Giants interview Ben McAdoo


Giants quarterback Eli Manning wanted coach Tom Coughlin to stay. Eli didn’t get his way.

Eli now wants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to be promoted into the job. Eli could still get his way.

According to Jordan Raanan of, the Giants interviewed McAdoo on Tuesday for the vacancy. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, a former head coach of the Rams, also will be interviewed.

On the surface, the interest in both coordinators seems odd, since they both had a pretty clear hand in the failures that led to the forced resignation of Coughlin. It’s hard not to wonder whether the Giants are granting perfunctory interviews with Coughlin’s coordinators in order to do damage control within the locker room.

Ultimately, if the Giants bring in a coach from the outside, it makes sense to at least be a little concerned about the reaction of Eli Manning. He saw what his brother, Peyton, went through in 2015, after the Broncos hired a coach who installed an offense not suited to Peyton’s skills.

Twelve years ago, Eli didn’t want to play for the Chargers, and he found a way to stiff arm San Diego. If Eli decides that the team in New York has changed so fundamentally that he no longer wants to be part of it, would they force him to stay?

Sure, he’s under contract for three more years. But if your starting quarterback isn’t fully engaged, it’s impossible for the team to thrive. The Giants need Eli to buy in. If he doesn’t, they need to trade him.

Maybe to the team that hires Tom Coughlin to be its next coach.

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  1. Dumb analysis. If Eli leaves he will have to go to a team with a different system, so how does that solve an issue he might have if the Giants go outside the organization to hire a new coach..

  2. He’ll go cry to his daddy like he did 12 years ago if he doesn’t get his way while making that goofy face he makes after throwing an INT. You all know what I’m talking about, we’ve all seen it many times.

  3. The haters are out already. Eli has done more with less than most “elite” QBs. His best WR until OBJ was an undrafted free agent in Cruz. He got to play 2.5 seasons with Plax. Has had a different TE annually since the overrated Shockey left. Won a Super Bowl with one of the worse defenses in the league and no running game. Beat the golden boy Brady twice. Beat Favre and Rodgers in Lambo. Went to San Fran in a rain storm got pounded by the 49ers defense all game and won.

    To top it off he played in Kevin Gilbrides system that was awful and not a QB “friendly” offense like othe QBs.

  4. hire him !!

    – the rest of the nfc east

    in all seriousness, between coughlin who despite having 2 SBs fall into his lip having a mediocre nyg body of work, and jerry reese…jints are becoming poorly managed.

    why the lovefest for coughlin ? because he was a stand up guy ? since when did nfl not become a results oriented business ?

    and reese has pretty much been a train wreck as a GM. the O line and defense are both BAD. cupboard is bare on both counts. shells of them former selves.

    mara seems to be losin it.

  5. This whole “elite” nonsense has to stop. This is football, not English 101. You want to believe Eli isn’t “elite” then we talk about how “great” or “professional” or “classy” or “talented” or “clutch” he is. The guy is a two time champion, two time super bowl MVP, and now, somewhat late in his career, he just put a year together that would have his team in the playoffs if a safety could catch a Tom Brady duck or a field goal got kicked or one defensive stop happened within the 2 minutes of 7 games and all with a depleted OLine and receiving corps. As a real Giants fan who has lived through Dave Brown, Kent Graham, Scott Brunner, and several sub par pro quarterbacks (or flat out terrible in Brown’s case), we know a great, clutch, talented NY Giants QB when we see one. And all NFC East teams are jealous and would trade places with our QB situation (healthy, stable, has won) any day of the week and it hurts them to know it deep down. So, please, let’s put this inane, shortsighted, obtuse, nonsensical, witless and laughable attempt to define a word into the trophy case (we have one) and let’s appreciate a gamer who leads our team like a champ every play or every year while we have him.

  6. No player is better suited to adapt to a change than Eli Manning. He’s sharp and dedicated. He loves the Giants and the area. He wants to stay here and make tons of money in endorsements after retiring. The only offense Eli can’t play is a wild cat.

  7. Holy click bait. Eli leaving the Giants after just signing an extension? Better odds Cleveland wins the SB this year.

  8. Here’s my action plan. Give McAdoo the HC job for 3 years to coincide with Eli’s contract. Build defense and draft a QB, maybe as early as this year.

    It gives them 3 more years to make a run and if it doesn’t work out hopefully you have Eli’s successor and you hire a new coach and possibly clean house.

    With an average defense they have 4 more wins this season. The offense needs minor tweaking, the defense needs an overhaul.

  9. Eli’s a decent QB with a couple of rings. It’s insane to say that a defensive-minded HC with crap for a QB wouldn’t be interested. Do you think Buffalo or the Texans would turn him down? Heck, I’d argue either team would probably be in the SB conversation this year if they had a QB about as good as Eli.

    It’s also not all that strange to say that he’d want to stick with Coughlin, although as far as knowing the system, it’s probably more accurate to say that he’d want to stay with McAdoo. IF (and of course it’s a huge, hypothetical if) Coughlin gets Eli, he’ll probably look at bringing McAdoo in as offensive coordinator to try to keep things as similar as possible for Eli.

    So yeah, it’s not insane for Eli to want out.

  10. This is the most attractive opening the league has seen in a few years & they are looking at Ben McAdo? Was Jim Tomsula too busy counting his severance?

    Why not just stay with Caughlin if your going to do this?

  11. If the Giants are going the route of elevating a current coordinator it might as well be Mcadoo. Gase, McDermott, or whoever else are not obviously better candidates than him.

    If the Giants cannot talk Shaw out of Standford (highly unlikely) or they don’t trade a draft pick for Payton (slightly less unlikely) than I would be OK with McAdoo as the next HC. It seems like it might be a little bit early for him to get the job, but I think it could work.

  12. What a joke. Eli insisted a no-trade clause in his contract for a reason. He wants to retire a Giant. His love for the NYG goes beyond his close bond with his (now) former head coach. He’s been with the organization since Wellington Mara was still alive. His ties are to the entire Giants family, not just one man.

    That you don’t get this means you don’t quite get how the NYG operate, or how Eli Manning operates.

    Also, you find it odd that they would interview Ben McAdoo? He turned around a Giants offensive system that was bottom of the league and brought it back to top 10. He also spent several years under the tutelage of the Green Bay Packers and helped develop AR. How is it odd that they interviewed him?

  13. Mcadoo is actually good, hence other teams interviewing him including a Giants rival. Eli has thrived in his offense with a makeshift line and one weapon. He also did a great job in GB and there has been a drop off since his departure. The Giants were failures due to a 32nd ranked defense, nothing to do with their offense. With even a 20th ranked defense, the Giants make the postseason.

  14. So what happened in 2015?

    • The Patriots had the fewest fumbles of any NFL offense.
    • The Patriots had the best fumble rate of any NFL offense.
    • The Patriots had one of their best fumble rates of the past decade,

  15. Eli is not going anywhere. He is the most decorated Giant of all time and has been through a lot of change year after year. Good try PFT.

  16. Not elite huh????…miss those Super Bowl runs did ya???…w/ ZERO offensive talent on the 2nd one…ZERO!!!!!..manningham…bradshaw…nicks…lol…well one things for sure…you ain’t elite when it comes to knowing a damn thing

  17. Were the Giants losses scheme related? Good organizations maintain continuity. The offense overall wasn’t the issue…the Giants lost a handful of games due to clock mismanagement; not offensive scheme and play calling. Wouldn’t it make sense to maintain continuity?

  18. deprado1 says:
    Jan 5, 2016 8:56 PM

    Dumb analysis. If Eli leaves he will have to go to a team with a different system, so how does that solve an issue he might have if the Giants go outside the organization to hire a new coach..


    I guess you didn’t read the last line of the story.

  19. Thee poor baby wants to throw another temper tandem …… let him out of his contract so the poor baby can play where he wants. He is an ELITE QB, up there as the #3 or #4….. poor baby. Not a Chargers fan, but now, the Giants will feel the pain just as the Chargers did…..

  20. I think McAdoo should stay right where he is….the Giants should find a coach that will buy into the existing offense.

    The offensive performances they put up were actually pretty decent, its the horrid defense that couldn’t get “just one more stop” so the case could be made to an incoming coach that the offense should aim for parity to the last couple years.

    Im really hoping interviewing the current coordinators is just a formality and there are back room deals going on to get Sean Peyton. Hopefully they dont piss off McAdoo so he’ll stay to give Eli a few more years of a new offense he is comfortable with and the Giants end up with a good coach that has more than a few years left in him.

    If, by the time Eli’s contract is over, McAdoo is a viable HC candidate, then promote him.

  21. It’s hard to judge a coach when the personnel is not up to standards. Jerry Reese and the scouting department has failed miserably.

    Ben McAdoo has surely helped Eli Manning. Manning is playing his best football under this system and would surely benefit if the offensive line was slightly improved. Furthermore, McAdoo needs to invest more in the running game.

    Steve Spagnuolo is an interesting option as well. Can’t place blame on a guy when he doesn’t have viable linebackers, he only has one reliable safety, albeit a rookie, and his corners were oft injured. To make matters worse, he did not have the edge rushers which obviously is key to any defensive system.

  22. Also What Role did McAdoo have in the awful season? The offense was in the top 10 and put up a ton of points. It was an historically bad defense that gave up 4th quarter leads in like 7 games that killed this team

  23. Eli IS NOT an elite QB?

    ALL TIME passing leaders

    Single season passing yards 12th
    Career passing yards 11th
    Career completions 1oth
    Career TD passes 8th
    Game winning drives 8th
    Career comebacks 9th

    He still has a few more years left in him so he will be moving up a bit in some if not all of these categories. He has done all of this with receivers who were average at best with the exception of OBJ and I would give Plax a better than average ranking I guess. Every other receiver/TE that he has thrown to was a bust everywhere else they played.

  24. They ought to scrap that whole mess up there and start anew. Eli’s new role? Groomer to his replacement, like Kurt Warner did for him.

  25. tommykramer9 says:
    Jan 5, 2016 9:00 PM

    Boy, let’s try to make a story out of nothing…. Eli IS NOT an elite QB so who really cares where he plays QB??

    Sure Having your best Statisical season while throwing to guys like Randle, Miles White, Dwayne Harris, Will Tye, and Vereen. Not a whole lot of names jump out at you there.

    How do WR that are considered good do great with Eli and suck whenever they leave NY? Steve smith, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham.

    There are about a dozen teams that would trade for Eli in a heartbeat.

  26. BigBlueNation and MrNiceInVenice knocking it out of the park on this one!

    All you other jealous fans (unfortunately it’s almost always Eagles lol, Cowboys lol, and Pats* fans still crying about those two Super Bowls where ELI GOT LUCKY!! IT WAS THE DEFENSE!) can keep talking trash about Eli. Call him a bum, say he’s not elite, say that he’s an INT machine (really? have you checked his stats these past two seasons with a horrible OL and very limited weapons in WR besides OBJ), I don’t care what you call Eli. True Giants fans appreciate Eli and know that he’s done a lot with very little. I will take a 2X Super Bowl MVP that hasn’t missed a game in 12 years any day of the week.

    Fact is, Eli is a loyal NYG for life, and he’s played some of his best football these past two years under McAdoo – all while playing behind a constantly injured and talent lacking OL, a very inconsistent WR corps (excluding Odell of course), absolutely no run game because the Giants can’t decide on one or two RBs but instead rotate between four different backs which makes it impossible for anyone to get in a groove, a different TE each and every year, and let’s not forget that he had to learn and employ a brand new offense under McAdoo when he came here two years ago.

    Ignorant, or pathetic, NFL fans want to make the claim that it’s Eli’s fault for missing the playoffs the past few years? You know these clowns don’t pay attention to football, and they definitely don’t understand stats if it hit them in their face. This season, Eli had 35 TDs, 14 INTs, and almost 4,500 yards behind that offense. You think it’s his fault they didn’t make the playoffs?

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