Report: Raiders tab Derek Carr as starting quarterback


The Raiders are going with a rookie at quarterback to begin the regular season.

Fox’s Jay Glazer reports the Raiders have switched starters in advance of Sunday’s opener at the Jets, with Derek Carr getting the nod over Matt Schaub.

According to Glazer, players have been informed of the decision.

The call to go with Carr comes after the second-round pick from Fresno State completed 11-of-13 passes for 143 yards and three touchdowns in the preseason finale vs. Seattle. Schaub sat out the game with elbow soreness.

Schaub, whom the Raiders acquired from Houston in the offseason, was just 24-of-47 passing for 218 yards with no touchdowns and one interception in exhibition play. He was sacked three times.

Carr is the fourth different Week One starter for Oakland in as many seasons. Terrelle Pryor was the initial starter in 2013, with Carson Palmer (2012) and Jason Campbell (2011) preceding him.

126 responses to “Report: Raiders tab Derek Carr as starting quarterback

  1. Now they just gotta protect Carr’s knoggin. Face it, a rookie QB already with a concussion before his first regular season NFL game is very concerning.

  2. It’s going to be an exciting year for Raider fans. Ups and downs but kudos going with the rookie. Schaub would have been pretty ho-hum.

  3. Here’s hoping Derek Carr has a long career filled with success. I called this the day he got drafted and is by far a better QB than Manziel and Bridgewater. Bortles could be a solid NFL QB.

    Congrats Derek

    Go Dogs…..and Raiders

  4. Time to start the Carr…With Schaub all they could run are screens and very short passes with a high degree of interceptions…Carr enables them to open up the playbook

  5. I’m impressed that they didn’t go with Schaub just because of his past ability and his contract. Carr played well enough to warrant consideration, now let’s see what he does with the opportunity.

  6. Texans sure need a QB…

    Bortles might make them wish they chose him…

    Carr might make them wish they chose him…

    No disrespect to the Clown as he’s very good and has a chance to be great. Time will tell and it won’t turn out to be a bad pick, a bust I mean.

    Good is about the worst they’ll get out of the Clown…

    But, even if the Clown plays like J.J. Watt, they still don’t go to where they want to without a top QB…

    But, they obviously felt there were no top QB’s to be had and they took the safer, surer thing with the Clown.

    At least there are some good QB’s coming out next year in the draft Texans fans…

  7. This is a great move. They already know where Schaub’s ceiling is. Good defense, good running game, one of the best WRs to play the game, and the Texans never made it beyond the divisional round of the playoffs.

    Maybe Carr’s ceiling is lower…but maybe it isn’t. Only way to find out is to let him play, and the way he threw the ball last Thursday, he earned his shot.

  8. Too bad, he won’t be standing by London. Look for Matt McGloin to be the starter by week 8 and in an ironic twist look for Terrelle Pryor to start at Seattle.

    I fear this is a desperate attempt by the coaching staff to keep there jobs after this year.

  9. Hope that Carr does well. As a Chiefs fan the AFC West is better when the Raiders are good (and we can both spank the Donkeys)

  10. Rex Ryan just got his prayers answered. Rookie QB, new starting RB (MJD), WR (J Jones), and 3 OL (Penn, Jackson, Howard) ON THE ROAD.

    In a game that you needed to stay close in and hope to make a couple of plays, you may have just started playing for the future.

  11. Schaub fell victim to Flynnitis.
    It’s a condition where the veteran QB, after sucking for most of the pre-season, thinks “I’m sucking… I better get a sore arm, quick!”

    It seems to happen every summer.

  12. it’s going to be nice to see someone under center with a lot of passion to rally his troops. Last raider qb I can think of in the past 8 years was Bruce Gradkowski.

  13. Two years in a row that the Raiders went out and got a vet QB and then had somebody else start the season. Hopefully this kid has what it takes to lead the Raiders for a few years. He looked good that last pre-season game but he gets to face legit defenses the whole game now

  14. Very good decision and I hope we use the run game alot because Rex Ryan will try and throw the kitchen sink at Carr. I see us winning against their weak CBs. Good Luck Derek, make Raider Nation proud.

  15. On a side note, the Raiders handled Carr the right way. Unlike the browns telling J football he wouldn’t start from the beginning. The raiders never committed and probably got the best out of Carr all off-season.

  16. What is it about McGloin that has Raider fans clamoring for him? After failing to lock the position down, what exactly about him gives you hope? An 8-8 TD-INT ratio, a 1-5 win loss record. The raiders traded for Matt Schaub and drafted Derek Carr for a reason, and that’s because they’ve seen more than enough of Pryor and McGloin to know that neither of them were the answer.

  17. Smart move by the Raiders. Shaub is toast. He’s not an NFL caliber QB anymore. Khalil Mack looks like the real deal. Raiders may be turning the corner.

    And of course the Browns are the only team that never improves and actually regresses every year.

  18. I still think the Texans (and I mean o’brien) will regret not picking Carr when he was right there. If his name was Derek Brady, Toms little brother, no way he goes in second round. Instead we are stuck with a below avg journeyman and former coke head for qbs. Go back east O’Brien.


  19. What was said – “Shaub has a sore elbow, so Carr will start.”

    What was heard – “We have NO IDEA what we’re doing. Does anyone have really fast players with no other attributes??? Or how about we do some horrendous trades and then act like we’re geniuses!!!”

  20. I’m seeing a lot of comments about Rex Ryan handling him..
    I think he’s gonna keep Rex on his toes. He’s gonna need go put his best foot forward.

  21. Rex Ryan fans.. He finished 8th and 11th i total defense the last two years and has less talent now than either of those years. Like his brother, he is overrated as a defensive coordinator. I commend him for his bravado and ability to keep a job while under performing, but the lack of a decent QB has not been that teams only problem. Carr had a field day with the Legion of Boom on his first two drives, I think the Jets average defense will be an easy challenge for Carr.

  22. For those of you who are saying that Houston should have taken a QB over Clowney – use some logic!

    None of the 2014 rookie QBs are even close to the talent level of Clowney. Just because Carr is better than Schaub, that doesn’t mean Carr is any better than where he was drafted. Think about it – he beat out a guy that was the primary reason a team went 2-14.

    Not exactly a HoF achievement.

    Houston did the right thing. They got the best player in the draft with the best pick in the draft. Next year will have a deep QB draft and a team like Houston can either trade or draft for someone better than the best this year had to offer – even if they finish 9-6 (the top of their projection), there’s going to be good options.

  23. Congratulations Derek. You deserve it. Hard worker and a GREAT personality on this kid. You make us very happy with your effort and well spoken interviews. Lets go get it Derek and team!!!!!!!

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anyone else think that this was a bit impulsive? Seattle may have been playing a bit coy. It was the final preseason game after all. I hope Carr can shine, but this feels like a decision on the heels of a meaningless game is not a wise move.

  25. I predict the Raiders over the Jets next Sunday. Jets D is horrible especially the D Backs, and Geno doesn’t look sharp at all.

    Raiders 26 – Jets 17

  26. Raiders have our first 3 picks starting on Sunday, Khalil Mack, Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson. The Raiders could finally be turning the corner!!!!

  27. a Raiders fan SMH, I hope D.C is great but he played in 2 preseason games and was concussed. He going to be playing on the oldest roster in football. “Hide kids, hide wife, because Oakland getting QB’s killed around here.”

  28. Now go back and see how stupid you said I was when I chose Carr as the first rookie to start.

    When I said Schaub had the hardest job of playing in front of Raider fans after being unceremoniously run out of Houston.

  29. Manning (#1 Pick, 17th year, 5 MVPs), Smith (#1 Pick, 10th year), Rivers (#4 Pick, 11th Year), and Carr (2nd Rd Rookie). Good luck Faiders…

  30. The coach and GM should be fired based solely on the fact they signed that bum Schaub in the first place. Weak armed, lead footed, pick 6 throwing bums don’t change.

  31. Only decision that could be made. Barring a disaster Allen/McKenzie will both be back in 2015. Especially if Carr is legit which the potential is there for! #justwinbaby #startthecarr

  32. With their record it is hard to defend Reggie and Dennis too vocally, but one thing you can say about them is if they make a mistake they don’t compound the issue by forcing their mistake to play come hell or high water. All Raider fans love Al, but this was an issue in the old regime, and I’d bet a few more places in sports. Those that would criticize the Schaub trade to begin with forget a few things. One, they needed someone at the time, and Schaub regaining even a bit of his ability would have been a bargain. The had to acquire a player in Schaub’s financial realm, just to get to the required minimum salary level. They also got him to take a pay cut, and drop the last year of his contract. Now he is a veteran back up. A role that he is more suited for at this point.

  33. Why do Raiders fans still use the “Just Win Baby” motto now? I’ve never heard their new owner utter the phrase…

  34. Speaking of NFL QBs, the NFL is in trouble moving forward with all these college QBs running these spread offenses. These QBs are ill prepared for the NFL game.

    The NFL is either going to have to start hiring college coaches to run their spread offenses in the NFL, or the NFL game is going to go to the crapper.

    17 word play calls don’t help either. You mean to tell me that you can’t run a play using 5-7 words max instead of 17?

  35. And watching all the college games this weekend there was only 1 QB I saw that can play in the NFL and that was Kenny Hill from Texas A&M. I was high on Hundley from UCLA last year until I saw games towards the end and he was awful, same with Mariotta.

  36. This is what scares the hell out of me…

    As a life long Raider fan, this is the most excited I have been about a rookie under center since Todd Marinovich, who broke my heart.

    Derek may indeed be thrown to the wolves starting as a rookie… However.. At least I know Derek will never surf nude while smoking a doobie…

  37. Good move even if it doesn’t translate to wins, Schaub is washed-up, no need to waste time with the past when the possible future is there.

    By they way, back to last year, who would have imagined that Derek Carr would’ve been the only rookie starting? Not Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles.

  38. Not a raider fan at all but a pretty big Fresno fan. Carr is for real, the raiders finally have a long term qb. I really think Derek’s older brothers career hurt him in the draft. I think he was a top 15 qb that fell. I would take him over all the qb’s in this past draft except for Bortles. Kinda hoped ninny would take him but I think if the raiders can protect him he can have a really good season and compete for a wild card or division title if manning gets hurt.

  39. All anti-Raiduh joking aside– It seems to me that the Raiders got a pretty good one in Carr. There will be growing pains but its better to invest in the future.

  40. Another premature start based upon a preseason evaluation. Think… another concussion right off the bat and his WHOLE career is in jeopardy.
    Raiders are going to be looking for new head coach soon.

  41. Raiders have our first 3 picks starting on Sunday, Khalil Mack, Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson. The Raiders could finally be turning the corner!!!!


    You forgot to add that the Raiders are the OLDEST team in the NFL.

    I hope Carr does well, but I’m a realist. He’s probably going to get killed behind that line. 3-13

  42. Congrats Derek Carr. He was fearless against a Seattle defense that thrives off fear. It didn’t take long to figure out this kid can play in this league. Get us there kid. Good luck and Go Raiders!!!

  43. Stupid! This guy is going to get kill. He hasn’t seen anything yet. They think he could play regular season games the way he plays preseason. Raiders will always be Raiders that’s why they drought winning.

  44. natelan says: Sep 1, 2014 8:49 PM

    Oh, this is going to be AWESOME!


    Merry Christmas to all us Chargers fans!!!
    When the Raiders were good, the Chargers couldn’t win anything. The Raiders have been terrible for over a decade, but nothing changes for the Chargers.

  45. This guy will not set an NFL record for being sacked, like his brother. However he could set the record for interceptions because when he sees pressure the ball goes up for grabs. Jets are going to slaughter the Raiders and trust me , I’m no Jets fan.

  46. Wow! I cant remember the last time the Raiders started a rookie QB. I hated how the Raiders NEVER develop a QB but go with vets instead. Now PROTECT him! We don’t want him knocked around like his big bro.

  47. I am pulling for the Raiders to do well again. I have a bunch of their collectibles I want to sell.
    Go Redskins

  48. He ran a wacky offense in college, but he did do an ass_ton of Pre Snap “Omaha” shuffling and audible’ing.

    He gets the ball out like he’s dealing Hold’em.

    How hard is it to learn where to put your feet in a 5 step drop?

    It’s a run first offense (except next week against the the jet’s death row front seven and goofball cornerbacks. Clearly Carr’s gunna test Antonio Allen and Kyle Wilson.)

    This year its illegal to play defense against a wide receiver

    And he’s got Jesus.

    Oak 28 Jets 10


  49. This is gonna get ugly, and fast.

    I always love the preseason overreaction on stuff like this, and this team never disappoints.

    Go watch college tape on him. He crumbles under any amount of pressure, and I mean any.

    It’s cool they keep wasting money on guys like Schaub though.

    4 wins max.

  50. Carr this preseason went 67% comp 326 yds 4 td 1 int passer rating of 108.1. Fairly similar to Wilson’s rookie preseason campaign considering Carr missed an entire game due to safety protocol, I’d say we’re in pretty good shape!! And he beat the best corner in the game and the best defense in the game.

  51. Laughing at all the posters who “claimed” yo have called Carr starting. No one remembers or even cares what you previously claimed or who you are. That said good luck to Carr and the Raider fans. There will be growing pains for sure and he doesn’t have a super defense to bail him out. I just hope Carr is not destroyed like the way the Texans did to his brother.

  52. Yes he played in an open pass happy offense at Fresno St but his #’s were unreal and better than his brother previous his brothers who went #1 overall but didn’t pan out. We definetly need to protect way better than Houston did his brother. Kid haas a chance to be good & Schaub washed up so throw him in fire to c if he’s ready to lead team as a rookie.

  53. Watching him carve up the legion of gloom was a thing of beauty. Congrats Carr and Raider fans. I think Bortles, Carr and Manziel will all eventually start and do well for their teams. Baby hands and the Queens, not so much.

  54. His #’s last yr were that of a video game no more what iffense they ran. Threw for 5,000+ Yards 69% 50 TD’s w only 8 Int’s in 13 games which is sick in any offense & not like he was surrounded by great talent arround him. In his last 3 yrs in college he out up 113 TD’s w only 24 TD’s which is just sick w/o great talent around him and didn’t have his WR & LT go ahead of him in 1st rd like Johnny Football & put uo way better stats then the over hyped under sized former Heisman winner.

  55. I’m not expecting those stats or anything close in NFL just saying he gas the talent to have a chance to be a good pro. I’ll help having his brother to lean on for help we just can’t have him running for his life our there like Dave was getting killed yearly behind Texans O-line. He’s a better option for us than Schaub who’s done as an NFL starter these days major of QB’s come from the open spread offenses like he played in. Just gives us hope & will be ups abd downs but liked him better as a pro grab any other QB drafted this yr besides Bortles who I’m also high in & has chance to be Raiders franchise QB & best QB on our roster and these days w tons of rookie QB’s starting off the jump why not play him. Think he will be better than his week 1 opponent Geno Smith also drafted at top of 2nd rd & living in CT w bunch of Friends Jets fans can’t wait for week 1 matchup & hope we get the win & he out plays Geno as I’ve taken tons of heat as a Raiders fan & he gives us hope for future w future being now for a fan base really in need of a franchise QB since days of Gannon and I’m very hopefully as we’ve been in need of a franchise QB for decade & problly worst #1 bust of all time in Jamarcus Russell. Gives me hope for year abd future for Raiders who have been joke of the league and especially media this last decade.

  56. Schaub is having some other issues!! Ever since the start of last year in Houston he displayed the issue.

    Not sure if its related but he had to be excused from practice Friday for personal issues. Sorry Schauby but you need to take care of your personal issues on your own time! This is the NFL and you just got paid for a $8 million dollar contract!!!

    Carr and McGloin both out played Schaub in the preseason. Even if Schaub is healthy he should be the #3 QB.

  57. What happened to all the talk about how great Schaub was going to be?

    Looks like the same old dumpster fire in Oakland.

  58. Man I can’t wait till Sunday. The Jets are going to leave that game feeling like they were just sucker punched. Yeah Rex Ryan has a good front seven and is good schematically with his defense, but his secondary sucks. If the O-line holds up Carr will shred this defense, just like he did to Seattle’s legion of boom first team. I’m sure they weren’t expecting that either. This dude is fast, accurate with a very strong arm who makes great decisions. Geno Smith is garbage. He was the best to be out of a QB class that was trash last year. I can’t see how anybody could pick the Jets. But for some reason there are people out there. Boggles my mind I guess it’s because they haven’t seen Derrick Carr in action. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of Jets fans with their jaw dropping this Sunday. I sure would hate to be one of them.

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