Jets cut Matt Simms, leaving Smith and Vick as only quarterbacks


The Jets waived sixth-round pick Tajh Boyd on Saturday, but that wasn’t the only quarterback shuffled off the roster.

The team announced that they have also waived Matt Simms, who spent last season as Geno Smith’s backup and relieved him during one poor performance. That leaves Michael Vick as the only other quarterback on the roster, although either Boyd or Simms could be back with the team on the practice squad.

The Jets placed third-round corner Dexter McDougle on injured reserve earlier and kept nine of their 11 other draft picks on Saturday. Boyd and sixth-round corner Brandon Dixon were the only draft picks waived by the team.

In addition to the previously announced cuts of Boyd, wide receiver Stephen Hill, cornerback Dimitri Patterson and others that can be found on our roster tracker, the Jets also waived guard Will Campbell, linebacker Troy Davis, defensive tackle Tevita Finau, wide receiver Clyde Gates, defensive lineman Kerry Hyder, linebacker Garrett McIntyre, safety Rontez Miles, tackle Brent Qvale, cornerback Jeremy Reeves and offensive lineman Caleb Schlauderaff. The Jets also moved linebacker Antwan Barnes to the regular season PUP list.

14 responses to “Jets cut Matt Simms, leaving Smith and Vick as only quarterbacks

  1. Idzik is a genius, Paterson, just gave him a quick Million to show up to camp! Now he cuts Sims, his GM skills are off the charts!! This clown can’t get fired fast enough!!!

  2. Shame on Jets for ever employing Matt Simms… kid, despite all the silver spoon treatment, was not even good enough to play in college………… hard to believe he even got a camp invite

  3. @politicallyincorrect

    Because it was untrue. He’s not going to be a star or anything, but he has an incredible arm and the ability to make a play or two here and there. He’s a worthwhile #3. Not sure of the logic behind having two QB’s though.

  4. if you spend a little extra on a backup you can make it up on the third string guy. do you save money toward the cap having a guy on the practice squad instead?

  5. definitely some surprises in these cuts. gates? two corners? schlauderhaff (‘long’ term backup but at least would know what to do out there). macintyre (he’ll never play linebacker but i guess they’re looking at completely separate players for special teams differently?)

  6. I’m surprised @politicallyincorrect, because you are pretty much always correct. Don’t get me wrong, Sims is no means a starter. However, he does know the system. He has very good arm. He can move in the pocket and go through his reads. Accuracy, ah, not so much lol. Plus he was kinda a fan favorite type of guy. Definitely worthy of being a third string QB. That could possibly win us a game or two until Geno or Vick get healthy enough to play.

  7. If the NFL has proven anything, it’s the fact the sons of NFL players turn out to be great, I remember when Eli manning came in the league and everyone said he’s only getting a shot because he’s peyton mannings brother, he’ll never have what it takes to be an NFL caliber QB, he has a weak arm & all kind of other ignorant things. This kid will be good now that he’s out of NY, NY is a Huge market that takes a lot out of the players, their demanded to do a lot more than just play football.
    Hopefully he can land on a good team, after all there was something in him the jets saw to draft him in the first place and not just pick him up as a free agent, he is a good athletic QB that will fit good I think in a west coast offense. His father phil simms after all was a great QB and taking Q’s from him his whole life I think this kid has a lot in him we haven’t even seen yet…….

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