Refs missed Seahawks offside on Sherman’s interception


The Richard Sherman interception that ended the Packers’ first drive on Sunday shouldn’t have counted, as the Seahawks were offside on the play.

Although the officials didn’t see it, replays clearly show that Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett jumped offside on the play. Here’s a picture of Bennett’s head in the neutral zone just as the ball was being snapped.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said after the game that center Corey Linsley snapped the ball early because he saw Bennett across the line, and that Rodgers tested Sherman with a pass to Davante Adams in the end zone because he thought it was a free play.

“Corey snapped it early — I figured it was a free play — and Davante’s was the only route that was going in the end zone,” Rodgers said. “Sherm made a good play. . . . I saw the end jump; he must not have been in the zone.”

But he was in the zone. Rodgers saw it, Linsley saw it, and the officials missed it.

If the officials had seen it, the Packers would have had the ball on the Seahawks’ 24-yard line and almost certainly would have scored three points on the possession, if not seven. Instead, the Packers’ first possession ended with no points. It hurts to lose any points in a game that you ultimately lose in overtime. That missed call hurt the Packers dearly.

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  1. The officials also missed about 4-5 Defensive PI’s and 2-3 Offensive PI’s committed by the Seahawks (a few of which broke up awful RW3 passes that should have been picked)

    Not a Packers fan, just reporting what I saw.

  2. missed it? or “missed it”…

    Lol. Conspiracy theorists are going to go nuts with this one.

    What are we going to call it? Offsidegate?

  3. Ok, well how about the face mask on RW or the two missed Packer Offensive holding calls on Kam or the 3 missed false starts on GB or the missed personal foul call on the Packers after the Baldwin fumble. Should I go on, were you at the game? Oh I guess not, go cry your river elsewhere. The Pack blew it no excuses , the Seattle D was epic, to give up 22 points to the HOFer Rogers after 5 turnovers. The Pack went packing and can only blame themselves not the refs.

  4. Pack would of still found a way to choke. Wrroggers might have thrown a pick six on the next play. I think that was the biggest choke since the 04 Yankees!

  5. As a moderate Packers fan it does bother me that they missed the call, but let’s be honest. If I’m remembering the sequences correctly, the packers had the ball inside the Seattle 30 on their first 6 possessions and only got 16 points out of it. That’s not going to get it done. When a team like Seattle is on the ropes you have to finish it. I don’t watch all the packers games, but towards the end of the season it became clear that the team had a major problem with the goal-to-go situations. They can march down the field on anyone, but get inside the 10 and they can’t go anywhere. Maybe they are missing that big jermichael Finley type guy that can go up and snag a jump ball in the corner. Convert more passes in those situations and the box will open up to some short runs. Whatever it is, it’s definitely something they need to fix for next year.

  6. Conspiracy!! Goodell is trying to ruin the world by letting this happen! Its his fault grabble grabble grabble

  7. Pretty funny with someone has to dig this deep to find an excuse why the Packers shouldn’t have lost. I mean it’s not like the Seahawks outscored them 22 to 6 after the third qtr….

  8. each game, especially as the magnitude of the game increases has so many high definition cameras that it is almost impossible not to find a view that shows some type of penalty or infraction. couple that with the home viewing experience with all these fairly cheap high definition televisions and I think it’s unreasonable to expect the officials to be able to keep up with technology. I thought there might have been an offsides on Seattle but it happened really fast. couple that with a stadium that really rocks in terms of noise and you’re going to have officials making mistakes on a consistent basis.

  9. I am not sure if this is a reviewable play? If so, the packers should have plenty of time to challenge (Change of possession, plus official review on turnover where they may not see fine details such as offside etc) and could’ve won if it was an obvious offside.

  10. So what? McCarthy and his no-balls “play not to lose” mentality blew it. Blew it.

    The Packers were absolutely dominating this overrated “unbeatable” team, and McCarthy blew it.

    That’s all.

  11. What about the pass play by beast that was originally called a TD but was called back because replay clearly showed he stepped OB 3 times, yet the ref with the best view of the play called it a TD? Why does the NFL want the Hawks in the SB?

  12. sgeagles says:
    Jan 19, 2015 7:04 AM
    They also missed the delay of game penalty on Kearse(?) for throwing the ball after he dropped it.
    The clock is dead, no delay of game possible.

  13. and on green bay’s touchdown the right tackle moved, in response to seattle’s defender jumping. the play should have been stopped at that point, no touchdown

  14. Would that call have made Green Bay play the last 5 minutes of the game like the game actually meant something? Probably not. Green Bay gave up on the win when they had a lead that should have put them in the Super Bowl.

    Games like that are shameful.

  15. The one play I believed that also hurt the Packers occurred on the drive that ended up being the fake field goal TD play for Seattle. Earlier in the drive, the Packers sacked Wilson for an 11 yard loss making it second down and 21 yards for a first down. However, a Seattle offensive linesman delayed a hit on the Packer defensive player after the sack as the Packer was laying on top of Wilson. A flag was thrown but as a penalty during the play. It should have been rule a penalty after the play since Wilson was already down on the ground. The result would have been second and 36 following a 15 yard penalty for unsportman-like conduct. (similar to an offensive lineman coming in late after a runner is down and block a defensive player after the play). If it was called correctly does not mean the Packers would have won, or even the Packers would have stopped Seattle from getting a first down. But it does show inconsistency in refereeing. And I am not sure how you correct this.

  16. I am a die hard eagles fan and loved watching this game. Every game there are missed calls, but their only human and missing calls like this to me isn’t a reason to get all pissed off. This is nothing like the call that screwed Detroit.

  17. What about the holding by the Packers on the line and the pass interference on the last TD. If you look you can find an infraction on every play but this was not a game decided by the refs but by the coaches play calling.

  18. Yes, and with the benefit of slow motion, anyone could replay the game millisecond by millisecond and see fouls on every play. How about several plays where a Packers’ o lineman grabbed a Seahawks rusher from behind and tackled him? Or Clay Matthews constantly holding in coverage? If you’re gonna talk about how the Seahawks “got away with one” when you look at slow motion replays frame by frame, let’s have a complete catalog with every possible infraction, yes? There wouldn’t be enough internet for that …

  19. Oh here we go! We need to come up with excuses for why the NFL’s golden boy QB was beaten by a good defense. I am dissapointed but not shocked by Rodgers’ crying. You were beat by a better team. Go do some commercials and shut up.

  20. Nice pic…too bad the ball hadn’t been snapped. He rocked forward, but had rocked back by the time the ball was snapped.

  21. So we’re going to devalue this instant classic by pointing out one missed offsides call? I saw a couple missed holds by the Packers as well and that drive extending hands to the face call on Avril was kind of bunk too. Seahawks had 8 penalties and 5 turnovers. Packers had 5 penalties and 2 turnovers. There are plenty of reasons why the Packers lost and only a loser would blame the refs on this one.

  22. Everyone understands the NFL trying to improve by having “All-Star” referees but I To many egos out there on the field.
    Off Sides man! Come on they have altered every game regardless of you allegiance can we agree on that?

  23. I don’t see how this cost them dearly……it was the opening drive so plenty of time and the Seahawks gave the ball right back 2 plays later with an INT and then they returned it to the 6, even after the 15 yard penalty on the Packers lineman, they still ended up about where they started when they tossed the pick. Also, I’m not a Seahawks or Packers fan. I’m a Niners fan, so the game yesterday I was hoping there was a way no one could win.

  24. Oh my GOD, SHUT UP! The Packers trash OL has overcome their lack of talent by flagrantly holding DL and never getting called for it, and their DBs were draped all over the Seattle WRs. Hell, just go watch the game winning TD pass to Kearse in OT, Tramon Williams is committing outrageous PI before Kearse makes the catch anyway.

  25. Dallas wins by a bad call- next week they lose

    Gb wins by a bad call- next week they lose

    Seattle wins by a bad call-

    the 2015 superbowl champs will be the new england patriots.

    Nfl karma is real.

  26. Wilson threw a pick on the next series, and the Packers drove to the 1 foot line. McCarthy just didn’t have the balls to make the right call and go for it on 4th.

    Stop whining.

  27. Your team collapses, and it’s “blame the refs”. Boskins botching the on side kick, or Dix’s inability to knock down the lob for the 2 point conversion must’ve had nothing to do with it. It was all because of a missed off-sides call in the 1st quarter that sealed it. I guess the Packers should’ve just folded their tent and gone home after that because the game story was written from then on. The Packers benefitted from the refs more than any team in the NFL this season by a wide margin, and the Seahawks endured the fewest opponent penalties in the league this season (by the widest margin in NFL history). Rodgers threw the pass without seeing the flag go up…a mistake that he’s veteran enough that he should never make.

  28. biggest choke in NFL history…..hey packer fans you shouldn’t be crying about the refs.

    signed cowboy nation….lol.

    karma baby.

  29. He thought he had a free play? Sounds a little pre-mature if you ask me. Just because your center snaps the ball early doesn’t mean you are going to get the call. Calls get missed all the time, you should never assume you are going to get one.

  30. No fail Mary here folks. McCarthy missed the play calling. That’s why they lost. That and a on side kick miracle

  31. Like the Refs didn’t miss any against the Wackers. Packers sucks and they lost. Go look at 5:03 left in the game Packers QUIT big time thats why they lost.

  32. Yes they did miss it. and a call like that should never be missed by the refs.

    How can they miss it? A ref lines up right on the line and presumably is looking down the line. How is it possible to blow that call unless he just doesn’t want to call it?

  33. They also missed a face mask on Wilson when the defender grabbed it in the first quarter. Also one by Maxwell in the 1st quarter. They’re not going to see everything.

    Kinda dislike this Monday morning coulda, woulda, shoulda articles each week. If refs see everything, and called everything, games would last five hours.

  34. My gosh, are we going to do this every game now? Calls are missed, every game, for every team. Let it go.

  35. Surprise Surprise. More missed officiating in a Seahawks game. Their defense has gotten more no calls then if you had blind referees in the game.

  36. What a stupid article. Is this how we roll now, nit pick every call of every game? What about all the holds by O-line men so Seattle could get pressure on Wroggers? Give it a rest, every game has bad calls. Good teams over come them.

  37. The Referees also missed at a least 8 pass interference calls against the Seahawks.
    What do you expect when you play in Seattle the Refs always miss calls there. They must be smoking the good stuff.

  38. The refs missed green bay o-line holding on many easily noticeable plays as well. I guess that would even out the bad calls Erin is whining about.

  39. Specifically with regard to this call, the angle on the photo is misleading anyway, you need to be looking right down the line of scrimmage to be certain. This is completely contrived drama.

    I have to agree with kabe444. Seriously, make a play and quit blaming the refs. Refs are human, you won’t get a perfectly called game and you shouldn’t expect one. No matter how much you “pay” them and punish them for bad calls. Can you imagine instant reply in basketball? It would never end.

    People want to be so ticky-tack with penalties and calls; it’s not the refs ruining the game, it’s the fans and pundits,

  40. I’ll say this much: the refereeing this year in the playoffs has been nothing short of atrocious. Not sure what the correction is, but these guys need to be held accountable for poor performance just like the players and coaches. I think they could start by keeping the officiating teams together.

  41. Brady and the Pats are going to crush Seattle. I was actually worried we might have to play the Packers….who at least have an offense with which to contend. BB will shutdown Lynch and force Wilson to beat the Pats with his arm. Revis and the Pats secondary is going to have a field day!

  42. I’m no Seahawks fan but that’s pretty weak. It’s borderline even at that skewed angle. From dead perpendicular, it would be really close. Leave it alone.

  43. How are the Seahawks cheating? The refs missed an offside call. There are questionable calls and no calls every single game ever played. It’s not cheating if the refs just aren’t calling it. The “what-ifs” kill teams more than just dealing with it and going out and winning it. Like grogansheroes said… Rodgers could have gone out and thrown a pick six the very next play.

  44. You can go back and nit pick in every game and find things that should have been called. The refs mess up just like players and coaches mess up. Not a good excuse. There shouldn’t be any. But that is just how it is.

    BUT, something that stood out to me and was more than a missed call. It was more so double standards. Right after Shermans interception in the 1st qtr, he (Typically) got into the Wr’s face and started talking crapping like he always does. Nothing was called. A few drives later, the packers score a TD and one of the packers lineman does exactly what Sherman did: got in a players face and said some words..he was instantly flag. Call it both ways.

  45. I don’t get people saying the seahawks get away with penalties or “pay off the refs”. They lead the league in penalties…..for the second straight year. Look at the penalties call in this game alone. Seahawks had an overwhelming amount more. And btw while the seahawks lead the league in penalties, their opponents lead the league in fewest penalties! Perhaps some research before typing people, come on.

  46. Watched every minute of this game, and I think the calls that went to each team were balanced out. No egregious calls (or missed calls) and I think each team was treated similarly.

    Safe to say that refs were not a deciding factor in this one.

  47. The refs missed calls for both teams. The truth is the Packers lost this game by falling apart. It sucks as a Packer fan, but they did play a lot better than I expected.

    Congrats to the Seahawks for playing an entire 60mins.

    Looking forward to next year.

    Go Pack Go!

  48. This is getting bad. First it was the Detroit game, although it was widely reported that Dallas was the only team that benefitted from poor officiating, but it was clear that Detrot did as well. In the end the better team won, made more plays when it counted and were clutch in the end…the Lions…not so much.

    Then, we have the “catch”, “no catch” that really was a “catch” fiasco with Dez. Giving Dallas the catch by no means they win, but had a really good shot at doing so.

    Then, we have this game. Why does the NFL insist on outlining the mistakes made after the game? And does it only seem that they support the losing team, Lions/Packers?

    I wish they would stop doing this, it is annoying. BTW, Green Bay….you royally choked this game.

  49. Haha. So this is what we’re doing now? A bunch of salty fans who should be angry at their coach for calling bad plays, and their QB for not executing and crying about calls? The Hawks had twice as many penalties as the Packers, but you all are still crying.

    Come on Packers! You all are a classy organization – don’t stoop to this!

  50. So much for anyone accusing the NFL of favoring the Pack.

    The obvious arm grabbing pass interference against Starks (his left arm) on a 30 yard pass in the 4th quarter would have put the ball on 3 yard line.

    It was just so obvious.

    So no more false bitchin about how things are called the Pack’s way.

  51. What a shock – a team completely implodes in the fourth quarter by somehow allowing a team to score by running the football with under two minutes left to play, Clinton-Dix doesn’t even attempt to break up a two point conversion, etc., loses in overtime, and people blame the refs.

  52. Wow this site is really trying to troll Seahawks win. How about a blatant hold from a WR on Kam Chancellor in the 1st half allowing a big 15 plus yard Lacy run leading to Green Bay points. That’s a 30 yard difference and the hold was obvious

  53. Let me say first off that I’m not saying the refs cost GB the game. We had enough chances to put the game away, but in this day and age something must be done about the officiating. Too many games are being affected by what the officials call. The game has become so fast it’s understandable they can’t catch everything. In todays world, the mistakes they make are more glaring and their calls can have a tremendous financial effect. I can’t think of another billion dollar entity that would base their operation on decisions made that aren’t double checked. Something has to change. Teams get hosed every week by inept calls.

  54. Well at least the throw by Rodgers makes sense now; he was taking his usual EZ shot on what should have been a free play.

  55. Here we go again! Waaaaa! They cheated! We woulda won if ….! Buck UP! Put your Big Boy Pants on and stop wining! This is a game for men not children!

  56. Refs missed an offsides … (yawn) … what else is new? This is every series … by every defense … in every game played in the NFL. How many times during a game do you see a DL clearly with his helmet – or more – in the neutral zone, with no subsequent call?

    Until the NFL embraces technology and puts refs in a booth with access to multiple camera angles – essentially what we see on TV at home – this will ALWAYS be an issue …

  57. It doesn’t matter about this call at all. The Packers panicked and gave this game to Seattle. For the first time I saw McCarthy make really bad choices. The Packers defense proved themselves to be fabulous, as did the offensive line. The O-Line was the best I have ever seen for the Packers. As bad as I hate to be anything like a Cub fan, maybe next year.

  58. This PFT article QUOTES NOBODY connected with the Packers complaining about the officiating.

    Classy fans never complain about the NFL’s officiating.

    Yet the article let’s the same old individuals
    grind their axe:

    Goodell haters
    Referee haters
    Packers slanderers (classless viking nut jobs)
    Conspiracy nuts
    The perpetually disgruntled

    Don’t blame the Packers for this article!!


    yea thats all they missed, the holding by GB’s offensive line every other play, the tripping, crack back blocking, face masking yea the officials caught all that..

    not only is GB becoming a lot of big babies now they are fabricating, face it, you have been beat by the better team 3 times in a row now..

    get used to it or get better

    Seattle spots you 3.75 quarters and 19 points and you STILL LOSE?

    yea boy thats ELITE in anyones book..

  60. You fans blaming the refs for Green Bay’s loss are idiots. Green Bay was not at all responsible for their loss – it was all the refs, right? They missed this call and that call.. give me a break.

  61. It’s already been proven that so called “hawk” fans are mostly bandwagon..never seen so many people leave..reminded me of Miami Heat fans they’re claiming the title..biggest crying/whining fan base..settle down 12th ped.

  62. Again the offside by Seattle and the resulting false start by the Green Bay right tackle was OBVIOUS; this not being called resulted in Green Bay’s only touchdown of the day. That was a much bigger miss than this call.

    with the way Green Bay was playing they were likely to only get a field goal on that drive, then it would have been 9-0 instead of 13-0.

  63. Refs missed a ton of holds by GB OL………& several false starts by the same group……….& a cheap, head-shot by Matthews on Wilson. Can we expect an article about that? Not likely…..

  64. This is why nearly every penalty or non-penalty should be challengeable.

    Seasons are won and lost on bad calls.

  65. As a Packer fan, so what?

    There are a dozen plays every game where something is missed or could be called different.

    Without seeing the flag, Rodgers took a heck of a chance on the play, and it came back to bite him.

    The Packers lost. Breaks my heart, but that’s what happened.

    At this point, I’m really cheering hard for Seattle over the NE Belecheats.

  66. I am in no way using this as any excuse, but there is something wrong with this penalty. I understand calls that are in the moment, but this should be the easiest call to make. It is before the snap! There is a line judge who is supposed to look at this….that is what he gets paid to do before the snap…..false starts, offsides, holding on the line. It is unfortunate that simple calls are still missed in the NFL.

    Good luck to the Seahawks….I am curious to see how Thomas and Sherman will try to weather through their injuries. I know I would not enjoy having a dislocated shoulder or a jacked up elbow. It will be a good game.

  67. Here we go – time to blame the loss on the refs.

    Suck it up, GB. You had the refs assist in the Dallas game on the “non-catch”. And the refs missed two different low hits on Romo by Matthews that were obvious.

    The bottom line was this – 16-0 lead with 5 total turnovers by Sea, and you couldn’t close out the game.

    CHOKE PACK CHOKE! The truth hurts sometimes.

  68. Wow it is amazing to read these posts and wonder what people actually watched. The officials pretty much sucked the game one sided in first half mostly favoring GB no calls second half mostly Seahawks. Also lots of things on TV not the same as Live. Kease delay of game was him throwing it to the Ref you just didn’t see that. We did see for the better part Clay Mathews trying to break Wilson, Head bobbing center on GB that was finally called, Kearse PI twice.

    Funny though not one missed called actual would have changed the out come as so many other have.

  69. Dunno if this is just me seeing a pattern, but first the refs missed that PI call in Lions-Cowboys, then that no catch call in Cowboys-Packers, and now this? Seems like the NFC playoff refs are just horrible this year.

  70. “Refs missed a ton of holds by GB OL………& several false starts by the same group……….& a cheap, head-shot by Matthews on Wilson. Can we expect an article about that? Not likely…..”

    If you watched the game, you would know that the refs threw a flag for Matthews’ hit on Wilson.

  71. Wow. First, the blue line isn’t an official line? It’s just a line that the TV crew puts up.
    Now look at the ball, and look at the line. Look!
    The line is WRONG. It’s not actually on the ball.
    Bennett’s helmet is right up to the line for sure, but that is not offsides.
    Also, a still photo? That’s evidence?
    You do know that a defensive player can get back before the snap right?
    Video evidence of the “offsides”, with it CLEARLY showing that he was past the ball, not the stupid blue line that isn’t official and was CLEARLY wrong, or it didn’t happen.

  72. I love stories like these, because Seahawk fans spend an inordinant amount of time-even when their team wins-whining about the officiating. And I could told you before I read one line of the story, that there would be plenty of comments from Seattle fans like this: “Yeah but the refs missed this call, and this call, and this call, and this call on the Packers.” Funny how those fans always seem to miss or don’t mind missing the blown calls that give the Seahawks the advantage. Hell they never even acknowledge when Seattle gets away with one. It’s always, “Yeah but the other team….” Rogers’ Picks were tough, but those didn’t lose the game. Should have scored at least one more touchdown when they were inside the five in the first half, and lets face it, Clinton-Dix should have never let the two-point conversion succeed, and the tight end should have caught the onside kick. Even if he’s supposed to block on that play, If you’re drafted in this league as an offensive end, you catch balls that are right there to be caught. You don’t let them slip through your hands. Seattle didn’t win this game. Green Bay lost it in the last two minutes of regulation.

  73. I saw several holding penalties that should’ve been called on the Packers O-line. Also saw some pass interference calls missed. So, what’s the point? It’s easy for anyone to cherry pick one missed call. Bottom line, the Hawks D held the Packers to 6 points off 5 turnovers. AND, the Packers couldn’t stop RW3 or the Beast when it counted. Seattle 28 Green Bay 26. End of story.

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