Ravens fans should boo Ray Rice


A New Jersey prosecutor committed a grievous offense when he let Ravens running back Ray Rice off with little more than a warning for assaulting his then-fiancee, now wife. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell compounded that offense by handing Rice an appallingly light suspension of just two games.

If the legal system isn’t going to do the right thing, and the NFL isn’t going to do the right thing, I’m holding out hope that one group of people will do the right thing. Those people are Ravens fans. And the right thing is to voice the disapproval of the millions of us who were sickened this morning when we saw that video of Rice punching his wife and knocking her unconscious.

The right thing is to boo Ray Rice when he returns from that two-game suspension and takes the field for his first home game of the season on September 28 against the Panthers.

Boo him when he walks on the field for pregame warmups.

Boo him when he lines up for the first time with the Ravens’ offense.

Boo him the first time he gets the ball.

Send a message that even if people in positions of leadership — like a prosecutor and a commissioner — don’t grasp the seriousness of domestic violence, we ordinary Americans do. Send a message that some things simply cannot be tolerated even from our sports idols, and what Ray Rice did in that elevator is one of those things.

I’m sorry to say that I’m not optimistic that Ravens fans will do the right thing. Ravens fans have already cheered Rice loudly, at training camp and in the preseason. They’re probably going to cheer him loudly when he comes back from his suspension. And they’re certainly going to cheer Rice loudly the first time he helps the Ravens win a game. I’m a football fan. I get it. There’s going to be some game when Rice scores a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter, and Ravens fans, without thinking, will stand and cheer in unison. It’s what sports fans do.

But the Ravens fans who cheered Rice before hadn’t seen that video. Now Ravens fans have 20 days to think about how they’ll greet Rice in his first home game after his suspension. They should think about whether they want to be the fan base that cares about nothing other than whether a player can help his team win, or the fan base that sends a powerful message that some things matter more than touchdowns.

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163 responses to “Ravens fans should boo Ray Rice

  1. The fans should boo him to be sure, but they shouldn’t even get the chance. The Ravens already should have cut him, but they definitely have no choice now. Keeping him is endorsing that kind of behavior.

  2. Should change his name to Ray “Kimbo Slice” Rice! Luckily he was alone bc I know some Giants/Jets/Eagles fans that would have stomped him out if they saw that.

  3. Raven fans shouldn’t have the opportunity to boo or cheer him. He shouldn’t be dressing the rest of the season – if not longer.

  4. They should but they won’t. Remember these are fans that supported Ray Lewis who at the very least was involved in a murder! They also cheered and defended Ray Rice up until the point this video came out.

    It’s not just the fans. It’s the organization. The Ravens don’t care about the character of their players even a little bit. Newsome, Harbaugh, all of them supported Ray Rice and didn’t condemn him at all.

    If I was a Ravens player I’m not sure I could look Ray Rice in the eyes anymore. How can you respect a guy like this?

  5. I don’t always agree with you MDS, but for this, I do 10000000000000000000000000000000%. Not saying that Ravens fans will boo him, but you are absolutely correct. I know that if he was a Broncos player and I found out he did something like this to a WOMAN, I would be livid and boo the ever crud out of him. What a DISGRACE he is. If you cheer for this loser when he steps onto the field, you are basically saying what he did was okay, and support his actions.


  6. You mean the city that loved Modell for stealing a team for them, and built a statue to honor a convicted felon? C’mon, if Rice was wearing Ray Lewis’ white suit and OJ’s gloves in the video they wouldn’t care as long as he average more than 4 yards a carry.

  7. Never a Dallas fan but last year I made up my mind that Mr Romo has always fallen down in big big games and it was time to put up or shut up for him. Yes the success of the team should fall on his shoulders and he failed bit time, before the back injury.
    He will never ever lead this team to victory and its way past time Dallas understands he is NOT the guy. Time to cut ties and give someone else a chance. They coddled this guy for way to long.

  8. The Ravens really should step up and take action. They should suspend him and that’s that. I would say cut him, but the cynic in me says that some other team will just jump in and sign him as soon as he clears the waiver wire.

    Harbaugh can’t defend him as “a heck of a guy” anymore and I don’t care what his wife says about it – it’s pretty clear that her loyalty is bought and paid for. This isn’t about her, this is about sending a message that the organization does not tolerate domestic violence regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.

  9. This guy is a coward.

    Goodell is a coward too. This all could have been handled immediately if Goodell would have done the right thin and suspended him indefinitely. The league messed up badly with this one.

  10. If the punch wasn’t bad enough itself, the way he treated her afterward was almost just as bad. The dragging, the dropping her, the standing ten feet away while the security guard checks on her…

  11. I’m a Ravens fan. I hope I don’t get the chance to boo him in 20 days because he’s suspended longer. If he is playing, I’ll be booing.

  12. You don’t need to tell Raven’s fans how to act. We are all disgusted by what we have seen. Hopefully the team steps up and does something about this ASAP.

  13. No fans would “do the right thing” and boo their player. They’ll cheer like the lemmings they are.

  14. Someone needs to punch and knock out Goodell for his STUPIDITY on delving out light punishment on this horrific beat down on a woman.

  15. You’re right and you’re wrong. First, if he does indeed ever see an NFL field again, he should be booed out of the building. But it shouldn’t even get to that point. Instead of booing, how about boycotting? Hit the Ravens where it hurts so they rid their team of this cancer.

  16. Boo him when he steps on the field for warmups. Boo him when he steps on the field for the first possession.
    B0o him the first time he touches the ball.
    But if you have him as your RB3, start him. He should be motivated.

  17. To those that cheered this guy… you all need to look deep inside yourselves for what you represent. A standing ovation? My god you people are scum; congrats. You know who you are.

  18. Now that the video is out, this is a HUGE black eye for the league and the Ravens organization, due to the support Rice got from the Ravens and the weak penalty by Goodell. With everyone on the planet now seeing Rice smash his fiancé in the jaw without her attacking him, knocking her out with one punch, the Ravens and league should do something right now and impose a year long suspension. Rice is not more important than the league or team image. If they do nothing now, they will just be admitting what Rice did was not that bad, certainly not as bad as smoking a little weed.

    They should admit they made a mistake and make it right! If I owned a Rice jersey, I would burn it.


    Glad you have weighed in on this and taken a definitive stand on one side of this tough issue.

    Keep up the good stuff- I really wouldn’t know how to feel about Ray Rice OR the Washington Redskins without you!


  20. The guy has made a mistake – something he will regret for the rest of his life. Now your are asking fans to boo him just because you feel the legal system and the NFL have not punished him severely enough?

    Why not stand outside every court house in the nation and boo criminals who you believe have gotten away with crimes?

  21. This video just goes further to confirm that every negative post I have written about the Ravens and their protecting criminals has been totally warranted.

  22. Rice is sickening. I believe fans should cancel season tickets as long as he’s on the roster. Fans should boo. Fans should voice their displeasure in all kinds of ways.

    BUT since when did sports reporters start telling fans what to do. I realize PFT is this elitist politically correct site that thinks they are smarter than everyone else but shouldn’t the fans decide how to respond to Rice’s actions?

  23. No way Ravens fans do the right thing. The club could do the right thing and suspend him indefinitely. Suspend him so he can’t be signed by some other crap organization in the meantime. Without pay and ban him from the facility also.
    The owner and coach make me sick!

  24. You can forget that…….

    After all , this is a city that did unto others what was done to them–as in STEALING a team from another city.

    They built a statue to someone that was involved in MURDER.

    Domestic violence is just another crime on their belt that they wear proudly……………

  25. I agree – but as a practical matter, I can’t see it happening. Many legitimately disgraced professional and college athletes receive a rousing ovation when they’re suited up and ready to play.

    Barry Bonds is one example.

    But, you can bet the other 31 teams would would chomp/champ at the bit to let their disapproval be heard. What Rice was *video-taped* doing was really inexcusable.

  26. I’m sorry, anyone who doesn’t think Ravens fans are absolutely disgusted by what we saw in the video is taking NFL rivalry and smack talking a bit too seriously. I’m a reasonable and compassionate die-hard Ravens fan and I want him off the team and in a prison cell. It’s an absolute disgrace, a tarnish to the good character of many (most) Ravens players and to the NFL. Please don’t lump us together as people who support domestic violence and try to be human for a second.

  27. here is my email sent to the Ravens and Steve Bisciotti:

    I truly hope the Raven’s front office never saw the elevator video of Ray Rice. If you did, you all need to be extremely disappointed in yourselves. You publicly defended Ray Rice and said how good of a guy he was. Now there is video available to the public showing him spitting on her outside the elevator and knocking her out inside of it. His blatant disregard for her is completely sickening. I am ashamed to be a Ravens fan. I have stuck by this team for a long time, but will not continue to do so if this is not fixed. If you never saw the video, you need to let us know that and apologize for defending this animal and cut him. If you did see the video, then you have lost me (and others as a fan). I will never attend another game or purchase any merchandise. As hard as it is, I will give up on the Ravens and find a new team. This is not a case of a guy doing something bad, it’s a guy doing something horrible and his employer sticking with him just to win football games. This is bigger than football and the Ravens need to stand up against these types of people.

  28. I’ll boo but then what? It’s already a proven fact that the fan is powerless in what happens in the NFL. You think the NFL really needs us?

  29. Boo? I say throw crap at him that won’t get you arrested. As for withholding money, everyone already got their season tickets so there is a big chunk of it.

  30. Yes he did make a mistake, but you’d have to be really emotional or mentally fragile to knock out a woman like that. He probably needs mental help more than he needs boos.

  31. Hey Roger! Looks like the NFL shield that you protect like a pit bull is a bit tarnished this morning. Now what?
    Try to sweep this under the rug! Ain’t happening….
    And the wonderful owner of the Ravens, Mr Biscotti, did you see this video before? If you have then SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION!

  32. I don’t see how this video changes anything.

    Yes, it is shocking, but I think we can all imagine what had happened in the elevator, prior to today.

  33. Play like a Ravens = Commit horrible crimes and still play on sundays.

    If you cant get away with it you are NOT A RAVEN!!!!!

  34. righthereisay says:
    Sep 8, 2014 10:03 AM
    Ravens should cut him. After this, it appears to be their only choice.

    Bengals would probably sign him. They signed Pac Man Jones.


    Bengals don’t need this scum bag. Nice try on deflecting criticism. Bengals have been pretty clean in comparison to the other teams in the NFL the past 4 or so years. Can’t say the same for the Ravens, however.

  35. 1) The Ravens should cut Rice immediately.

    2) Goodell must be investigated if he saw this video and then ruled for only two games; especially after his stance on “head-injuries” and the one she received.

  36. I think he will get booed. If he runs for 15o yards and 2 tds they would forgive him. That’s not going to happen though. Their running game is bad and he’s not going to do anything so the boos will come.

  37. Well put, MDS. Very well put.

    When the Ravens travel, the home team should run that video on a loop on their video boards during pre-game.
    I’m not sure if the general public has seen it (outside of football fans who read blogs, I mean).

    Guy is a coward and a chump.

  38. How are things different now? What did people assume happened?! All the video did was confirm what we already knew. If people weren’t outraged before, then why would they be now? Are they so stupid that they needed the visual to reach the proper conclusion?

  39. Ravens fan here.

    Bad two days all the way around. Cut him and eat the salary cap hit!

    I was one of those defending Ray as a good guy except for this mistake. I did this on the assumption around Baltimore that she was very aggressive with him and he snapped.

    I can’t defend anything I just saw. I was wrong.

    Let’s move on as a team. Our stupid a$$ QB can’t even down a GD ball to let us kick a FG before the half. Let’s work on football and get that right and let’s stop having to craft bad PR moves on making our players look great which seems to blow up every time.

    That said, I still defend Ray Lewis. He lied, then told what he knew. He got punished for initially lying to police. Ray then turned himself around. Let’s not confuse these two.

    RR, my daughters jersey for you NOW goes in the trash!

    Bad day. Time to purge and move forward as a team.

  40. I do believe the Ravens should give him the boot s well. In addition, immediately stop selling his jersey, and do what the Patriots did and allow Ravens fans to exchange their jerseys for another Ravens player.

    I also hope the Hall of Fame removes the Rice Jersey’s from the first rack of clothing at the main entrance of the Hall of Fame Gift Shop.

  41. I am a Ravens fan and up until today I wanted to give Rice the benefit of the doubt. After watching the video I think the franchise has to cut him or at the very least suspend him for the rest of the season.

  42. Same fans that circled the wagons around Ray Lewis. They are going to cheer, and when they do it will solidify them as the worst fans in the NFL.

  43. As a Ravens fan I am embarrassed that ray rice is affiliated with my home town and my city. Suspend him for the year.

  44. Ravens fans should never have the opportunity to cheer or boo this guy. The Ravens should immediately release him and no team should give him a chance. It is exactly what he deserves.

  45. The Raven fans aren’t going to boo Ray Rice. They will probably give him another standing ovation. Like they did it one of their preseason games. That was unbelievable.

  46. There will be people in the stadium wearing Rice’s jersey Thursday night. It’s a heads up to know that they are human garbage.

  47. @unclebluck
    The NJ prosecutor needs to face the court and explain…..

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Regardless of the video, in all my years in the field, I’ve never heard of any violent offense being accepted in a diversion program. In fact, one of the few DISQUALIFYING criteria is evidence of violence.

    Someone needs to hunt down the DA’s office to explain this…

  48. all i saw was self defense in that video, and i thought women wanted equal treatment?

    she went after him and he protected his money maker by diffusing a situation which was made into a violent one by janay rice

  49. What really pathetic and disgusting (beside Rice’s behavior of course) is fans who weren’t upset until until they saw the video. *Now* you’re upset? How the hell did you think he knocked her out? You’re all an absolute disgrace.

  50. Long time steelers fan here. I look forward to two games a year when Thursday comes around if that chump is still on the ravens roster ( CBS NFL network and all sponsors) there will not be a television on in this house.

  51. The NFL screwed this one up from the start, but the can’t fix it now. You can suspend someone for something, agree on the suspension, then, as it is about to run out, change the suspension because of public opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy should of been suspended a MINIMUM of 8 games. That would of been the best he could of hoped for if it was commish. I would of wanted to suspend him for the year, but I may have been able to be talked down to 8 games…can’t say without being in the room and hearing the arguments. But no way less than 8. But once it’s done, it’s done. I don’t believe for a second they didn’t see this video before, they just thought they could “spygate” the videos and nobody would see them and it would blow over

    He should keep his 2 game suspension, because that’s what they gave him. Ravens fans will cheer him, not boo him, because they only care about such things when it’s not happening on their team (their history proves this). All the rest of us can do is boo him EVERY game for the rest of his career, and make sure that he remembers that we remember the kind of scum bag he really is

  52. Ravens fans should Boo Rice? Really? Do you really think that’s going to make a bit of difference in the mind of an NFL player? “Oh, I can’t hit you even though I’m mad at you because the fans will boo me?” Do you think Ray Rice gives a rip about that? Are we still in the fifth grade here?

    I appreciate the NFL making an effort to curb domestic violence among their players, and yes Rice should be suspended for quite a while for his actions. But get some perspective please.

    Former Raven Ray Lewis has still never told the entire story about his involvement in the murder of two people. What happened to him? He spent another dozen years in the NFL with little or no consequences for this actions. The media people who are blasting Ray Rice are the same ones who let Lewis slide for his actions, and were praising him for being such a great player.

    Ray Rice should be punished, but pushing everyone to see him as the devil incarnate is an over-reaction. Get some perspective please.

  53. C’mon Harbaugh, you gotta deactivate him. YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR FAN BASE OVER THIS IF YOU DON’T.

    I’m a Raven’s fan and I will have a hard time being a Raven’s fan with Rice out there.

  54. This is pretty simple. People of conscience in Batimore, and especially all women need to boycott the team. Force ownerships hand. If they belive money is more important than doing the right thing, make it clear to them that there is a financial cost to putting this idiot on the field. If I were in Baltimore I would certainly not give my money to this organization under these circumstances.

  55. I think every fan who is telling Ravens fans what to do should step up and do the same. When your team plays the Ravens, dont go if you have tickets and dont watch the game on tv!

  56. If he plays vs Carolina in wk 3. I hope the Panthers defense enacts some on the field punishment. Take every opportunity to let him know that the players won’t stand for that kind of action… Id take a fine for a cheap shot…

  57. did this video really show anything that we didn’t think happened? I’m in no way defending his actions, but this is just fuel added to an already burning fire. If there’s anything sad about the media and public outcry over this is that its because we actually get to witness it. I’m sure the other 50 or so (just guessing) domestic abusers in the NFL were just as heinous. This outrage should be spread a lot wider than it is.

  58. Point being, in my above post, is that its sad that we had to witness the act before we got fired up, and there are many more offenders who should be getting the same treatment

  59. Well, I was holding on to my Rice jersey because I really don’t have the $100 to cough up for a new one. But after seeing this video I’m putting it into the trash. I really hope that Bisciotti and the Ravens brass have the integrity to inflict some sort of additional suspension/punishment. I mean, this video was WAY worse than I expected. Not a good day to be a Ravens fan (especially after watching our $100 million QB look so pathetic yesterday)….

  60. Here’s one Ravens fan who is hoping that he doesn’t return to the field in week 3. I hope that the Ravens organization extend his suspension to match the league rule of at least 6 games.

  61. You want the Fans to boo Rice when his own Team tweeted this:

    May 23, 2014
    Baltimore Ravens

    “Janay Rice deeply regrets the role she played the night of the incident”.

    If his own team is basically apologizing FOR the victim, how do you expect the Fans who have already seemed to somehow support him during this to now turn? A fanbase, a team, and a League in denial about this situation.

    The Ravens should act if the NFL does not. The Ravens should also retract this tweet and apologize for it in retrospect.

  62. How does actually seeing this video change anything? We all knew he knocked her out cold since he dragged her out of the elevator. And all the video shows is him, guess what, knocking her out cold. I’m not sticking up for the guy or anything, but none of should be shocked by the contents of the video.

  63. THEY PUT UP A STATUE OF RAY LEWIS IN BALTIMORE… THEY CELEBRATE RAYS IN THIS TOWN. They will cheer Ray Rice… they didn’t care about Lewis and Atlanta, they won’t care about this either. Ravens should be disbanded as a franchise. Start over on L.A. and show the morons in Baltimore… enough is enough. Next statue..> Terrel Suggs? Nother gem of a person.

  64. First of all, I am a Ravens fan and proud of it.

    All you people dissing the entire fan base need to take a step back with all your negative comments. You have no place to make claims like that.

    With that said, I think most of RavensNation was hoping that he didn’t do what he was being accused of and wanted due process to take its course. After all, he had been an upstanding person in the community for years.

    However, now that the proof is out there, I hope that the entire RavensNation is behind me when I say this:


  65. Ravens fans cheered for Ray on day one of training camp and gave him a standing ovation at the first preseason home game. THEY GAVE HIM A STANDING OVATION.

  66. “Let it go. It’s none of our business.”

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    – Edmund Burke

  67. I was pushing big time to let the facts come out before judging this guy. I was OK with it when they/we cheered him a few weeks back, as I fell into the trap of believing that the actual events were overblown. I thought that if the video was that bad, the punishment would have fit the crime. I was wrong to trust the state of NJ, the league, the team, and to give the benefit of the doubt to the player. I will absolutley boo him as often as possible. I am done with Ray Rice regardless of what he does or does not do for the team that I so passionately support.

    I wont lie and say that if he scores the winning touchdown I wont cheer. Just too hard to separate. I want my team to win (just like every one of you). But I wont be cheering him personally, and I will be wishing that it was someone else. If they put him on the field, I can’t wish bad things on my team. I hope they cut him before then, regardless of the salary cap implications.

    Before you judge me for that, there isnt a fan on this board that wants the criminals on their team to play poorly when they are in the game. Its a dilemma. Either way, I was wrong about Ray Rice and I am 100% done with him and anyone that outwardly supports him after seeing that video – up to and including the owner, the GM, the head coach and his teammates. Tough time to be a Ravens fan.

  68. All fans should drop Rice immediately from Fantasy Football. Does this hurt him? Admittedly no, but it will send a signal when he is available in 90% of leagues. While most of us will not stop watching the league because of things like this, we can at least do something to show our displeasure. Collective agreement to never play Rice this year is definitely an empty gesture, but at least it is a gesture and something we control.

  69. People act like Ray Rice doesn’t know what he did is wrong. It’s in the past. I think people need to move on. Booing Ray Rice isn’t going to stop the guy 3 rows in front of you at the game from doing the same thing.

  70. Harry Reid was quick to jump on the Redskin bandwagon. I guess he hasn’t figued out a way to get political milage out of condemning a man that tried to knock a women’s head off. Harry always has his priorities straight.

  71. I won’t be watching any Ravens games period until something is done. Starting this Thursday Night on CBS. Hopefully more people will be so disgusted at the sight of an organization that condones and defends domestic violence that the ratings tank every time they come on TV. The Ravens should also be “flexed” out of any nationally televised game.

  72. Can you imagine what other players on the field are going to be saying in the bottom of any pile that Ray Rice is under. Ohhhhh ref’s better be ready week three. Not sure it will even be safe for Rice to play.

  73. Don’t boo Rice when he shows up on the field, is announced, etc. – that shows you actually care. Instead, be silent. Don’t make any noise, don’t react one way or another – just be totally indifferent. Rice will expect to get booed; if the stadium goes quiet, he’ll have *no idea* what’s going on, and that will unnerve him more than anything anyone can say or do.

  74. Let he who is among you without sin cast the first stone. He made a mistake and will atone. The criminal justice system ruled on the matter, and the NFL has ruled on the matter. Done.

  75. I wonder how many of the people posting here ever did anything you regret. I have been an officer for 25 years and I have stopped people for violations and they admit to the violation but ask not to be cited. Some come to court and plea guilty but ask for mercy. He is human and he knows what he did was wrong. Move forward.

  76. People can hate the pats as much as they want but if he was on that team, he wouldve been released by now.

  77. Ravens fans have already shown that they fully support this coward, which means they endorse punching women in the face.

    That’s how it is. Sorry.

  78. I am going to start by saying that I am a Ravens fan. I have always supported my team, winning or losing. With that being said, Ray Rice is a disgusting human being! I understand that playing a professional sport takes hard work and dedication. But, it is a privilege for anyone to be able to represent their city, kids and whomever else that looks up to them in whatever the sport may be. Yes, you are playing a game. But you are also someone’s hero or role model. We buy your jersey and wear it with pride every Sunday. We go to he games and cheer on our favorite players. Ray Rice was one of those players for me. I loved him as a player and role model. Well, that was then and this is now. What the Ravens and the NFL has done is a travesty! They are basically condoning the beating of a woman. That is just sick! As a Ravens fan, I can say that I have a very heavy heart for my team and the NFL as a whole. As a woman and the mother to my baby girl, I find their lack of punishment to be criminal! I will be going home today and throwing out every Ray Rice item I have…jersey’s, sign footballs and pictures. He is a disgrace to the team and a disgrace to the sport!

  79. Boo him. That’ll show ’em we mean business!
    Really? That’s the plan? Dr. Seuss? Boo him from the left, boo him from the right, boo him when he takes the field all through the night.

    Fans know what they will and will not tolerate. I don’t they should be told what to do or how to feel. I understand what you are saying, but why just boo? Why just shame Rice. That’s not conviction or behavior based on principles. That is simply a form of publicity stunt. If it were a principled stand, you wouldn’t go to the game at all and you would let the team and the league know why.

  80. The VAST majority of Ravens Fans do not support Ray Rice and want him off the team ASAP. If you can cheer for him or support him after watching the TMZ video, you have serious problems.

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