Mariota “sure” Chip Kelly will succeed wherever he goes

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When the Eagles fired Chip Kelly on Tuesday, one reaction shared by many people was that he’s now available to go to the Titans without any need to work out compensation with the Titans.

The biggest reason why the Titans are seen as a potential suitor for Kelly is the presence of quarterback Marcus Mariota, who was recruited to Oregon by Kelly before he left for the Eagles and was reportedly coveted by Kelly for the Eagles before this year’s draft. Mariota was asked about Kelly’s firing on Thursday and said that he has neither spoken to Kelly nor considered the possibility that he’d come to Nashville, but that he’s confident Kelly will land on his feet.

“Obviously we’ve had a connection through Oregon, but again my mindset isn’t on that,” Mariota said, via “It’s unfortunate [about] Coach Kelly and his situation. But I am sure whatever team he ends up going to he’ll have success. I think he’s proven [he can be a winner] the first two years. I think this past year was tough, he probably didn’t have the season that he wanted. But to win 10 games his first two years says a lot about what he’s able to do and says a lot about his coaching.”

The Titans haven’t formally moved on from interim head coach Mike Mularkey yet, but that’s expected to come once the regular season comes to an end on Sunday. By virtue of the Rooney Rule, the Titans can’t just hire Kelly without going through some kind of interview process but things could move quickly if both sides want to see if they can prove Mariota right.

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  1. Considering the number of games Mariota has missed his first year, it would be interesting to see how long he lasts playing Kelly’s read option. Seems like he is built more like Sam Bradford than Cam Newton.

  2. Why do people continue to try and link Mariota to Kelly? He played 1 year under him but he played 2 years under Helfrich and Scott Frost where not to mention winning a Heisman,yet over and over everyone acts as if He a Kelly are some natural Match in the NFL. Never mind that No College Coach who’s been reunited with his College QB in the Pros,have EVER done anything or the fact that Kelly /Mariota won NOTHING at Oregon.

  3. Why don’t anybody ever hold Jeffrey Loser Lurie accountable for losing he has owned the Eagles for 20 plus years. The Eagles will never win a Super Bowl with Jeff and Howie in charge.

  4. Please read what the Eagles players are saying about Kelly. NEVER EVER TRUST The local media there and the national media is absolutely clueless about every team! I have never seen such a large group of lying writers/ phony annonymous sources etc. It is the lowest point in journalism sports history in every city. They are looking to become instant stars by breaking stories or completely making up stories. The local media strongly disliked a Kelly because he had a legitimate answer and then some for 40 beat writers after the game and during the week. To watch a Eagles press conference is like the Head Coach is on the stand in a court room. Every writer attempts to prosecute Kelly. Near then end of Reids time it was exactly the same. Only the couldn’t stand Reid because he didn’t give them information. This is very true in a lot of NFL Cities but on the east coast it is brutal. Philadelphia, New York, Boston the writers are rabid blood sucking parasites. Even if the are accurate in their assessments. It creates a pressure packed negative hostile environment. It is part of the problem. Listen to educated fans and the players in your city. Not phony articles written for click bait. It is sad!

  5. tennesseeoilers says:

    10 and 6 his first two years? Heck yes, that would be welcome in Nashville!!

    Andy Reid didn’t build the current Titans roster.

  6. Tenn will probably interview 2 minority coaches, then say they don’t match up, then bring in Chip and there you have it. Miami had Boles ( sp ) and pass on him for Joe, Joe is watching TV, Todd is one win from the play offs, Miami pick the wrong coach, expect them to do it again. Bill

  7. philly fans would like to disagree with his statement

    Philly fans are front-running, whiny little bitches. Everything was good after winning 10 games the first two years and having a solid pre-season. Then some adversity comes in and most of them jump ship. I’m not saying Chip didn’t make mistakes, he did. But giving the reins back to Howie Roseman is a bigger mistake. Have fun on your trek back to relevance Philly. It will take a while.

  8. I’d like to see Kellys and Mariota reunited so there would be no excuses when Kelly’s gimmicky offense gets exposed as being unworkable in the NFL once and for all.

  9. I’ve been a Duck since 1979 & followed Chip’s & Marcus’s careers very closely. I truly believe Marcus was giving y’all (Titans) some subtle hints. In his own humble way, through his responses..”will be successful”..”has proven can win 10 games in 2 seasons”..”credit to who I am today” impression is he feels the same way I and all the other Ducks fans, that a reunion takes place. People forget that Marcus had TWO seasons with Chip as he “red-shirted” his first year at Oregon. They have built a rapport, a relationship, and live by the Oregon mantra “Win the Day”, which was introduced by Chip by the way, along with the sports performance science & conditioning techniques that is so prominently used by Ducks athletes today (enough that Phil Knight believed enough to invest millions on). Chip was just misunderstood by the Eagles fans, and probably even some players, but if you can believe in Chip’s techniques, you can be successful. Lurie truly just gave the Adams family a GIFT…a clear path to Chip. The series of events & the timing that puts Marcus & Chip possibly reuniting is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity … can you imagine … Chip’s innovative offensive mind with Dick LeBeau the defensive guru … hmmm, that would draw some attention to Tenneesee…and would make an interesting NFL season

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