Cowboys putting Dez Bryant on injured reserve


The Cowboys must have gotten enough information to make a pure evaluation, and realized there was no point in putting Dez Bryant out there again.

The Cowboys are putting their star wide receiver on injured reserve, shutting him down after a forgettable season.

Bryant managed just 31 receptions for 401 yards and three touchdowns this year, as he battled through a variety of lower body injuries (and an overall lack of Tony Romo in the games he did play). He only played in nine games.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Bryant would have surgery on his foot and ankle this week, and said the Cowboys being 4-11 and eliminated from playoff contention wasn’t part of the decision-making process.

While that seems a little hard to swallow, the reality is any time Bryant has to get prepared for next year is one step closer to earning more of that five-year, $70 million contract he signed last offseason.

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  1. One game left, they put him on IR and Jason says with a straight face that being eliminated from the playoffs wasn’t a consideration? Poor guy has to come up with some explanation for Jerry’s moves..

  2. They should just put the whole team on IR for week 17 and forfeit. And jerrah should retire from GM and head coach. Hire a real coach not a puppet and see if he can’t get himself another SB ring. As long as he’s running the show it’s always gonna be a close but no cigar situation. Sorry Cowboys fans I feel for you most times.

  3. I feel bad for the Cowboys this year, but it has been an interesting case study in just how fragile pretty much every team really is. One or two key injuries can make the entire team just implode.

    The Patriots are one of the few teams that seem to be at least somewhat insulated from this, probably due to Belichick arguably being one of the best coaches of all time.

    I am looking forward to Tom Brady retiring though. For one thing, maybe the Bills will finally have a shot at the playoffs (hey, for everyone who picks on the Bills and our playoff drought, we have to play in a division with a team that’s been an annual Superbowl contender for the last decade), but it will also be interesting to see how Belichick handles it.

    The Patriots are good for many reasons, but they have two once-in-a-generation players on the field, Brady and Gronkowski, and there will be no replacing them when they retire 5 years or so from now. It will be fascinating to see Belichick put to the real test of winning when he doesn’t have a HOF qb under center and a TE that is such a rare specimen of an athlete that his presence alone completely dictates how the opposing defense has to play the game.

    Or maybe after Brady retires the Patriots will just fall face first into the next QB who changes the game. As a Bills fan, this would not surprise me. Every year seems like the year they’re finally going to implode but it just never happens. Enjoy it while it lasts Pats fans. I can’t even imagine how much fun it must be to experience a legitimate dynasty.

  4. Dohczepplin, was right in saying g that any team can implode if they lose key players, but was wrong about the patriots. If Brady was injured and Gronk was injured it doesn’t matter who was coaching, they would have a losong season also. True Jerry Jones had help with Jimmy Johnson in picking players to help win superbowls. Jerry Jones by himself can’t pick a super bowl team! Give it up Jerry, you’ve got enough money to buy the best coaching staff put there. Give the Dallas Cowboys it’s honor again by making it Americas team again. And who was Belichick coach for before Tom Brady? Who….right.

  5. jgo304 says:
    Dec 30, 2015 12:13 PM
    Roddy White & Julio Jones tried to warn Jerrah…..

    7 Weeks for a lisfrance???? Not a good idea, hope he actually heals this time.

    Dez had a Jones Fracture, the outside(pinky) toe side. Lot easier to come back from as compared to Lisfranc which bears most of the weight and pushing off.

  6. Came back to early it looks like. Julio and those guys knew what they were talking about. Props to him for playing through the pain, but I am not sure the production outweighed the risk. Then again, he didn’t have much of a QB to throw to him.

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