Lance Briggs defends missing practice to attend his restaurant opening

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Bears linebacker Lance Briggs was in California on Monday for the opening of his new restaurant, a trip that forced him to miss the day’s hour-long practice session.

Briggs’ absence was excused by coach Marc Trestman, but it has still engendered some negative response in Chicago among those who feel Briggs was putting himself ahead of the team by attending the opening. Briggs defended himself on Wednesday by saying that the game plan work for the opener began on Wednesday and by pointing to his own history with the team as a sign of how much he cares about it.

“As a guy who has been here more than 12 years, I’ve poured my heart out on the field every game and every play,” Briggs said, via the Chicago Tribune. “So if you’re questioning whether I cared more to be there than to be here, my history has always spoken for me. So you can take that how you want to.”

Trestman didn’t know why Briggs asked for a personal day, but granted it because the linebacker says the coach trusts him. Trestman said that granting permission for such an absence wasn’t something the team took lightly and shouldn’t be taken as a sign that he’s overly lenient with players.

“I don’t know how this has been interpreted. But I know we think we give great thought into everything we do. We don’t shoot from the hip and make decisions at the spur of the moment,” Trestman said.

If Briggs and the Bears defense have a good day against the Bills on Sunday, there probably won’t be too much more discussion about a practice on Labor Day inside or outside of Chicago.

15 responses to “Lance Briggs defends missing practice to attend his restaurant opening

  1. More media overkill. Trestman needed to look into the camera and tell all the inquiring minds; “It’s all taken care of and there’s nothing more to discuss”.

  2. Because in Chicago, winning is priority one…..right behind opening restaurants…..and Da Coach……and 1985….but other than that Priority one……and worrying about what the Packers are doing……but other than that, PRIORITY ONE….

  3. If the team felt ok with granting him a personal day then I see no reason why anyone else can really get upset about it. It’s not like he skipped practice or defied team orders.

  4. Why is this even a story? Dude missed an hour, an hour that did not affect his preparation for Buffalo. Trestman okayed it, and yeah, Briggs has earned it.

    And regardless, if the defense tanks against the Bills, this will have nothing to do with Briggs missing that time on Monday.

  5. I have a feeling that if this grand opening happened last year or the year before or 10 years ago, he still would have gone. At what year into your career are u excused to attend a restaurant opening? I guess 12 years.

  6. Stupid investments like restaurants are exactly why so many pro athletes are broke 10 years after they retire. They are about the most costly to set up due to high start-up/equipment costs, and fifty percent of restaurants fail within three years. let’s hope he’s just letting them use his name, not his money.

  7. The thing is he holds himself out as the leader of the defense post Urlacher, but the D has basically sucked the past several years. So he can pat himself on the back for playing his heart out, well at least when he wasn’t holding out for more money, but heart or no heart the D has sucked and he owns part of that.

    BTW now he’s on local tv claiming it wasn’t his decision to open on this particular day. Really? So one minute he’s acting like it’s no big deal, and maybe it isn’t, but then he’s blaming someone else for setting the date.

    Typical Lance. Just like claiming a leadership role, but not accepting accountibility for going 8-8.

  8. he misses a 1 hour practice and it gets this much attention? the vultures must smell an almost fresh kill and it’s not even 8:30pm (first game of the year) tonight.

  9. meh – Briggs has whined about his contract in the past but he’s a veteran and never been a malcontent in any other area. Let him have his hour. More snaps for the young linebackers and lord knows they need the reps.

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