National Car Rental signs naming rights deal for proposed St. Louis stadium


The city of St. Louis is pushing hard to keep the Rams in town despite owner Stan Kroenke’s desire to move them to Southern California.

Ahead of a possibly pivotal league meeting on the subject on Wednesday, the city of St. Louis has added a new wrinkle in their push to keep the Rams playing under the shadow of the Gateway Arch.

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal, National Car Rental has agreed to a naming rights deal for the proposed stadium that would replace the Edward Jones Dome as home of the Rams.

The deal is worth $158 million over 20 years.

The agreement was reached with the St. Louis Regional Sports Authority, the entity that would own the stadium. Unsurprisingly, the Rams were not involved as Kroenke wants the team Inglewood, Calif. instead.

The St. Louis stadium task force helped broker the deal.

St. Louis certainly seems to have the best plan in place for a new stadium of any of the three cities with teams chasing Los Angeles. It would seem to reason that having a realistic stadium plan in place could help convince the league to deny a move of the Rams out of St. Louis. Having a naming sponsor already lined up certainly can’t hurt in that endeavor.

25 responses to “National Car Rental signs naming rights deal for proposed St. Louis stadium

  1. How come people aren’t saying,
    “why St. Louis would get a football team after loosing two previous teams??”
    That seems to be a major argument for LA not getting a team!
    Just wondering?

  2. I heard National Car Rental was considering a sponsorship of the Cowboys until they realized that Jerry Jones is synonymous with taking a reservation – but not keeping it

  3. Lmaoof desperate ripp …rams not even worth 1 billion in cent lose us…3 billion in Los Angeles where they BELONG. …LA RAMZZZZ. …

  4. Lol. The stadium name “Rental”. As in Cardinals, Rams, and the rest of the teams that had a temporary residence. Next, if lucky, Raiders to rent the place.
    Seriously though, I feel bad. They left me in L.A. Glad they’re coming back. But feel bad for the Ram fans in STL. I stayed loyal. Hope you do to. It’s business. Plus stl had this whole time to keep them and after Stan buys the team (clue#1) the land (c’mon, obvious) rumors of moving, STL did nothing til he announced what the whole country already knew. Rams are leaving. All of a sudden, STL begins to make plans.
    Way way way too late. Blame your City officials. L.A. officials also did zero to keep them. So they left.
    The first year, you might have some hate but once a loyal fan of any team, it’s almost impossible to begin to love another team. Only way, imo, is a expansion. St Louis would be better off without having Raiders there. Trust me. They were here and it was disgusting, ugly, boring, and the fans, ugh. They’re very simple-minded type. You don’t want them. Trust me. Shoot, I’d rather have no nfl here than Raiders. It’s that bad.

  5. Kroenke doesnt benefit at all from the naming rights deal.this in no way will stop him from moving hos team which he has the right to do regardless what the nfl davis already opened the door on this when he moved the raiders to LA in 80’s without permission and beat the nfl in court,same thing would happen woth kroenke.

  6. I miss the good old days of when stadiums were not named as a way of advertising for corporate greed.
    ACME Field just doesn’t have the same ring to it as something named Candlestick Park or RFK Stadium.

  7. This isn’t the only story that’ll come out this week. More moves of equal significance will come about in the next few days. Write that down.

  8. Lmao! He will have no choice but to be forced to stay in st.louis.

    Better start re-selling that land

  9. What?……guess it’s pretty safe to offer a deal like that when Rams will be in LA and you won’t have to pay. I’ll offer St.Louis 300 million to get the naming rights for my family name & crest.

  10. Man I love how the LA snobs are underestimating Saint Louis and the work that’s being done to keep the Rams here. It’s one thing to put together some fancy renderings. It’s an entirely different thing to get public corporate backing from a fortune 500 company.

  11. As an employee at the World HQ of Enterprise Holdings Inc (National RAC parent company) in St. Louis this is awesome news, in fact I plan to track down our CEO today and shake her hand.

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