Jim Harbaugh sends a message to the 49ers


When the 49ers promoted defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach, all members of head coach Jim Harbaugh’s staff (other than running backs coach Tom Rathman) were let go.  Harbaugh’s coordinators have since landed elsewhere in those same roles.

On Wednesday, Harbaugh issued some congratulations via Twitter.

“Congrats to Bears, Raiders, Bills, Great Coaches and men, John Fox, Jack Del Rio, Rex!  And Home Run hires Vic Fangio, Brad Seely, Greg Roman,” Harbaugh said.

Fangio, Seely, and Roman served as defensive coordinator, special-teams coordinator, and offensive coordinator, respectively, with the 49ers under Harbaugh.  The former 49ers coach curiously made no mention of his replacement, Tomsula.

It’s the closest thing Harbaugh has come to abandoning the public high road.  Still, it’s surprising he hasn’t said more, given the number of leaks that plagued his final year with the team and the not-so-subtle shots at Harbaugh possibly contained in some of the team’s public statements since the “mutual parting.”

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  1. Yea the 49ers sent him a message too!!!!
    The niners have too much talent for the offense to be so pathetic!!!! just remember 9er fans this gu said there would be no changes to roman and that he was doing a great job!!!

  2. I know a lot of people do not like Jim Harbaugh but it is very clear who was the class act between Harbaugh and the 49er management.

  3. Jim has class. The 49ers are a bunch of low class losers, not the class acts of the Joe Montana and Steve Young days. These guys are mean spirited. This is the same team that made fun of Eli Manning and made him cry after that game they played when they ganged around him. what a bunch of desparadoes that need an education in people skills and professionalism. Jim has more class and I am sure he will find a better team that will truly appreciate his coaching. There will never be another class act on the 49ers like they had with Joe Montana. These guys couldnt shine his shoes.

  4. Jim will be back in the NFL long before his contract with Michigan is over. I am happy for Michigan that they landed him. However, I hope they have a long term backup plan preparing for him to bolt.

  5. All class Jim, you will be missed. Surprising how many delusional 49er fans there are. Some truly believe a D-line coach will be better than an Offensive guru. Truth be told Kaepernick lack of development as a pocket QB is what hindered the offense, he’s a bigger project than expected. To those who for some reason think he wasn’t unleashed and should be used as Russell Wilson is, he would have to be a pocket QB, which he isn’t, so defense simply load up the box, and he rarely can make the short throws due to his lack of touch… doesn’t hurt that Baalke hasn’t drafted an impact player on offense either, but it all falls on Harbaugh according to York, he had much “class” doing it too. Best of luck to Harbaugh in Michigan, hard to support a product that York is putting out there insulting the intelligence of fans… but some buy it.

  6. we won’t know for 2-3 yrs if SF made right or wrong decision. while it is easy to say it was a big mistake, who know how it will play out ?

    SF may have fundamental QB problem with kaep. and roster isn’t getting any younger. but if they can get healthy, and clean up some character issues, it is a pretty good roster.

  7. The 9ers next year are going to be must see tv. The downfall will be epic. Should have never let Jim go.

  8. Joey49er you might be right on pathetic offense but not sure if you saw who they hired as HC. Not really a step up on the offense. I’am a 49er fan and we are being lapped by the rest of the division. Maybe well keep pace with the rams since they don’t have a qb.

  9. You missed the backhanded slap he also gave his brothers ex-OC, Kubiak.

    You know, the one that wasn’t going to leave Baltimore because he was building something special. That is, until he did leave.

  10. When the 49ers have four wins next season, will people suggest Harbaugh should win the NFL coach of the year?

    Same situation when people suggested Manning should win the 2011 MVP without playing, as it was obvious how vital he was there.

  11. His silence about Tomsula was pretty loud.


    Preface this by saying I am not a Harbaugh fan – never have been. I hate the way he whines like a child when any call goes against his team.

    That being said;

    I think he has been hard done by and has conducted his business very well. His silence on Tomsula raises another point.

    Seems to me that Tomsula might have been the ‘inside’ guy for Balke and York, no? You know, the guy who works under Harbaugh and then reports back to the bosses, behind JH’s back.

    Tomsula’s reward was the HC position. Hence, the lack of congrats to him for getting the job.

    Wouldn’t be the first time…

  12. nfella says:
    Jan 21, 2015 9:37 PM
    You missed the backhanded slap he also gave his brothers ex-OC, Kubiak.

    You know, the one that wasn’t going to leave Baltimore because he was building something special. That is, until he did leave.

    I think he specifically singled out the Bears, Bills and Raiders because they were the ones who hired Fangio, Roman and Seely, who are Harbaugh’s former assistants.

  13. nflpropickemking says:
    Jan 21, 2015 10:03 PM
    As a 49 er fan I am so glad to be rid of ego-maniac Jim Harblaaah,I know for sure Jim Tomsula will get over the hump that Harblaaah could not do and that is to beat the Seahawks.The 9ers will own this division in 2 years.Who’s got it better?We do without Jim Harblaaah.


    Own the division in two years? Harbaugh did it off the bat, if Tomsula can get over the hump he should be able to do it now. After all Baalke said this was a reload, not a rebuilding situation… D-line coach with no coordinating experience will definitely help the offense.

    Baalke better pray he doesn’t draft another AJ Jenkins/LeMichael James. Patton and Ellington have yet to emerge… Gore is aging but he’s still solid (lucky Baalke), Hyde hasn’t truly shown much, McDonald is looking like a bust. Keep has to develop as a pocket QB, or like casual fans suggest we can “unleash” him and have an RB for a QB.

    No credible OC seems to want to touch the dysfunction that the 49ers have become, can’t say I blame them.

  14. muslimponder says:
    Jan 21, 2015 10:14 PM
    Jim Fraudbaugh is a classless charlatan and completely overrated obnoxious blowhard who has never won the big one at any level of coaching or playing and never will.


    Why so bitter? chill.

  15. raiderraffeal says:
    Jan 21, 2015 9:31 PM
    The 9ers next year are going to be must see tv. The downfall will be epic. Should have never let Jim go.


    Next season may or may not be a train wreck. Who knows. But one thing I do know is even in the 49ers worst season in a long time, they still won more games than the Raiders won in the last TWO seasons. Interesting fact huh?

  16. He has no class and obviously fell apart this past year. Falls apart everywhere he goes… Couple good years then misery. What an undermining fool…. Although he does make millions…. But does he ever look happy?? Maybe in meds most of the time…

  17. The 49ers will fire Trent Baalke within the next year which will be validation that Jed York picked the wrong guy in this power struggle.

  18. One wonders if Tomsula was recruited by / buddied up with York and Baalke to be the spy at ground level the last year or so, and his reward for loyalty (and backstabbing Harbaugh) was to be the head coach.

    Would explain the snub.

  19. Jed says he is all about winning championships but he cleaned house of coaches and replaced them with cheaper hires. The stadium wasn’t built in the place or with the right structure to maximize home field advantage but to maximize profits in rich corporate Silicon valley. He is pretty clearly all about the money. Which is too bad and maybe short sighted because his uncle made money with the 49ers not by turning a yearly profit but by winning and winning, greatly increasing the value of the franchise.

  20. i dont understand why everyone is so certain he will be back in the nfl in a couple of years. he wouldnt of signed with michigan at 5m a year if he was coming back to michigan for a few years, he would of gotten his 8 million, like he would of gotten in the nfl. signing with michigan for 5 million a year is saying to me that this is a final stop for him IMO.

  21. Listen to all these Vaginers doggin Harbaugh now that he is no longer head coach. He was God to them just last season. Bottom of the division next season.

  22. They had a good roster before harbaugh. Remember how that turned out. I am looking to purchase your 49ers fans SBL’s in the future so I gotta thank York and Balke for helping make them cheaper in the years to come.

  23. You have to love some of the hateful comments by some of the supposed 49er fans. How do you go from not one bad word to say about a guy to hating this man’s guts in such a few short years. Rather than blaming the coach, put your blame where it belongs in the management area – the people who do the hiring and personnel changes. If you give a man broken tools, it’s hard for him to work miracles.

  24. The Niner defense will still be great next year. They have way too much talent (and it will be coming back healthy) not to be. If the offense gets competent (which I don’t see happening), it won’t be because of Tomsula. They’re looking at another 8-8…….. maybe 9-7 at best.

  25. people try so hard to build harbaugh up as a hall of fame-type coach and person but have you ever wondered why he was so hated and despised by pete carroll and just about every player on the seahawk team. they hated his guts so bad there was certainly no extra motivation needed to beat the 49ers when harbaugh was on the sideline. i don’t think the 49ers could have ever been a truly great team under harbaugh because he had so many enemies around the league.

  26. I’ve heard players say that Singletary’s biggest problem was that he coached every player like linebackers. Makes sense…that’s all he had ever done. And this won’t be any different Tomsula has made a career of coaching d-linemen.

    Harbaugh took Singletary’s roster and LED them to the best record in the league the very next year.

    I think 7-9 is optimistic next year. And the year after that we’d be lucky to win 5 games.

  27. As I have said before , If Kaep had a QB coach like Kubiak or Shannahan and he learned the position too play like an NFL Elite QB we would not be having this dicussion about coaches…

  28. I am so utterly disgusted with Inbred York And the GM, they should fire themselves and next year when the 49ers are 4-12 they still won’t blame themselves. This has actually given me reason to quit enjoying football. I almost hate the 49ers now and am borderline becoming a seahawk fan I am so disgusted with these morons. Harbaugh was the best thing that happened to this team since 94′!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Like every other team in the NFL, the team’s level of success is a direct correlation to the strength of the QB. No team can escape this fundamental aspect of today’s NFL rules. There have been FEW rare exceptions where an elite, shut-down defense can carry an average QB, but those are rare indeed. It doesn’t matter who the coach is … 49er fans saw what happened after Steve Young retired, and EVERY other team has suffered a long drought after their star QB retired. Belichek will come crashing back down to earth as soon as Brady retires … no coach is immune. It’s never been about the coach; it’s about having an elite QB.

  30. I have a message for Harbaugh:

    Your pet QB sucks. He sucked as a QB in college (not even as good as Tebow) and padded his crappy stats against Division II teams. Now he’s sucking in the NFL.

  31. fish1552 says: Jan 22, 2015 1:07 PM

    ... Rather than blaming the coach, put your blame where it belongs in the management area – the people who do the hiring and personnel changes. If you give a man broken tools, it’s hard for him to work miracles.

    Dude, Kaepernick was Harbaugh’s QB choice in the draft to replace the much hated Alex Smith. Then when Smith got hurt, while leading the NFL in passing, his baby got in and made a lot of big plays.

    But anyone saw what happened knew that was fluke. Like a career .250 hitter batting .400 for July. I pointed it out in 2012. That his ‘success’ was just a statistical blip that was not sustainable.

    Sure enough, by Week 2 of 2013 the hand-writing was on the wall.

    Sure, they disguised his ineptitude in 2013 by having him run a lot. But he sucked as a pocket passer in 2012. He sucked as a pocket passer in 2013. And, yes, he sucked as a pocket passer in 2014.

    And most people saw it. Only Harbaugh was too arrogant to go back to Roman’s power-running game. So the 49ers went 8-8 and Harbaugh is back in college where he belongs.

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