Jerry Jones proud of himself for resisting the urge to draft Manziel


Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says he did a great job of paying attention to his football people on draft day this year.

Jones, who has admitted he was tempted to draft quarterback Johnny Manziel, says he showed off some good delegation abilities when he allowed the other people in the Cowboys’ draft room to convince him the team needed the substance of offensive lineman Zack Martin, rather than the flash of Johnny Football.

“I think I’m proud of that decision right now, and I’m proud I was a good listener,” Jones said.

Jones added, however, that if he had drafted Manziel, it would have been because he truly believes Manziel is going to be a great franchise quarterback for years to come. Jones said the fact that Johnny Football is already a star in Texas is just a bonus, not the reason Jones considered drafting him.

“The reason you take Manziel is to win. We’ve talked a lot about the cache. We’ve talked a lot about the visibility,” he said. “But I don’t think anybody has to back into the fact that this guy is a winner. He’s a proven winner and high competition. And so I wouldn’t distinguish any conversation I’m having about taking him or not taking him with the idea that if we have him he’ll help us win.”

Instead, Martin will block for Tony Romo, and Manziel will back up Brian Hoyer in Cleveland. Not quite as exciting as the situation Jones envisioned when he dreamt about drafting Manziel, but probably the right move for the Cowboys.

67 responses to “Jerry Jones proud of himself for resisting the urge to draft Manziel

  1. Being a fan of one of the other 31 teams, I am proud of the job Jerry is doing as the GM of the Cowboys, I hope he continues in that position for another 20 years.


  2. Baby steps! Maybe in a few years he will finally be convinced to try hiring an actual GM!

    Ah who am I kidding, Cowboys are stuck with this guy for the rest of his life.

  3. he needs to resist having pictures taken of him in the bathroom then he’ll really be impressive

  4. OK! he passed on Johnny Football ! Why is this still a story ? He has looked average anyways. Everyone taken after him has had a better pre season passer rating… Its just like M. Sam in St Louis … TOO MUCH COVERAGE !!

  5. Al Davis 2.0 does not know when to shutup. He also does not know when to hand over the GM duties to somebody who actually knows what they are doing and is not going senile….

  6. Dallas fans should tell Jerry Jones to shut his trap. All he is doing is fueling hatred against his team especially from Browns fans, and fans of Johnny Manziel.

    Face it, Manziel may not be the starter and he may or may not turn out to be any good, but teams and their fans do not appreciate their players being disrespected. Stupid, just plain stupid.

  7. Who cares. Every article is about this putz. Get off his jock. Feeding right in to his attention seeking. Jerry said this, Jerry said that. WHO CARES? Nobody

    I posted this last Jerry article. You know a few minutes ago……

  8. Too funny… Manziel must feel like such a schmuck that Jerry is proud that he didn’t take you… The dude.

    Ryan Leaf you’re about to have some new company soon.

  9. After the draft wasn’t it reported that Stephen Jones had to yank the Johnny Manziel draft card out of Jerruh’s hand to prevent him from drafting Manziel?

  10. Jerrah is so proud of his self now that word around the League is Johnny may not be the second coming. You would have heard crickets out of Big D if little Johnny would have lit it up in preseason.

  11. He reminds me of the teenage kid who gets dumped and then tries to convince himself it was a good thing by saying how much better off he is, when in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.

  12. Not so fast. 22 teams in the NFL share that relief of not drafting Johnny, including his own team, the Cleveland Browns, who did draft him. I know, weird. The Browns just couldn’t pass him up twice. Jell-O shots I guess.

  13. I thought his kid pulled the card out of his hand. How is that you resisting? Sounds like the kid is smarter than Jerry but he’s not giving him credit.

  14. And every year it becomes more and more apparent that Jimmy Johnson was the true brains behind those three Super Bowl wins..

    And yes Switzer won that third one, but it was with Jimmy Johnson’s team…

  15. There you have it. One of the only truly wise decisions the Cowboys have made recently involved someone other than Jerry making the decision. We can only hope Stephen starts making more and more, and more, or anyone but Jerry for that matter.

  16. You think a billionaire would have his ego placated simply by the fact he was successful. Jerry has to perpetually make himself part of the news cycle. Talking to AP, not drafting Manziel, getting pictures taken with strippers 5 years ago. If Mr Jones paid as much attention to running the Cowboys as he does having his ego stroked the Cowboys might be better than 8/8 every year

  17. Are you proud of resisting the urge to fire Jason Garrett??

    Who cares about Romo missing Week 17.

    You could have more games earlier on to get 11 wins.

    Ten victories can’t help you guarantee a playoff spot. Eleven wins can by 99.999% (look at the 2008 Pats). Twelves guarantees it.

    With that idiot owner the only thing that team carries is joke pride. Do some real work for change, bozo!!!

  18. When Manzeil makes an OK play in practice or games, Jones is shrieking to the masses that he would have picked the rodent; it’s his staff’s fault if it’s a bad decision.

    When Manzeil blows a play, fails to learn the playbook and does moronic things in public, Jones takes full credit, congratulating himself on actually listening to the trained folks whose knowledge is why they are on his payroll in the first place.

  19. I wish my Browns had resisted the urge. This guy is going to be tiny terrible. He’ll try, but his kind of play doesn’t work or work for long in the NFL. Players like him rarely live up to the hype that precedes them. If the Cowboys had selected him I would have got my wish and we’d have drafted Bridgewater.

    Browns fans are delisional in saying, “How can you not see it from last night”

    Last night I saw a QB less accurate than Tim Tebow who fumbled twice. I don’t see that as being promising.

  20. It would have been a Jerry pick for sure. But with Romo’s back problem and Weeden as a backup, maybe it was the right pick.

    If Manziel leads the Browns to a win over the Cowboys in the future, does Jerry still say he is proud of himself? Could happen.

  21. On NFL Network this am they showed Jerry and I guess his wife, welcoming back De Marcus Ware back to Dallas.

    With all the face work Jerrah has had, it was difficult to differentiate Mr. from Mrs. Jones. Jimmy Johnson wasn’t too far off, when he had his “slip up” and called Jerrah Michael Jackson

  22. Jones is amazing how he always keeps his ego driven name in the headlines. Frankly, I dont care. Hey Jerry, how did the Denver game go last night?

  23. He’s a winner. Winningest college QB’s of all time #1Kellen Moore
    #2Colt McCoy
    winner doesn’t translate to good pro QB.
    J. Foosball-Joke, the new Texas A&M QB already passed his single game record in the first game as a starter. Maybe it’s the coaches system.

  24. Jerruh should consider hiring a real GM who knows what they are doing. So he passed on Johnny,….what about the other players who are getting suspended and that suck?

    Good job Jerruh! Just glad I’m not a Cowboys fan and have to watch the annual incompetence.

  25. But when Manziel starts winning games Jerry will say “I knew I shouldn’t have listened to others!” That’s proof I should keep running the team and not listening to others in my decisions.”

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