NFL to hold part of its kickoff celebration in the Bay Area


The game’s in New England, and the Steelers are the visitors.

But the NFL is planning part of its pre-game hype for the regular season opener on the other coast.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, there will be events in the San Francisco area along with the typical party they throw at the site of the game.

The location coincides with the venue for Super Bowl 50 (I think I still prefer L), and having the concert there allows the league to begin the promotion of that game early.

The league hasn’t announced the musical act for the Bay Area concert, though the Golden State Warriors hit it out of the park by having Carlos Santana and Metallica play national anthems during the NBA Finals.

On the other hand, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady grew up in nearby San Mateo, so they might just station a camera at his old high school since he’s not going to be playing in the game anyway (pending his appeal).

28 responses to “NFL to hold part of its kickoff celebration in the Bay Area

  1. Brady will be playing in the opener against the Steelers.Sorry to disappoint you Pittsburgh fans.

  2. I thought Darin Gantt was FINALLY going to post an entire article that wasn’t snarky and then……..

  3. Do you think 4 time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady will visit the White House to receive his Super Bowl championship congratulations from President Donald J Trump in 2017?

    I do. 🙂

  4. Oh, THAT bay area. I think of the waters of New England as more of the North Atlantic. Want a real bay? Come to Tampa, baby. Senoritas on our beaches aren’t out there for skin therapy, either. And oh, our top QB will be playing on opening day too…all the footballs are guaranteed to be inflated to regulation size. Crab legs abound too…

  5. I didn’t even need to read the byline to know Darin Gantt wrote this. Any time he can get a dig in on my Pats, he does.

  6. Good thing it’s at the Niners stadium and not that stadium east of the Bay area that fills with sewage and feces when it rains…

  7. It’s probably best for Goodell to stay as far away from NE as possible. He’s about as welcome as the Boston strangler.
    He can take that loser Troy Vincent with him.
    And yes, Roger, it was clearly Vincent who handed out the ridiculous over-the-top punishment to the Patriots, against the CBA directive.

  8. Lots of Patriots fans over here in the Bay Area. The people here, with a higher average IQ than the rest of the country, understand greatness when they see it. They also can’t help but sympathize with the victims of a shameless witch hunt.


  9. If you prefer L, then just use L. As far as I can tell it was a unilateral move by Goodell to renumber the game. No one else thought it should be done. It was just a single idiot with the power to do it. We’ll see what members of the media are sucking up to the commish as time goes by this season.

  10. Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner in league history.

    However football is a run away freight train on greased wheels with a nuclear engine.

    Anyone at the helm is going to generate revenue.

    Ray Lewis only got $250,000 fine for killing one less person than Aaron Hernandez

  11. The NFL may want to rethink hosting an event in a sanctuary city that allows criminal illegal aliens (I know, it’s redundant) to run free and commit crimes with impunity!

  12. Goodell should be as far away from Foxboro as possible. The Bay area sounds like the right place…. I only wish Alcatraz was still open…the corrupt coward who along with Vincent, Kensil and the rest of the NFL front office should be brought up on RICO charges.

  13. The predetermined outcome of a witch hunt is now playing itself out. The absolute cowards who run the scam, in order to try and attain parity for the new trustafarian owners, dare not visit Foxboro. They are the Super Bowl Champions yet the celebration is geographically are far away as possible without heading to London. Bob Kraft laid over and played dead for this? Brady will fight to the end even though the league will try to use time as leverage. The fans are behind Tom Brady, greatest QB of all time.

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