Logan Mankins surprised by trade, but knew it was possible

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Like most of us, Logan Mankins admitted that he was surprised he was traded to the Buccaneers.

But the 32-year-old guard also spent enough time in New England to know that the Patriot Way is built on pragmatism as much as anything else, so swapping a big salary for a fourth-round draft pick and a spare tight end is the way they work.

Once you’ve been around this business long enough, you know anything’s possible,” Mankins said, via Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. “It’s a business, first and foremost. If you don’t understand that it’s a business, you’re lying to yourself.”

Once the trade was finalized, Mankins called his now-former quarterback Tom Brady — who clearly was not pleased — to say his goodbyes.

“I’ll miss Tom for sure and I had a lot of good friends there,” Mankins said. “It’s a sad day not to be with those guys, but I’ve got new teammates here that I’m looking to develop relationships with.”

He was putting on a brave face for his new team, which is clearly in a different spot in the process as the Patriots are.

“They’ve had a little dry spell here, but I’ve looked at the roster and there’s some guys I’ve got a lot of respect for,” Mankins said.

But the Bucs are also not asking for any of his money back, and are grateful for the leadership and protection he has to offer.

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  1. Logon got hosed in New England–face it. But he’ll be in gold jacket within 8-10 years and it’s all due to him. He earned his own way in the NFL. The Patriots sold it.

    Now, for as long as he wants, he is playing football in paradise with palm trees, beaches, sailboats, and BBQ. He should go get himself a killer house on the beach, suit up, and go win the Pewter Pirates a few games. Welcome to Tampa!

  2. The pats aren’t sentimental and don’t do “grateful”. They’re the winningest franchise in the last 25 years because they have a plan and the stick to it, whether it’s popular at the time or not. I’ll miss mankins, he was excellent, but I’m glad my favorite team doesn’t keep overpaid and aging guys around just so they can ride off not sunset in patriot colors. They’d suck, see the steelers.

  3. .
    Since 2001 the Patriots have averaged over 12 wins per season. To have sustained success in today’s NFL, you must manage your cap as diligently as your roster.

    Part of the Patriots Way is not paying for past performance. Belichick had to ask himself, ” if Logan Mankins were a free agent today, would I pay 6.5 million to sign him”?.

  4. The thing is though, Mankins was in the drivers seat as far as deciding whether he wanted to stay with a contender but get paid as what he is now – an aging mediocre pass blocker

    Or whether he wanted the remaining money in his contact

    He opted for the money – which is fine – but neither he nor anyone else should be surprised the Patriots didn’t want to over pay him

  5. How many patriot players are going to join Brady in the Hall of Fame? He is the best QB ever to play the game and as a result Robert Kraft and Bill are overrated/reaping the benefits.

    Signed, Bills Fan.

  6. Class act. Tough as nails. Bucs got a good one here. Wish he and the pats could have found some middle ground to have him finish his career in New England, but now I’ll wish him the best in Tampa.

  7. How many more trolling threads are we going to have about this trade? We get it, he was surprised Brady was upset.

    They showed Brady on the side line laughing and joking with the WR. He seems to be over it.

  8. “They’ve had a little dry spell here, but I’ve looked at the roster and there’s some guys I’ve got a lot of respect for,” Mankins said.

    “A little bit of a dry spell.” 🙂

  9. This should work out well for both sides.

    Tim Wright looked good last night, playing 43 snaps. He made some nice catches and never looked out of place. He lined up all over the formations and was used in an Aaron Hernandez like role, he even wore #81.

    Tampa likes to run the ball and that’s where Mankins will shine.

    Let the real games begin…

  10. Best Patriots O linemen:

    1. John Hannah
    2. Bruce Armstrong
    3. Logan Mankins

    Hannah was simply the best offensive guard to ever play. Both Hannah and Armstrong have significant longevity of high-level play. Mankins will be greatly appreciated by Pats fans and Pats history.

  11. Can we stop the “spare tight end” storyline? The kid is a legit talent, caught 50+ passes as an undrafted free agent on an awful offense – VERY similar numbers to Aaron Hernandez in his rookie year. How much would you have pummeled the Patriots for trading Hernandez after his rookie year with a pick for an aging, in decline, expensive guard?

    (In hindsight, yes, it’s easy to say getting rid of Hernandez would have been brilliant, but WITHOUT the benefit of hindsight, the Patriots would have been killed for that trade at that time)

  12. Of course Tom was laughing and smiling on the sidelines. He was watching Jimmy G. play. This kid may be a good qb in a few years but if Bill B. thinks this is the kid he’s gonna hold over Tom’s head next year as a threat when Tom says he isn’t gonna play for 9 mill next year he better think again. It’s time for Brady to get tough in his last few yrs.

  13. Instead of a pay cut Mankins got a raise.
    Florida is a Zero personal income tax state.
    Massachusetts on the other hand, not so much.
    probably only a difference of $300k per annum.
    They did him a favor financially completely unintentionally im sure.
    The Patriot Way.lolol

  14. PFT has not reported it yet but the Patriots are looking at moving Sebatian Vollmer to left guard next to Nate Solder and putting Marcus Cannon in at tackle. This reminds me of Patriots All-Pro guards John Hannah and Leon Gray playing together in their prime. I am not saying these two compare equally to Hannah and Gray but they would improve the running game and protect Brady’s blind side, something Brady should love.

  15. I apologize for not proofreading my post. It is a very bad habit that leads to spelling guy’s names wrong and improperly implying Leon Gray played guard instead of left tackle. For a Pats’ fan of over 50 years that is a sacrilege. Nothing was more fun than seeing Mack Herron run behind Gray and Hannah. Imagine being a linebacker and trying to fend off those two when you can’t eve see the speedy and quick Herron. Not to mention seeing Sam Cunningham jump over them for one of his patterned goal-line scores.

  16. In that photo he looks like he could be BB’s brother. No wonder he was cut loose: No sentimentality allowed.

    That is the Patriot’s way. BB would knock over his mother if she were blocking his ability to steal the other team’s signs.

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