Larry Fitzgerald knows his contract has to be addressed after the season


Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s long and successful run with the Cardinals kicks off its 11th season this week with high hopes for the coming months and uncertainty about what 2015 will bring.

Fitzgerald is scheduled to have a cap number of $23.6 million next year with $16 million coming his way in base salary and a March roster bonus. It’s the kind of situation that has led to other veterans ending their careers with other teams, something Fitzgerald seems to know is a real possibility.

“The cap number is what the cap number is,” Fitzgerald said, via the team’s website. “I could go out this year and get 2,600 yards and that cap number is still going to have to be addressed, know what I mean? It doesn’t matter how well I play or how bad I play, it’s going to be addressed. I don’t even think about it.”

Both Fitzgerald and the team have said they want to keep things going until Fitzgerald retires, so there could be common ground reached on a contract with less impact on the team’s cap. That can be easier said than done, though, especially if Fitzgerald has a particularly strong season at 31.

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  1. I’ve been a Cards’ fan since 1970; Fitz is a class act and a no brainer for HOF, Cardinals Ring of Honor, etc. He has been the perfect ambassador for not just the Cardinals, but the NFL as well with his hard work, determination and team-first attitude. In short, he just “gets it” in terms of what it takes to be a professional both on and off the field.

    That said, it will be time for he and the Cards to part ways after this season. Everyone is saying the right things now, but the financial realities are he can no longer stay in Arizona with a cap number even remotely close to what it is currently projected.

  2. Cards have some tough calls at the end if this football year.. Palmer is a FA and could command 12-15M..Fitz has a 23M deal… Docket is a FA..DWash is back (maybe) and lots of guys on 1 year deals… My guess is he moves on but comes back after retirement and takes a position in the Cards office

  3. It’s too bad that Larry had to waste his career with such a hapless franchise. He did earn a giant pile of money though. I wonder if he will try to jump to a legitimate contender in the twilight of his career to chase a Superbowl (R) ring.

  4. Fitz is the face of the Cardinals and is more responsible for any respectability than anyone not named Kurt Warner. He is worth far more than his “cap number”, and deserves so much more than he will make in terms of his marketability, jersey sales, and near cult-like status in Arizona. (Note: I am from Phoenix. Cardinal fans are freaking HARDCORE. and they ALL own Fitzgerald Jerseys. The Red Sox guys here in Boston have NOTHING on Cardinal fans, who show up no matter how terrible the team is. again. wearing Fitzgerald Jerseys.)

  5. Fitzgerald, Palmer and Dockett will all have to go just for the Cardinals to get under the cap in 2015. How you can have so little talent and so much payroll is beyond me.


  6. The business side of football can be nasty…

    Making a profit is a requirement for being able to entertain us, the fans.

    Larry has earned every dime he has made in Arizona but… He is a smart enough business man to know an adjustment will be necessary.

    My guess he will stay in Phoenix. For him it is no longer about the money. He already has more money than he and his kids and grand kids need.

    If the Cards go all the way and win the Stuper Bowl in their own stadium… Larry might even retire!

    Go Cards…

  7. He shoulda fine a “Tim Duncan” $10 million/year. Then he could’ve actually remained a Cardinal. Next year he’ll leave, rich & greedy, having failed in his promise to be a “Cardinal for life”.

    Too many agents. Bye-bye.

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