Cam Newton’s status is still up in the air for opener


We have our first game-time decision of the year, but this one has become more than just gamesmanship.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton practiced today for the first time this week, and the team has listed him as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers.

Newton is still sore from a hairline fractire of a rib he suffered during Week Three of the preseason against the Patriots. That kept him out of the preseason finale, and practice the last two days.

Today’s performance looks like an effort to gauge his pain, and see if he’ll be able to go Sunday.

But Panthers coach Ron Rivera cautioned reporters that he’s still taking the long-term interests of the team in consideration.

“Some things we can’t measure, like how he reacts if/when he gets hit,” Rivera said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer.

The Panthers have a measure of confidence in backup Derek Anderson, and Newton clearly isn’t 100 percent (from the rib injury or offseason ankle surgery). So Rivera seems to be weighing whether a week off now will buy him a healthier Newton later in the season, or whether the risk of putting a sore quarterback out there now is worth it.

20 responses to “Cam Newton’s status is still up in the air for opener

  1. Panther fans relax. It takes two weeks for a hairline fracture to heal. Just need some bed rest and a few motrin.

  2. Please play Cam!!! This way when McCoy lights you up on Sunday you can miss the rest of the season and we don’t have to pretend your superman when you score a touchdown. Btw I am hating cause it sucks to play this man 2 times a year and have him seem better and better each time you try to stop him.

  3. Dear Cam…Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Michael Johnson, Dashon Gholdson and the rest of the Buccaneers defense hope you are well and will be very anxious to test out that flak jacket for you! Look for them to all meet up with you early and often in the Panthers backfield!

  4. Guy’s already got bad ribs and he’s playing behind an offensive line that looks like a bunch of rejects from Breaking Madden. He’s going to get just killed this year. Gerald McCoy is going to live in that backfield on Sunday.

  5. He’s gonna have to wear the socks, shoes, and maybe a cape to win this game. This exact defensive scheme used to make Michael Vick look lost when they used to play him. Now that we finally got someone from the old days who know how to install and use it the right way, he might as well sit out cause even if he can dodge our front 4, the ball won’t make it to the receiver and yes I say receiver cause there is only 1 and he won’t get the ball much. The other guys who catch are still shocked they made a football team that isn’t in Canada.

  6. tampa your oline is worse then ours , our qb is better then yours , you have our old 3rd string qb as your starter.
    your defense is only good on paper , you weren’t even ranked in the top 15 last year.
    you wanna take shots at our wr core but yall were 32nd last season and looked gross in the preseason.
    you guys bring up gerald mccoy and lavante because thats all you got .

    mccown is gunna consider retirement after he gets hit by hardy , johnson,star,kk, dwan edwards, cole , addison, ealy , luke , t.d , blackburn and aj klein , you might have 2 good players but we got alot more remember that .
    stewart , tolbert and dangelo are gunna run it down your throats

  7. There goes panther fan again. I didn’t realize any of us played for the teams! First, nobody will be running anything down MY throat because I’m not playing in the game. Next, stats from last year mean nothing, it’s 2014! What I FO know is your QB is going to be in an immense amount of pain, and that D-line you thought looked bad in preseason? They actually looked SCARY good. Gerald McCoy is going to eat Cam for dinner, and there will be no excuse for the pouty face he’ll be putting on when he can’t move the ball past the 50. I can’t wait.

  8. First off, TB offensive line got much better after the Mankins trade and even before it, was about even with Carolina’s o-line. So advantage Bucs.

    McCown did just fine in pre-season, thank you very much and that was with the Bucs hiding 80% of their scheme so Carolina can’t prepare for it.

    I actually hope Cam plays. Because of his ankle he hasn’t had a lot of practice time with his completely new receiving corps, and with the rib injury he’s not going to be running around as much while looking like the Staypuff Marshmellow Man. Cam in the pocket with no familiarity with his receivers and a suspect o-line in front of him. Yes, Cam…please…play.

    As for the Bucs defense…Lovie will have them dominant. Gerald McCoy already looks like Sapp in that 3-tech.

    2013 is over, Panther fans. You can cling to your “glory year” all you like but the truth is your team was gutted on offense and your secondary is suspect. Watch the rise of the Dunkaneers.

  9. Lots of chirping before the game. Now it’s all crickets.

    The #2 defense in 2013 doesn’t just fall off because we lose a couple members of the secondary.

    McCLOWN is a joke though. But so is Lovie. Big surprise.

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