Colts dump several more assistant coaches

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On Monday night, Colts owner Jim Irsay, coach Chuck Pagano, and G.M. Ryan Grigson renewed their vows. Now, they’re in the process of disowning some of the children.

In addition to defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, the Colts also have fired safeties coach Roy Anderson, secondary coach Mike Gillhamer, strength and conditioning coach Roger Marandino, tight ends coach Alfredo Roberts, and running backs coach Charlie Williams.

So, basically, those guys weren’t as able to fight for their jobs as effectively as Pagano fought for his.

“We are grateful for the contributions these coaches have made to the Colts during their time here,” Pagano said in a team-issued release. “Obviously these days are never easy. We wish all of these men the best in their future endeavors.”

The fact that Pagano hired the six assistants could be interpreted as evidence that Pagano may not have done a great job when it comes to selecting and/or supervising coaches. But that wasn’t enough to put Pagano in the same boat as the half-dozen men who are ultimately taking the fall for the failure of the team to live up to expectations in 2015.

Which reinforces the notion that Monday night’s silver lining comes with a dark cloud. Irsay said all the right things as he moves forward with Pagano and Grigson for 2016. Come 2017 or 2018, things could still change. Dramatically.

37 responses to “Colts dump several more assistant coaches

  1. Most importantly, did they keep that equipment guy who dove on the loose ball out of bounds? He seemed like he was rather irreplaceable and a key to the Colts success.

  2. Thank you Colts Organization for flushing more years of Andrew Luck’s career down the drain with Pagano and Grigson. You will continue to be a joke of an organization. Signed-Pats Fan

  3. So everybody did a bad job exept the top people who chose them and ran the show.

    For his sake I sure hope Andrew Luck goes somewhere else…

  4. You always wonder when the head guy stays and a bunch of his staff gets let go. I mean he picked them in the first place, right?

  5. bobthebillsfan says:
    Jan 6, 2016 7:36 PM
    The 2015 banner will read “AFC South Division Runner Up”

    And the Bills banner will read “Irrelevant – – Again”

  6. So they kept the special teams coach that ran the fake punt play against the Pats? Or was that Pagano ?
    How is the investigation going into the fact that Lucks broken ribs were not on the injury report which is a rules violation?

  7. nsideindy says:

    And the Bills banner will read “Irrelevant – – Again”

    only one franchise in all of American pro sports puts up participation banners.

    The Indy Fail.

  8. chesswhileyouplaycheckers says:
    Jan 6, 2016 7:31 PM
    But they’re not leaving empty handed. As a show of appreciation they are each receiving their own individual 2015 Colts Staff participation banners as lovely parting gifts

    /they also got a recording of the fake noise the colts pump in at game time.

  9. The indianapolis Laughingstock continues with brilliant moves.

    The rest of the league and their fans are ROFL over the fact Grigson was retained. A nice guarantee of more years of sucking and missing the playoffs.

  10. Since Pep Hamilton was a Grigson hire, what makes you think a lot of these guys weren’t forced on Pagano as well? I think the meeting Monday night resulted in Chuck gaining control over who he gets to hire and fire, and no more meddling. You saw the look on Grigson’s face, it looked like someone shot his dog. Pagano was all smiles. Irsay isn’t THAT stupid He realized it was a bad situation, but the other HC candidates weren’t going to work out. That and Pagano has done pretty well despite what everyone on here thinks. So he laid down the law. Maybe Pagano will finally get to choose the guys he wants…..just a thought.

  11. Grigson makes Chip Kelly look like a hall of fame personnel guy….

    ….and it’s despicable that Pagano is all smiles and mugging for interviews knowing he will be firing all those guys the next morning. As long as your safe Chuck, screw your staff.

  12. I laugh every time I hear the junkie owner say it’s good for the horseshoe…lol..
    ….I don’t know if keeping those 2 morons running your team is best for the “horseshoe”, but it certainly is for the rest of the AFC!!!

  13. coltsfan79 says:
    Jan 6, 2016 8:20 PM
    Since Pep Hamilton was a Grigson hire, what makes you think a lot of these guys weren’t forced on Pagano as well?

    Yep. It was reported in several places this season that Pagano didn’t have say over his own staff. Everyone blaming him for letting the assistants go might want to hold off…..

  14. Just a little house cleaning, that’s all. This team won 36 games over the prior three seasons, got their pro bowl QB injured, and still rolled to an 8-8 season. Most teams would be proud of that, but the Colts didn’t get to the AFC Championship last year because they wanted to be like everyone else. I’d say this is a warning to the rest of the league. Watch out next year! Irsay was smart to reward Grigson and Pagano with big contract extensions. A lot of fans from other teams were hoping they’d break up this winning combination. Sorry boys.

  15. lennydpocketqb says:
    Jan 6, 2016 8:55 PM
    The Colts are back on the path being a lower tier team in the league.


    They won 8 games with a broken Luck, a broken Hasselbeck, and Josh Freeman. They won in Miami the week before the Patriots lost there. How would [insert any other NFL team] do without their starting QB? They would have won 11-12 with a healthy Luck–which I grant you, offensive needs fixed–but don’t kid yourself, the Colts are a top 5 team in this league when healthy and everyone here knows it. Grigson is going to have to make some good moves to get them to top 1 though.

  16. Pagano is no leader. Why would anyone want to work for him if all he cares about is saving his ass.

  17. truthprofessor says:
    Jan 6, 2016 8:10 PM
    nsideindy says:

    And the Bills banner will read “Irrelevant – – Again”

    only one franchise in all of American pro sports puts up participation banners.

    Who cares? Would I put them up? No. But if they want to hang up banners…why do you really care? Not sure who “your team” is, but overall, I’m pretty happy with the way the last 20 years or so have gone for the Colts. Banners and all.

  18. So Pagano was able to hang on to HIS job, by canning most of the guys who coached under him ……. way to throw your staff under the bus to save your own azz, Chuck

  19. you have to love a fan base that wants a coach fired after 1 .500 season in 4 years. granted the division they play sucks worse than any in football he still won 11 games a year and made the playoffs 3 out of his 4 years. think the browns might be happy with a record like that?

  20. bobthebillsfan says:
    Jan 6, 2016 7:36 PM
    The 2015 banner will read “AFC South Division Runner Up”
    Bills fan talking smack.

  21. The Colts have won 44 games since Grigson and Pagano came together four years ago. Eleven wins a season gets most coaches and GMs raises and contract extensions. That’s exactly what happened. Now they’re just trying to upgrade the rest of the coaching staff a little.

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