Jerry Jones: No thought of replacing Jason Garrett

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The Cowboys wrapped up a miserable season with their 12th loss on Sunday, leaving them with their third-worst record since the NFL adopted a 16-game schedule.

The combination of that record and a drop from a division title in 2014 could be bad news for some coaches, but the Cowboys have been unified in their support of Jason Garrett. Executive vice president Stephen Jones said Garrett was safe last week and the senior and occasionally impulsive member of the Jones family put his stamp of approval on another year for Garrett after Sunday’s 34-23 loss to the Redskins.

“Let me be real clear: There’s no thought of replacing Jason. At all,” owner Jerry Jones said, via “I only say that to get ahead of anything that might be said about me addressing coaching. Jason is the ultimate decision-maker regarding the staff. And so that remains for us to sit down and really evaluate the staff.”

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli are both a year into three-year contracts, which would seem to make a change at either of those spots unlikely.

17 responses to “Jerry Jones: No thought of replacing Jason Garrett

  1. Ahahahahahaha!!! You are the best Jerrah! Thanks, now we all know it’s a three team race next year in the NFCE next year. Keep being you.

  2. I think that the real reason that Jerry’s team is keeping Garrett is that Jerry tried to lure Dave Campo back to Dallas but Campo is currently unavailable.

    On the bright side, Garrett has been hailed by Jerry as being an offensive mastermind and with Johnny Manziel Garrett will get the chance to polish a turd into the next championship QB.

  3. As a Cowboy fan I believe the Boys are one on the most storied franchise’s in the NFL…

    It may have the best “Owner” (not “Gm”, I said owner, he is loyal to a fault and takes care of his people, he will write any check)

    It has the best Stadium, the soon the best training facility, being built in Frisco Tx…

    So why shouldn’t it have the BEST coach, so
    it can again be one of the best Teams in the NFL?

    The Jonses have a Bentley and they are trying to Drive it around on Kia tires and wheels!!!
    (nothing against Kias, BTW they just don’t belong on a Bentley)

  4. JJ never fails to amuse us. When will he (trying to say this with a straight face) finally realize he will not have a winning season again until he fires his GM and stops meddling in the minutia of daily operations.

  5. “Jason is the ultimate decision-maker”

    I know this ends with “regarding the staff”, but I just couldn’t help but chuckle reading that. He can’t manage time outs or a clock & you’re gonna’ tell me he’s the “ultimate” in regards to his staff. I think not. 1-11 without Romo & s decent roster. This is due to poor coaching, period! I didn’t expect a miracle, but 1-11 is simply unacceptable & not worth of this endorsement from management.

  6. Please Stephan do not let JERRY sign MANZIEL he has showed everyone what he wants and its not football what he has done is not the way to get to a team he wants to be on PLEASE LET HIM WALK home to DADDY

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