Eagles add fifth-rounder Ed Reynolds to practice squad


The Eagles didn’t have room for fifth-round safety Ed Reynolds on their initial 53-man roster, but he’ll continue to get chances to show them what he can do on the field.

Reynolds was one of eight players added to the team’s practice squad. The former Stanford Cardinal defender missed a chunk of offseason work because of the school’s late end date and wasn’t able to catch up over the summer. With three safeties and special teamer Chris Maragos on the 53-man, Reynolds could get a look sooner rather than later if injury strikes in the secondary.

The Eagles also brought back quarterback G.J. Kinne, who has gained some experience in the offense while spending the last two summers with the team. Kinne’s chances of advancing to the active roster aren’t so good since the Eagles have Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley in the fold as well.

Linebacker Emmanuel Acho, guard/center Josh Andrews, tackle/guard Kevin Graf, defensive lineman Wade Kelilikipi, wide receiver Will Murphy, running back Matthew Tucker and wide receiver Quron Pratt are the others that have been added to the practice squad in Philly.

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  1. The Eagles definitely made some questionable decisions regarding their 53 man roster. It was common belief that the Birds would keep 4 RBs, but they only kept 3 of them (one of which has a torn hamstring). Darren Sproles is more of a receiver than a ballcarrier, which leaves McCoy and an injured Chris Polk to receive most of the carries. Matthew Tucker will be called up at some point without a doubt.

    Then you look at the WRs and TEs…why would the Eagles need to keep 6 WRs and 4 TEs? What is Jeff Maehl, our 6th WR, going to do to benefit the team whatsoever? The versatile Damaris Johnson should have been kept over Maehl because Johnson can actually make a considerable difference for the team both receiving and returning punts and kicks. We barely used James Casey last year, our 3rd TE, and we inexplicably decide to keep a 4th TE. Trey Burton is a talented 4th TE but how much work will he get on a team that already has a very talented group of TEs?

    As an Eagles fan, I trust Chip Kelly and his vision for where this team is headed, but I’m still a bit confused about some of these roster decisions.

  2. @captain

    Polk only has a pulled hamstring and will be playing week 1. Tucker and Josey weren’t kept because they can’t play special teams.

    They kept Maehl because he is really good at special teams. Probably our 2nd or 3rd best. Johnson hasn’t done a damn thing during the regular season, and his role on ST is merely an average returner (which we have quite a few already on the roster).

    James Casey was used quite a bit, but mostly on ST and in the running game. He is probably our best blocking TE.

    Trey Burton is going to be a very good talent. I don’t think he dropped a ball all training camp and preseason.

  3. I would’ve liked to see more depth at RB but Polk will be good by week one and he’s just needed in short yardage situations anyway.. I liked Josey pre season but he can’t block and that’s pretty important in Chip’s system. Burton can and I assume will be lining up at times in the back field so his versatility really helped him to the 53.. I Still see Chip trying to add a piece or 2 to the mix this week.

  4. One other thing to keep in mind is a lot goes on at camp we don’t see.. there are a lot of pre season darlings that light up the 3rd string but wouldn’t be as effective on game day.. Damaris Johnson I think didn’t really have much of a shot when we drafted Huff.. I like him but sometimes it’s a numbers game.

  5. I’m mostly with you, captainwisdom. I was really surprised they dumped Josey and Tucker. Glad Tucker is back on the practice squad at least. I think this is the past chance for Polk, who has great potential but is often injured. I guess with Josey they just couldn’t justify it with his injury history, and the fact they have McCoy and Sproles.

    Where I disagree is on Sproles. He’s not a power back, but he’s definitely a ball carrier, not just a receiver. McCoy is going to get the majority of the carries, with Sproles coming on to back him up and to do screens and double RB sets.

  6. What is Chips fascination with CJ Kinne ?

    4 QB’S ??????????? WHY WASTE A SPOT ?

    What’s the Jags motivation signing Josey ?

    Play Book ?
    Steal Signs ?

  7. Maehl is on the roster not because of his receiving or special teams ability, but because he went to the University of Oregon. Same with Murphy and Kelilikipi.

    Generally speaking, I think Kelly is going to turn out to be a fine NFL coach, but this he’s taking this loyalty thing a bit too far.

  8. It’s a 53 man roster, plus 10 PS players but only 46 can dress and Kelly is big on versatile guys who are also quality special teasers. Burton the undrafted tightend from Florida State made the 53 because he is extremely talented and would have been added to some other teams regular roster. They did not want to lose him.

  9. Understand fans who get caught up in pre-season practice games and become fans of third stringers. Now the regular season begins and the Johnson’s and Josey’s are forgotten after week one while Shady plays most downs until the game is won. No one else is really needed at running back or would make the least bit of difference should McCoy not play. He goes down it becomes a passing game.

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