Goodell says he couldn’t take revenue from Irsay


When it comes to the six-game suspension and $500,000 fine imposed against Colts owner Jim Irsay, the NFL definitely held Irsay to a higher standard than the one that would apply to a player.  During a Wednesday press conference, Commissioner Roger Goodell emphasized that point.

“Well, it’s very clear that we hold the standard of the shield and the league up against everybody,” Goodell said.  “And so whether you’re a Commissioner or an owner, in the management level, we hold you to a higher standard than the players.  This penalty is 10 times financially more than a player would get and there is no discipline from a suspension standpoint for a first-time offender in DUI in the players.  Now, we would like to change that, but this is obviously six games and [Irsay] will be subject to the same issues of testing and program-related that we would expect others to do. It’s very important for us to hold everyone up to that standard and Jim [Irsay] understands that and understands his responsibility.”

That last part implies that Irsay will be subject to the same testing program that a player would face — up to 10 times per months with a threat of a banishment with the ability to re-apply after one year.  The reality is that Irsay will be tested by the court as part of his probation; it’s not clear whether he’ll face up to 10 unannounced tests per month, or a banishment from the league if he tests positive.

It is clear that Irsay won’t lose the money that the team will receive via ticket sales, TV broadcast deals, and other revenue sources.

“I fined him to the maximum amount of $500,000,” Goodell said.  “That’s the maximum I was allowed to do.”

While it’s the maximum fine, plenty of players and coaches have lost a lot more than $500,000 as a result of a suspension.  A suspension without pay.

For Irsay, the reality is that he’s being suspended with pay.  And the money his team will make over the next six weeks far outweighs the $500,000 check he’ll cut to the league.

19 responses to “Goodell says he couldn’t take revenue from Irsay

  1. Enough. This is much more than I think most people expected and everyone who was saying that Irsay would get a slap on the wrist from the NFL should be satisfied.

  2. What about the felony part of Irsay’s arrest, the prescription drugs that weren’t his? Does he get a walk on that or will he be held to a MUCH higher standard since it will be another offense? This little slap and tickle is just a token punishment. The punishment should be felt by his team as happens when a player gets suspended and the team suffers the consequences.

  3. How long until the next commissioner? Everyone is tired of this man with no convictions and no principles. Are we ever going to get a real man to do this job?

  4. Can Goodell legally seize his revenue? It’s an OWNER, not an employee. If you get into taking revenue, that seems like a legal conundrum that could be a can of works for a “non-profit” entity like the NFL.

  5. I am not sure when the NFL and Commissioner’s office became an arbitrary extrajudicial body competing with the nation’s court in trying people for their actions. Irsay’s punishment in the real court of law is enough and if he is convicted of a crime then perhaps he and players should be removed from the game as other workers would be if found to be unbondable because of a criminal act while working for a company that requires bonded employees. Save the suspension and fines for football related activities and use counselling or termination for off field activities like every other workplace.

  6. Not much Goodell could do here. He works for the owners and no owner is going to want to set the precedent that game revenue could be taken from them.

  7. Taking away draft picks punishes the fan base, players, and coaches for something unrelated to football operations – as far as Manning losing more than $500,000.00 (or any other player)…No, they wouldn’t – a first time offense is a fine, not suspension – Irsay received more than what the average employee would have.

  8. He shouldnt have done anything to Irsay or any other player/owner/coach. He is not a judge and he doesnt own the league. Goodell is the worse thing to come into the NFL except for the Saints

  9. Clssylssy,there never were any felony charges filed on Mr. Irsay. He had prescriptions for every thing in his possession, he was not carrying all the script bottles with him as most Dr. tell you to not carry in case of loss or theft. So much misinformation from the press has way overblown the whole ordeal.

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