Titans making a run at Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta


The Titans might not be the most glamorous opening in the NFL, but you at least have to give them credit for aiming high.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Titans are interested in Ravens assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta for their own G.M. opening.

It’s unclear if DeCosta will consider it, but he’s turned down chances to sit for jobs before, such as for the Jets last year.

In fact, every indication is that he’s prepared to just hang out there and wait for G.M. Ozzie Newsome to retire so he can take over without moving.

And even though the Titans job comes with a quarterback in place and the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the uncertainty of their off-site ownership might be enough to keep him from being interested in them.

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  1. Franchise QB in place, No. 1 overall pick coming up, and potentially the option to make the decision on the new head coach. (There’s also the fact that Nashville is one of America’s most ideal places to live.)

    What do ya say, DeCosta?

    – Titans Fan in Charlotte

  2. Now permanent President/CEO Steve Underwood said in a press conference yesterday that they have been “Overrun” with requests to interview for GM. I wonder if, instead of the Titans simply “aiming high,” DeCosta actually contacted them.

  3. Eric is one sharp dude. He knows he has it good in Baltimore. And he’s probably being paid more than any Asst. GM in the NFL to be Ozzie’s heir apparent.

  4. He has turned down other chances to be the top dog. He seems very content on sitting in his cushy job riding Ozzies coat tails.
    I wouldnt hire someone like that. Its like a backuo QB just being content riding the bench and collecting a very nice check, but doesnt want to play.
    I want someone who has the ambition and drive to WANT to be the top dog and wants to put his own stamp on the world

  5. Nobody even knows ii this guy is good or if he is just being proposed up by Ozzue Newsome. Wouldn’t most people be eager to run their own team at some point? At least 8 teams have chased this guy at one time or another.

  6. Every year some team tries to get this guy and every year he says no. With the whole ownership investigation on top of all their other issues, the Titans are the last organization I think a promising young exec would choose for his first gig as the man in charge.

  7. He has built his life and family in Baltimore. Just remember, happy wife, happy life. His wife is born and raised in Charm City and now it’s the same for their kids.

    When you get in an industry such as sports & entertainment, when you find a market you really like, do your best to stay,build a life. It’s not always about what others perceive as your next big opportunity.

  8. Ozzie’s only got a couple more seasons, tops, DeCosta will continue improving his own skillset as an apprentice to the master before taking over in Baltimore.

    To the guy above- the notion that having potentially-good Marcus Mariota is better than having a known Superbowl MVP who does nothing but win in Flacco is a stretch.

  9. Decosta is not going anywhere…he gets paid like a GM, works for a stable organization, and has his GM job lined up for him as soon as the Oz retires…he’s still young, he can wait a couple more years before taking over, and still have a 20+ year career as the Ravens GM…dude is a beast, Bisciotti won’t let him leave.

  10. People don’t think it’s a good situation for a new GM? Young franchise QB, #1 pick, lots of cap room, good city… I don’t think the ownership situation is as big of a deal as you think.

  11. Lol at Flacco. Dude had a legit SB run, other than that 3 game stretch he’s average. Plus he’s only getting older with a terrible contract to go with him. Yeah I’d take Mariota & a set of #1 picks over that.

    But the ownership situation would scare me. But the Ravens owner is a scumbag so what’s the difference?

  12. Here’s a wrench in the gears for ya.

    Don’t be shocked if Ozzie Newsome retires this offseason, and turns the show over to DeCosta. This guy can only turn down so many jobs before he gets the one deal that he can’t.

    On the flip side, taking the opportunity to live in Nashville as opposed to the most dangerous city in America, Baltimore, has to be ultra appealing.

  13. Apart from the NY Giants opening (John Fox and Eli[te] Manning would be perfect together, no offense Bears fans), the TTs opening is easily 2nd best, having a Heisman-winner QB in Marcus Mariota and some decent offensive targets in Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker — but the D-secondary has got to go (just a reality-check Mr. Sensabaugh and Mr. Wreh-Wilson). The Cleveland job is the least attractive and the least desirable: poor front office and poorer QB depth chart.

  14. I know that if I was Family man that had a chance to move to the top of my profession and my choice was between living in Baltimore or moving to Nashville, it would be goodbye Maryland.

  15. If your opinion of Baltimore as being one continuous riot at all times in all areas of the city… and then you also blame the media for its biased coverage of things… you need to stop for a moment and think.

    I understand from the television that everyone in Nashville is singing country songs at all times. That must get horribly annoying, assuming television is correct.

  16. Yeah, because DeCosta is living in the inner city. Some commenters are dumb. Btw, I’ve lived in Nashville, and the inner city there isn’t peachy either. Same problems as everywhere else that people like DeCosta would never see like he hasn’t in Baltimore.

  17. I doubt he goes anywhere, but you never know.

    The Inner Harbor in Balty and the area surrounding the stadiums are as safe as it gets.

    And let’s be real. None of these guys live downtown anyway. The whole team lives in Owings Mills- a ritzy suburb right next to the training facility. Most live in the neighborhood next to Caves Valley Golf Course- Google it…

  18. I’d be surprised if he went, as he’s turned down jobs before, but Tennessee has a lot going for it with regards to rebuilding that team.

    Selecting his coach.
    Potentially pretty good QB, with a year under his belt.
    #1 pick.

    Would be tough to turn down as long as management isn’t nuts there, and money and power are in line with what he expects.

  19. realdealsteel says:
    Jan 5, 2016 10:31 AM
    Go get him Titans! Taking anything away from the hated Ravens is looked upon as a good thing in Steeler country.

    Go get your man Titans!!!!

    3 11

    Wow, looks like you’re in store for yet another disappointment at the hands of the Ravens this year.

  20. Yes! His cap numbers have been very team-friendly for the first three years and now they will negotiate so it remains cap friendly. Flacco’s cap number isn’t even close to the biggest on the team this year. Learn how the cap works.

    gotitan says:
    Jan 5, 2016 9:30 AM
    Was that Flaco deal so solid for the Ravens in the long term?

    11 12
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  21. In what way is the Raven’s owner a scumbag?


    savethebs says:
    Jan 5, 2016 9:41 AM
    Lol at Flacco. Dude had a legit SB run, other than that 3 game stretch he’s average. Plus he’s only getting older with a terrible contract to go with him. Yeah I’d take Mariota & a set of #1 picks over that.

    But the ownership situation would scare me. But the Ravens owner is a scumbag so what’s the difference?

  22. Most of yhe people in here saying “potential pretty good QB” haven’t watched many Titans games this year. Not that I blame you… I could barely watch them and I’m a diehard Titans fan.

    Anyway, Mariota is a lot more than “pofentially pretty good” with his football intelligence, work ethic, quick/compact release (you will come to know about that, NFL), ability to process information quickly, character… Polian wasn’t just bs’ing when he said Mariota had traits similar to Peyton and Brady.

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