Report: Raiders awarded Benson Mayowa on waivers from Seattle

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The Raiders have added a youthful edge-rushing prospect.

The club has claimed ex-Seahawks defensive end Benson Mayowa on waivers, Tom Pelissero of USA Today reported Sunday.

A second-year player from Idaho, the 23-year-old Mayowa played two regular season games for Seattle in 2013. He notched eight tackles and a half-sack in the 2014 exhibition slate for the Seahawks, including three tackles in the preseason finale at Oakland.

While Mayowa departs the defending Super Bowl champions, he could have an interesting opportunity in Oakland, where he could rotate in behind starting ends LaMarr Woodley and Justin Tuck, two of the more accomplished pass rushers of their generation. Mayowa (6-3, 252) could also conceivably be tried at strong-side linebacker.

26 responses to “Report: Raiders awarded Benson Mayowa on waivers from Seattle

  1. That’s hilarious. Seattle drops him after the Raiders ran all over him during the final preseason game. So, what do the Raiders have in plan for him, practice squad to make their offense look good?

    Hawks had high hopes for him, which is why he was carried as a rookie last year…but if you want to make it the 2nd year you’ve got to show big improvement. Good luck to him on the Raiders.

  2. Mayowa has potential as a young pass rusher. He flashes especially against back up lineman two preseasons. A year I think he starts making noise for Raiders. He may already as a situational rusher

  3. beastmode5150 says:
    Aug 31, 2014 2:26 PM
    Raiders got a good player and good dude.

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    thebirdofprey2 says:
    Aug 31, 2014 2:50 PM
    Mayowa has potential as a young pass rusher. He flashes especially against back up lineman two preseasons. A year I think he starts making noise for Raiders. He may already as a situational rusher

    It’s great to read posts from fans with class. And for the most part Seahawk fans are just that

  4. Don’t know anything about dude but he sounds like he could be good addition to the defense. Go RAIDERS!!!

  5. He really tore it up last preseason, but, to me, looked just a little slower this year. He was asked to put on weight, which may have something to do with it. Wish him well in Oakland.

  6. Never heard of dude but everyone seems excited. I don’t like that Ryan Robinson got released for this guy basically, but I hope hes as good as people say he is.

  7. babygaga19 says:
    Aug 31, 2014 6:14 PM
    Newsflash, 31 other teams didnt want him. Once again, Raiders are dumpster divers.
    Raiders were nearly first in the waiver-claim order ahead of most of those 31 teams. Duuuhhhhhh.

  8. I was pulling for him just because he has a cool name and I like a good underdog story of guys who come from small schools and make it. He had his opportunities in the preseason and didn’t play poorly, but was completely outplayed by Schofield. I think he has potential as a solid rotational guy and wish him well in Oakland. Was hoping he’d make it through waivers.

  9. First off. I’d like to thank the 12th man for being here and taking the broncos to the woodshed. Hopefully we can get our guys to punch them in the mouth like you guys did and get them off their game a little bit. Hopefully we get our stuff together and become legitimate contenders again. Only time will tell.

  10. As a lifetime Seahawk fan, who lived through the years where we played the Raiders twice a year (and ususally lost)… I have nothing against your team anymore. Go beat the Broncos. I’d rather see another team to wipe out in February.

    … Benson was a favorite of a lot of fans, but was outplayed and on the Seahawks, that was for his job.

    …about those other clowns across the bay, well, now in Santa Clara… they are a joke.

    … Another 49er player busted and arrested. They said on the radio that he’s on the same street as Aldon. Must be the water down there. Three days after the Commish warned them to not be the first.

    Not a lot of brains over there either.


  11. Mayowa has a lot of heart and a good motor. A little undersized, but he goes hard on the field. Lot of folks up here in Seattle have been rooting for the guy, hope he gets an opportunity to shine in Oakland’s rotation.

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