Pot. But, the NFL has an obligation that they collectively bargained with the NFLPA. I’m sure in that agreement that there is a time frame on how long it takes an Arbitrator to make a decision! If there is such language in the agreement and the NFL went well past that time frame? Again I don’t know what that time frame is? But if they did? Gordon should file a grievance, like 2 Months ago!

  12. I couldn’t even imagine the uproar and radio, TV coverage this would’ve had if this was the MLBPA! The MLBPA would never let it take this long for a decision of this magnitude to come fown, NEVER!

  13. Again, it boggles my mind that people actually think a calendar away from the structured world of an NFL team will HELP him straighten out, when it will likely do the opposite based on his background and “friends”(see: Justin Blackmon). Might as well ban him for life now.

  14. Sit around taking no action, then start the suspension today, effectively removing him from all of training camp next year.


  15. At least they got something definative prior to “cutdown day,” on the 30th.

    The real tragic part of this whole thing is that without the support network of the team, we could be looking at a repeat of the Justin Blackmon situation.

  16. It’s Gordon’s fault for dragging the charade out with an appeal when he knew he was at fault.

    They deserve the delay when they tried to play the league.

  17. Is the Brown’s receiving corp pretty weak… yes. By far their worst group but drafting Sammy Watkins because of the Gordon ordeal wouldn’t have made a difference THIS year. Selecting a first round WR is not the strategy for building a winning football team. See Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and many others.

    It’s a process and building a championship caliber defense, a great offensive line and most importantly… finding a quarterback are the priorities.

    Defense will be very good
    OLine is very good

    And as always… the QB position has a severe question mark. That is why the Browns will be the Browns unless they can answer that question.

    Tom Brady doesn’t exactly have thoroughbreds to throw to. Russel Wilson didn’t either.

    So please… stop with all the “they could have drafted a WR nonsense”.

  18. He knew what he was doing. Now he gets to take off all of next years training camp. Of course he and his agent will let everyone know that he has been working out on his own and will be in the greatest shape. Browns will believe it and won’t draft a receiver (again). Only to finish last (again) in AFC North while their fans are still crowing about how smart they are for trading T Rich.

  19. Another point I’d like to make: what makes people think Watkins would have been good enough to make up for Gordon’s loss and the lack of a solid QB? 3 catches for 21 yards (yes, he’s been injured, but that isn’t a good sign either) isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire. He’ll probably be decent to good this year, but that doesn’t mean anything if you have a bad quarterback.

  20. Can you say 2011 Colts? Passing on Watkins could possibly be the smartest move Farmer and Petine made. Knowing that Gordon would be gone and not having a true QB puts them in a position to really screw the pooch this season. With possibly having the #1 and #2 2015 draft picks puts them in a very unprecedented and unique position and Gordon will hopefully be back prior to OTA’s and camp next season. With the first 2 picks I would pick both Mariota and Winston (if he comes out) or Hundley. Stick that one up your @$$ Goodell. Just think of the trade possibilities, set for the next few years.

  21. it does seem like the Browns were misled to believe a lesser suspension was possible…probably due the media, but also the amount if time does seem ridiculous….btw…i hate vic carucci

  22. First, Gordon knowingly broke the rules and has nobody to blame but himself.

    Second, and this is the conspiracy theorist in me, believes this is all part of an underlying plan.

    The NFL wants to add 2 more playoff games in the near future. They can’t do it without NFLPA approval. The NFLPA is obviously going to want something in return.

    Renegotiating the drug and alcohol portion of the CBA will no doubt be front and center in these negotiations.

    Unfortunately, Josh Gordon, through his own fault, just became a huge bargaining chip in a larger game of poker.

    See ya next year Josh. Or will we? My bet is that Gordon lawyers up, gets an injunction stopping the suspension and plays this season anyway.

  23. I’m subject to random drug tests for work as are many people I know. When I read that the NFL minimum for pot is 15ng I freaked. With the company I work for our min is 50 ng (I checked recently). The Olympics is 100 ng and I don’t know about MLB or NBA. I am an analyst and statistician and I have to say the 1st question I have is what is the instrument detection limit as well as statistical test variation/std deviation of the test that got Gordon booted for a yr. Seriously, that small of a minimum failure result has to be VERY close to instrument/tech test deviation. Sorry to be too technical but its like comparing getting busted for 1-2 mph over the speed limit when your odometer and radar are not accurate enough to prove it either way. With that said, its stupid Gordan put himself in the position he did considering his past infractions but it really in this case could have been 2nd hand. Goodell absolutely had them drag this out to screw the kid because his 1 yr is all of camp and 3 preseason games into next yr before he can apply for reinstatement and they drag that decision out for how long? Goodell is not good for this league and he has changed the game forever for the worse.

  24. What a bunch of bologna. It shouldn’t take that long to set a marijuana suspension. Also the opiate based pills the team doctors hand out like crazy are more dangerous and addiction. Marijuana is a natural pain killer with harmless side effects and it’s not addictive! What as many pain pill abuse problems they have in he league they should welcome the use of marijuana by their players!

  25. This is 1 day after cuts. The Browns have a right to be irate because they had to cut a player they could have had an extra week to look at.

    The NFLPA should also be getting involved.

  26. Again, yes Gordon and is agent appealed. Unless the Arbitrator was so backed up with other cases? The appeal process takes 3 days, a week tops! I downloaded the NFLPA agreement. I could not believe the Players actually let NFL put in “No Opt out claus” in the agreement! Worse yet, the players voted YES to it! So this means we have to deal with this Pot issue until 2021! Lol by then it will be legal like cigarettes across the entire Nation! Unreal, players better vote out the current Reps come next election!!!

  27. Had the player held out just a little longer. The NFL would have caved and agreed to an ” opt out Claus ” can’t play Football with out Football players’!

  28. Maybe his agent can get him into a program since the Browns can’t touch him for at least a year.

    The Browns just need to move on and hope they can get Gordon reinstated next year.

    As a Browns fan, I have “strong feelings” about the horrible play of the O-line. I’m thoroughly disgusted by the play I’ve seen thus far. Where is this great zone-blocking/running game of the Shanahans?

    I think back to the baseball great Casey Stengel, “Can’t anyone here play this game?”

  29. …it took more than three months for the NFL to resolve the status of receiver Josh Gordon

    No, it took ~3 weeks. It took Gordon 3 months to get off his duff and make the appeal. Blame him.

  30. Unions show once again how bad they are for everyone involved. They protect the workers who do subpar work. Unions time have come and gone. Time to break unions across the nation. Nothing more than a political advocacy group anyway.

  31. Your talking about the next winless team in the NFL. This team sucked with Gordon, what do you expect them to do without him? The Browns never cease to amaze me. They knew this was coming and did NOTHING to help themselves in the draft or free agency, and on top of that, took the biggest clown they could find coming out of college with that idiot JFF! They’re the “Idiots” of the NFL. If anyone in that organization had the slightest hint of a brain, they’d take it out and Johnny play with it on the sideline! Nothing new.

    #”Mistake by the Lake”
    #”The Factory of Sadness”
    #”The Armpit of the Nation”
    #”The Greatest Joke on Turf”
    #”If it’s Brown, Flush it Down”

    I could go on and on here!

  32. cincyalldaway says:

    Your talking about the next winless team in the NFL. This team sucked with Gordon, what do you expect them to do without him?

    I expect them to beat the Ben-gals…AGAIN.

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