Jets add Matt Simms, six others to practice squad

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The Jets have re-signed one of the quarterbacks they waived Saturday to their practice squad.

Matt Simms, who was among the club’s final cuts, is among the first seven players added to the Jets’ practice roster, the team said Sunday.

Another practice squad addition was ex-Rams tailback Daryl Richardson, whom the Jets also waived Saturday.

The Jets’ other practice squad signees were defensive tackle Tevita Finau, defensive lineman Kerry Hyder, safety Rontez Miles, tight end Chris Pantale and offensive tackle Brett Qvale.

The Jets have three more practice squad spots to be filled.

Among the Jets’ cuts who have yet to be added to a practice squad is rookie quarterback Tajh Boyd, who cleared waivers Sunday.

11 responses to “Jets add Matt Simms, six others to practice squad

  1. Matt Simms gets consideration as the least talented “QB” to ever get an NFL paycheck

    hate this kind of silver spoon nepotism… this kid has zero talent… could not even start at a D1 college..had to go to JUCO to play…….. decent HS QB at Don Bosco though

  2. everyone in the clown car… I love the JETS circus and it’s first show of year is this weekend finally!

  3. He sucked at the college level. A lot. And yeah, he got his opportunity in the pros because of nepotism. But he honestly has looked pretty decent when he’s had the chance to play at the pro level. So I don’t think at this point it’s because of nepotism.

  4. bravo ccc2345, finally someone came up with an original joke about the Jets being a circus instead of just repeating whats already been said a 10000 times. How did you think of this all by yourself? You’re so witty and funny you should post more often.

  5. Lol all u guys are criticizing him like he’s a startling qb. He was third string and was as hhooof a third string you could ask for. Iv never been one of guys to say it but damn everyone really does to hate on the jets lol

  6. While it is easy to come to a Jets story and make a negative comment. Some of you don’t get it. 3rd string QBs are for the sole purpose of running scout offense and breaking down film. Simms know the Jets system and while other better skilled potential QBs are out there, he fits the position. Nothing more needs to be said about this. Now, back to the Jokes….

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