Report: Andrew Luck’s rib injuries were worse than originally thought


It’s the lacerated kidney that will cost Colts quarterback Andrew Luck the last nine games of the season.

But apparently his early season injuries were worse than reported at the time, and clearly affected him throughout the year.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Luck sustained torn cartilage on two of his ribs, which had him dealing with significant pain when he did come back and play four games in October. He reportedly took pain-killing injections so he could continue to play, and was limited by the injury, which affected his ability to throw normally and thus, his accuracy.

Luck declined comment when asked about the old injury.

Of course, he’d have already been shut down for the season if the Colts didn’t have a slim chance at the playoffs, but he admitted this year has been difficult for him.

“Football players want to play football,” he said. “You want to be out there playing. You feel like you’re letting teammates down. You feel like you’re letting people down. You watch [Matt Hasselbeck] and Charlie [Whitehurst] battle and fight and be warriors. I watch Frank Gore playing his butt off week in and week out [and] you want to be out there with those guys. When you can’t, it stinks.”

The other thing that stinks is Luck’s offensive line, which put him in those positions, and contributed to the abuse he has taken.

24 responses to “Report: Andrew Luck’s rib injuries were worse than originally thought

  1. I hope COLTS fans aren’t feeling “DEFLATED”,,,I mean last year you were “AFC FINALISTS” Whatever the hell that was. But your idiot behavior in that game,,is wrecking havoc on your karma…..

  2. That would be torn rib cartilage that was never mentioned on the official injury reports. I wonder how that investigation is going, and when the NFL will report.

  3. He should be a top 3 QB in the league because he was born with so much talent.

    His lack of heart keeps him from getting it done though.

  4. .
    Goodell : ” lying on the injury report as it pertains to the QB position has absolutely zero impact on the integrity of the game.

  5. Are we supposed to believe that the league is still “investigating” to know why that rib injury never appeared on the injury report?
    The NFL front-office is a joke, and so are the Colts.

  6. joetoronto | Jan 1, 2016, 8:05 AM EST
    He should be a top 3 QB in the league because he was born with so much talent.

    His lack of heart keeps him from getting it done though

    When was the last time you went to work with messed up ribs and a lacerated kidney? I’m a desk jockey these days and I’d still take some time off of work for something like that. Luck has to dodge roid raging defensive linemen. I give him credit for even trying.

  7. Im gonna go ahead and guess there weren’t any gifts for the OL from Mr. Luck this holiday season.

  8. So much for the leagues investigation of the Colts not reporting these injuries. Can you imagine if this was Brady ?

    Yet they cover it up because Goodell’s cronies run the team.

    Goodell’s National Integrity League

    Goodell is vile

    Goodell must go

  9. Kinda makes ya wonder what would of happened if it was Brady with torn rib cartilage that was never mentioned on the official injury reports…..Perfect timing for the playoffs and front page news with another $6million wasted on a witch hunt buts its the Dolts and gets swept under the rug…..

  10. The Colts organization should never have let Luck play with his injuries. Just by his play, you could tell he was really hurting! He has so much heart, he continued to try to play despite getting criticized by every analyst and his own team. Talk about throwing a player under the bus!!!!WoW! Don’t compare his injuries to any player who “seemed” to have the same injury- unless, of course, you seen x-Rays of both. I don’t believe it’s a stretch to assume he also had broken ribs- about kidney high! Taking numbing shots is dangerous when it masks the pain and endangers vital organs, leading to lacerations of the kidney and an abdominal wall injury!!! Have you ever seen how much bleeding there is when your kidney is torn by your broken rib??

  11. Colts are a disgrace, wouldn’t be shocked if Luck tries to get out of there. They should be ashamed for putting him behind that line

  12. Ponycrappers totally sandbagged the injury report on this one.

    Hey park ave…..anyone……anyone……thought so.

    I guess framegate karma is just desserts.

  13. If I were a gambler and engaged in activity on one of the league sponsored fantasy gambling sites I’d be mad.
    My guess is that many people were damaged financially by the Colts when the failed to report Luck’s injuries.
    It would be interesting to see the outcome if they formed a class and took this to court.

  14. “The other thing that stinks is Luck’s offensive line, which put him in those positions, and contributed to the abuse he has taken.”

    This is a very very true statement. Ever since they cleared mega-cap when Peyton left for Denver, they squandered it all on some of the flat-out worst free agent signings you will ever see. It was a clinic in how NOT to run your free agency.

    Not only did they sign player that were obviously-overrated-to-everyone-but-Indy, but they also over-attacked skill players while neglecting the trenches.

    Specifically, when it came to the offensive line, they paid huge bank for complete stiffs like Gosder Cherilus and Donald Thomas. Why? They overpaid for bad players -> the Colts paid these two D- scrubs like they were the 21st century Anthony Munoz and John Hannah. Terrible. Way to squander cap Indy.

    Still worse, they continue to draft and sign free agent WRs when protecting your STUD QB should be the key to drafting too. Why?????

    This year, they bring in a shot Andre Johnson in FA and draft Dorsett in the 2nd. The year prior they drafted Moncrief. They already hade Hilton.

    And they whiffed BADLY on T-Rich. And now they bring in archaic Frank Gore as a 1-2 season rental as if they’re a player or two away — which anyone (but them) can see that they’re not. Same for Andre — he’s older than Methuselah, so why sign him?

    So they have this glut of WRs and compromised RBs that were super-costly in terms of both draft choices spent and money invested — and no one healthy to throw them the ball because they don’t make prudent moves in UFA to get quality OLs or make wise draft choice selections for OLs. The OLs they’ve put together can’t pass protect nor can the open holes in the running game — and Luck’s ribs and kidney laceration attest to that.

    The Colts are a supremely dumb and poorly managed team – but the Colts aren’t even smart enough to know of their own deficiencies, as evidenced by the fact they never advance up the learning curve.

    They lucked into Peyton in ’98 and Luck in ’12 — but once the completely idiot-proof decisions are taken off the table, the Colts show just how incompetent they are. There is also a reason they had the top pick in the draft in ’98 and ’12.

    How unsurprising that the Colts thought LaRon Landry was a smart move. So typical.

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