Phoenix police: Warren Sapp admitted involvement in prostitution, denied assault

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Details have emerged regarding the arrest of NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp on Monday morning in Phoenix on charges of solicitation and assault.

William Pitts of NBC 12 in Phoenix reports that the Phoenix police say they were called to Sapp’s room at a hotel when a woman reported an assault. There were two women in the hotel room and there was an argument going on over money.

“While there [Sapp] was questioned and admitted involvement in the act of prostitution, but denied assaulting the females,” police said.

TMZ reports both women received citations — one for prostitution, the other for a violation of the City’s escort permit requirements — and were released. They also reportedly received injuries “consistent with a struggle.”

Sapp has been suspended indefinitely from his job at NFL Network.

96 responses to “Phoenix police: Warren Sapp admitted involvement in prostitution, denied assault

  1. You’d think he could get a girl friend. I suppose they’d like to be treated with respect though.

  2. What was he doing on the NFL Network to begin with? He’s a total fraud shyster and everyone always knew it. A slick talking snake oil salesman. Maybe he and Ray L. can start their own network for people who like hearing former players who were great on the field, but don’t offer anything else.

  3. Sapp the consumate “playa” while in Oakland. going out on wife and had many over to pad in San Francisco. It was just a matter of time that it caught him.

  4. Maybe he was trying to break up the two women fighting over money? He a brave dude if he tried to intervene in a woman fight.

  5. I don’t know how I feel about the prostitution laws in this country, and I don’t know the validity of these assault allegations, but whatever needs to be done to get this guy off the air is fine by me.

  6. It is a damn shame. These guys were blessed with talent and ability that provided for them after football (Sapp and Sharper) and they look that gift horse in the mouth and do something silly like this. I just don’t get it.

  7. Famous guys who hire prostitutes are idiots. You have fame and money and you have to buy it? Pathetic. Women nowadays practically throw themselves at celebs.

  8. “A former NFL player, who can basically have any woman he wants and he buys a hooker? What!?”

    Decent and intelligent women probably not.

  9. All he would have to do is say he is Warren Sapp in Scottsdale and some gold digger would have been sold. Maybe Sapp is into something kinky, like the “Angry Pirate”

  10. Now that the Super Bowl is over with , you know this story is going to get milked for all it’s worth. A brother tried to get his groove on , that’s all. He just got caught. A lot of us would done the same thing ourselves ; the only reason this is a big deal is because he’s famous.

  11. I demand an investigation. The integrity of NFL networks terrible commentators is too important not to….

    Wells will have “interview” hundreds of prostitutes to get to the bottom of this…

  12. How many second chances has this guy been given over the years?

    His luck probably just ran out.

  13. Never liked you Sapp….ever.
    Most of us seriously tired if hearing you before and after games. I turned the channel, or turned it off just because of you.

    Lets hope your employers cancel your contracts.

    Have fun bro.

  14. Didn’t Sapp get arrested/suspended from NFLN for something similar while covering the Super Bowl a few years ago? Maybe covering Super Bowls brings out his dark side.

  15. It sounds familiar, He was arrested in 2010 following an alleged domestic violence incident at a Miami Beach hotel. After making $82 mil in his NFL career he filed for bankruptcy last year. How do you blow that kind of money? And I am positive that he is probably all caught up on all his over due child support payments.

  16. How lazy must Sapp be, as I expect most of those HOFers could just go to most any bar and find some form of short-term evening companionship.

  17. Like everyone else has said…it is a shame, he has the charisma, money and career to find anyone other than a prostitute……sad.

  18. Everybody in Phoenix knew that all of law enforcement had a prostitution sting going on during the SB. All he had to do was watch the local news or talk to Charles Barkley!

  19. purpleguy says:
    Feb 2, 2015 4:45 PM
    How lazy must Sapp be, as I expect most of those HOFers could just go to most any bar and find some form of short-term evening companionship.


    Then what happens when that complete stranger realizes who you are and screams rape afterwards?

    You pay these women to leave after you’re done, you’re not paying them because you can’t find the snatch for yourself.

  20. Indefinite suspension!

    The only way the NFL would ever impose a definite ban for a year is if he drank two beers on a plane.

  21. What I would give to see the percentage of posters on here who have partaken in a tryst with a prostitute. In any case Sapp is an idiot. At a certain level pay the prostitutes off even if you think they’re in the wrong and bounce. Now whatever dispute you had will be chump change compared to the lawyer fees, suspension, and probable loss of a lucrative analyst job.

  22. Cheaper than getting married. You can get a awful nice hooker for $500 for the weekend. A wife costs you ten times that much a day in divorce court.

  23. For all his faults, I can’t help but like the guy. Just imagine the look on Warren’s face when he got busted.
    I hope the NFL Network (and his wife) give him another chance because he’s still better viewing than Heath Evans and most of the other turkeys.

  24. Damn Warren. Letting your fans and especially your daughter down.
    You are one of the guys that ‘got out.’ Need to represent better for those youngsters that look up to you.

    Sometime you gotta start caring and grow up!

  25. What the hell does this have to do with Ray Lewis? Sapp’s a moron, everyone knows that. All Ray Lewis has on his record is an obstruction of justice conviction 15 years ago.

  26. I have never employed a prostitute, but I do not care if Sapp pays for them.

    I took the more expensive route and got married. Looking back, it’d have been cheaper to buy a hooker now and then. Hahaha

  27. I feel bad for the hooker…not because of the assault but because she has to work with “clients” like Warren Sapp. Keep it classy NFL!

  28. Shutdown Corner;
    Sapp was charged for domestic battery in 2010, although it was eventually dropped. He was also arrested for domestic battery in 2014 in Miami. He has reportedly been suspended indefinitely by the NFL Network.

    In Related News MMA Star Rhonda Rousey has chosen Sapp as her next opponent…

  29. >After making $82 mil in his NFL career he filed for bankruptcy last year. How do you blow that kind of money?

    He spent half of it on booze, fast cars, and fast women.

    The rest of it he wasted.

  30. And the 2015 season of classiness just keeps on keepin’ on.

    Loved seeing all those NFL positive image promos yesterday, only to watch it all come crashing back to earth in a game ending brawl.

  31. Maybe he just liked rough sex. Is anyone really surprised? He already had an accusation for assault a couple years ago and the NFL network choose to keep him on. I have no idea. This guy along with Irvin and Deion Sanders represent the trash of the NFL and their past.. Faulk and Warner represent the class..

  32. Well, we all remember that he refused to tip a waitress/waiter, so…

    I’m not surprised… This is also coming from the same guy that was lauging hysterically at Marshawn Lynch’s pressers.

  33. Say goodbye to your $540,000 a year job. What are you going to do to pay your 4 kids by 4 different women aka child support? You already declared bankruptcy. Game over man, game over!

  34. nodaksportsfan says: Feb 2, 2015 4:30 PM

    A former NFL player, who can basically have any woman he wants and he buys a hooker? What!


    No baggage. No divorce. No taking half (well he has nothing.) No Drama.

  35. Impressive, A HOF player who has a ton of money and he wants 2- 5 dollar Phoenix Skanks.

    Where can I get his jersey and autograph?

  36. I am a fan of Univ of Miami, but I do remember years ago when Sapp was yapping: “I never opened a textbook in college at The U” … “we didn’t learn Nuffin”. That was apparent every time he tried to speak on TV. I never could understand why he was on the NFL Network. What were they thinking? He never said one thing that was interesting or insightful. So glad he is off TV, this time forever.

  37. Warren thinks he is above the Rules and the Law..

    1) He doesn’t pay his Child Support, so he is a Dead Beat Father..

    2) He Solicits Prostitutes, and he is in the National Media and NFL Hall of Famer. I think the League should Put down some punishment as well, because this is no Role model for any kids.

    3) He Was a Dirty Player, when HE Blind sided Chad Clifton’s of the Green Bay Packers!

    During the 2002 season seemed as promising as his first two until November 24 when Chad suffered a severe pelvic injury after receiving a blindside hit from the Tampa Bay Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp. Because the incident occurred after an interception with Clifton far from the play, Sapp received harsh criticism for his action. After the game, when Packers coach Mike Sherman told Sapp that his play was uncalled for, Sapp began angrily shouting at Sherman in a tirade that was caught on camera, with Sapp famously screaming “put a jersey on”. As a result of his injury, Clifton missed the rest of the season, was hospitalized for almost a week, and could not walk unaided for five more weeks. In 2005, the NFL Competition Committee agreed on new guidelines for “unnecessary roughness”, making hits such as that suffered by Clifton illegal

  38. Sapp has a long history of not wanting to pay his bills. Its one thing to buy cars on credit, and not make payments, its quite another to receive the services of an “escort” and than not pay. Sapp is lucky the escort didn’t summon her business manager aka pimp to “cut” a deal with Sapp

  39. He is known for not leaving tips so maybe one of them asked for a tip and he lost it… he brings nothing to the table with his wide eyed remarks and he forced attempt at humor… this is not the first time he has pushed woman around, this is why inside the NFL got rid of him… he is not too smart assaulting a women even if she is a hooker especially after the Ray Rice incident

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