Cam Newton: If you don’t like my dancing, don’t let me score

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After Panthers quarterback Cam Newton scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s victory over the Titans, he poured some salt in Tennessee’s wounds with an elaborate dance in the end zone.

Newton’s moves were not met with much joy from Titans linebackers Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard, who stepped up to Newton to let him know they weren’t pleased. Other players got in between them and things quieted down for the rest of the 27-10 Carolina win. After the game, Newton gave the Titans a suggestion about how they could avoid feeling sore in the future.

“I heard somebody say we aren’t going to allow you to do that, but if you don’t want me to do it, then don’t let me in,” Newton said, via Terry McCormick of Titans Insider. “I just like doing it. It’s not to be boastful. From the crowd’s response, they like seeing it. … No disrespect to anybody, it’s just a Panthers thing.”

Coach Mike Mularkey said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, that he thought Newton was guilty of taunting and Williamson said “personally I don’t go for that stuff.” Williamson’s answer is worthy of a good-sized chuckle after catching his own extensive post-play celebration from earlier in the game, which may well have been titled “Glass Houses and Stones” based on his reaction to Newton.

57 responses to “Cam Newton: If you don’t like my dancing, don’t let me score

  1. Titans were doing celebrations after every sack and giving him something extra after every play. He paid them back. They mad.

  2. a bunch of whiners….I remember a time when there was a performance show in the endzone and I loved it! If you don’t want to see that stuff, like Newton said, don’t let them in the endzone. Here let me call a whambulance for you.

  3. When you go into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before. Definitely not one of the league’s class players.

  4. Folks are trying to judge Carolina by last year’s losing record that got them into the playoffs. Their D started off slow last year but did play better in the last few games. Carolina has had a good D practically since the time Ron Rivera got there. And yes, Cam is right, if you don’t want ANY player to showboat, stop them on the field of play!

  5. Green Bay loses AGAIN, Arizona or Seattle? They iffy? The Cowboys? No, Carolina is the best in the NFC and a hell of a lot better than people give them credit for🎩

  6. Anybody who truly believes this stooge is going to bring you where you want to go is really delusional.

  7. This comments are hilarious.

    1. Carolina was 12-4 two years ago, and were very banged up last year yet still won a playoff game. so no they have not been terrible for a long time.

    2. Cam does show class on every TD as he hands it to a child every single time, and I don’t see a single other player/team doing that.

  8. Newton doesn’t think dancing in the faces of opposing players is “disrespectful”, but he thinks someone hanging a banner in his stadium is.

  9. I guess Titans fans should chastise every one of their players who ever celebrates a td. All Titans should just hand the ball to ref after scoring a td…….

  10. At some point, have some class Cam. Be a grown man, hand the football over and take your six points
    He does hand the ball over. He hands it to some kid that will remember and cherish that moment for the rest of his life. Oh I forgot, that doesn’t fit your narrative.

  11. It’s funny how much the Cam and Panthers haters sound like big tools. 13-0 regular season streak, Cam.Newton looks unstoppable, beating most teams by double digits. This Panthers roster is full of good human beings who LOVE PLAYING THE GAME.

    Keep hating, they’ll just keep winning.

  12. Interesting even Rivera said he needs to be more mindful that he’s in someone elses’s stadium & be respectful. I’ll bet the same ppl on here defending him would be griping if someone did that in their house!

  13. It’s funny ppl looking for any reason to hate on cam…”Oh he celebrates too much” “he has too much fun out there, why can’t he be a robot” cam is fun to watch. Cam and the Panthers are 9-0 and yall can SUCK IT!!

  14. He has been doing this for 5 years, when you score almost 40 rushing td’s as a qb , if you haven’t watched cam newton highlights then you would not know , cam had his back to the players , when they got all pissy , he did it again and again, if they would have just went to the sideline , after cam was done, he would have done what he has done every time he scores a rushing , give z kid the ball after he does super man or his dance…

    Titans players we’re celebrating 1st Dowbs, the lonely td they got, after every sack or tackle , they just mad , they thought they were better then us and would beat us,

  15. @volum12

    That’s exactly the point. They haven’t been there before.

    And stick your regular season records. Who you trying to be, Andy Dalton?

    (Did anyone else notice it was like the same 3 panther fans commenting back? People in this town are a joke)

  16. He’s suppose to score a TD being undefeated, walk to the sidelines put the towel on his head and sulk!!!!
    Apparently that’s what the haters want to see! #dumb!!!

  17. Cam is doing nothing different than the any defensive LB, DE DL after making a big play on the QB. They all Celebrate. He is doing nothing different than a WR or RB who scores. People need to get over it. Cam is a football player just like the others and if he wants to celebrate, let him.

    It always is going to fall back to “Haters Gonna Hate!!”

    And to the Haters, you sound pretty pathetic with your argument(s). Whats next????, You find out he eats lucky charms and you’ll figure out how to spin that to hate on him too!!!

    Let the man play his type of Football. I bet ya if he was your teams QB and your team was 9-0, you wouldn’t be cryin like this

  18. Obviously Cam has to develop a more respectful dance like the “discount double check” or the “elbow kiss”.

    titans were chippy and chirpy all game and played great just before the half and just after … but couldn’t hang with best team in the NFC.

  19. Cam Hate continues.

    I kept expecting the Titans defenders to tear their ACLs up with their sack dances. Then Cam dances after a TD and they want to scrap. Hypocrites.

    As for all the hatred for Cam’s celebrations – more hypocrisy. If your favorite team’s QB was doing it, you would have no problem with it.

  20. Lived in Charlotte. Kid has a massive ego. The NFL was all about ‘his’ Brand. Hard to like this guy…even when winning.

  21. goldcoast1554 says:
    Nov 16, 2015 1:58 PM

    Lived in Charlotte. Kid has a massive ego. The NFL was all about ‘his’ Brand. Hard to like this guy…even when winning.

    Just about all NFL QB’s are arrogant and have Massive Ego’s. Name me one QB that is anybody that is truly humble and doesn’t have an ego that has done anything in the NFL?

  22. Cam can celebrate without acting like a petulant child
    Spike the ball, do your Superman shtick
    But dance for nearly a minute??

    Act like you’ve been there before Cam
    Or better yet, actually win a MEANINGFUL NFL game, get your team to a Conference title game/Super Bowl, then you can act like a fool!

  23. Frankly, the Cam haters need to get over it. The dude has been in Charlotte 5 years and is an absolute model citizen. I am a die hard Panthers fan and wasn’t particularly excited when we drafted him but how in the world anyone couldn’t praise the guy now is beyond me. Never complains, stays out of trouble, does tons of stuff with kids on the field and throughout the year. This guy is the real deal.

  24. If you can dish you better be able to take it. So when the shoe is on the other foot, Cam should just go to the bench and put his rag over his face. What goes around comes around.

  25. Not a panthers fan but boy i am shocked by the cam hate on here. There are plenty of rules regarding the celebrations in the nfl now and he’s not breaking them. He gives the ball to kids. The titans went out of their way to get in his face, not vice versa. And to all the closet racist or just plain haters out there talking about a laptop, let’s all judge you on the dumbest thing you did as a teenager and see where you stand. As my loyalties go, i don’t like aaron rodgers, but if he scores on my team, he can put on his championship belt, or discount double check, or lamblow leap all he wants. People need to find something better to worry about. My hunch is a lot of these complainers also feel like the world is too pc and people get offended too easily. Well, pot – kettle.

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