Jason Kelce surprised “pampered” Eagles griping about Chip Kelly

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Eagles center Jason Kelce was a little surprised to hear teammates complaining about former coach Chip Kelly.

Not necessarily because of any particular devotion he had to his old boss, but because he thought they had it pretty good.

During an interview on 94 WIP, Kelce said he thought players were treated fairly well, citing a number fo Kelly’s initiatives to keep them at their peak.

This is like one of the most pampered practice schedules I’ve been a part of to tell you truth,” Kelce said, via Eliot Shorr-Parks of NJ.com. “If I’m being honest, I think that we have massages, we have all these things put in place — we have smoothies. We have daily questionnaires. ‘How are you feeling today?’ Well dude, you’re gonna go out there and practice. So I think, quite honestly, some of these guys are a little pampered. I don’t want to get started on this, it really bugs me.”

A number of players complained about Kelly’s personality, but tackle Lane Johnson mentioned last week that Kelly’s intense practices might have been too much.

“Other guys say, . . . they might come in and think that they’re working hard, but maybe they’re just getting older,” Kelce said. “Who knows? I can tell you this, when we had Andy Reid, training camp was a lot harder than when we had Chip Kelly. That’s just the reality of it. And that’s just the way it was.”

And without knowing who’s on his way in and what kind of practices he might run, Kelce clearly thinks his teammates should be careful what they wish for.

18 responses to “Jason Kelce surprised “pampered” Eagles griping about Chip Kelly

  1. I don’t think Johnson complained about training camp. I think he complained that his dummy coach continued to practice in week 10 like the team was fresh as it was in week 1. The good coaches realize that you have to tweak things as the season goes along, and Chip sounds like he was tone deaf to that fact since you have 85 players in college as opposed to 53 in the pros.

  2. Considering that Kelce turned into a turnstile all season, he might soon find himself an opportunity to reunite with Reid very soon. Kelce has to be high on the list of bad players who need to be replaced by the new staff.

  3. I think they should keep some of the stuff Kelly incorporated into the recovery part of it with the sports science. But not all of it. And they NEED to have more physical practices with actual TACKLING and not the stupid THUD periods. That’s what you see alot of on our D. A guy go up and THUD someone. Yea great. Too bad they bounce right off and keep running. Kelce just shut up already you stunk this year you admitted it so keep it movin’.

  4. Kelce knows he sucked this year (it’s in print).

    Kelce also knows a new coach is coming in, and that new coach’s frequently get rid of comfy veteran players who have played poorly while shooting their mouths off (as he did earlier this season).

    Kelce therefore knew that opposing Johnson’s comments could be a great way to appear to as a coach’s player, a guy who’s not afraid of a tough practice regimen.

    Given that the overwhelming majority of credible observers and players — including Kelly’s first ever draft pick, Lane Johnson — have agreed that Kelly’s practice regimen was ri-god-damned-diculous, it’s pretty clear that Kelce’s comments are nothing more than a job-saving attempt, damage control for a terribly played season.

    What Kelce’s not smart enough to figure out is that in the process of trying to look like a guy with the right attitude, he bickered with one of his fellow linemen, which makes him look like a guy with a terrible attitude.

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