Adam Gase will call offensive plays

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The Dolphins haven’t hired an offensive coordinator for new head coach Adam Gase’s staff and if they hire one, that coach will be coming to Miami already aware that Gase is holding onto one of the traditional responsibilities of the job.

Gase has been calling the plays on offense in Denver and Chicago for the last three years and he wants to keep doing it as he starts his run in his new job.

“I really enjoy that aspect of putting the game plan together with the offensive staff, so going into this season, that’s how we’re going to start,” Gase said.

Gase said that arrangement could change down the road if they find the “right offensive coordinator,” but handling those duties from the outset should help him build a relationship with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Gase said he plans to work directly with Tannehill and said the quarterback “needs a guy who will have his back.”

Given the importance of Tannehill’s development to Gase’s chances of success in Miami, there are certainly worse places for him to focus his attention.

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  1. This hire will propel the Dolphins out of the basement, leaving only the Bills down there, by themselves, hapless and hopeless, led by the ringleader of the circus himself, Wrecks.

    Just lose, baby.

  2. Way too early to determine that. This is how so many fail. They listen to the press touting them as great or the next guru and think they can do everything. Maybe he can do it and he does seem like he is willing to adapt if necessary but the duties are very time consuming. If he does call the plays, I hope he will have some sense of game awareness instead of calling something dumb just because the down/distance/field position line up to a specific play. Miami has been stupidly rigid for the last several years and often called plays that did not fit the circumstances of the games as they were played. Gase’s success hinges on his recognition of what does/doesn’t work and adapting QUICKLY rather than stubbornly sticking to a rigid plan.

  3. What a joke of a franchise the Phins have become. I’m embarrassed. I can no longer support this team after 50 years of being a loyal fan.

    They just signed Putin as their head coach.

  4. Ross is the problem with Miami folks.

    I hope Gase works out. But even if he does, the rest of the organization is still substandard.

  5. Let’s see…Manning, Cutler……………>>>>>>what’s his name from the fishes. Yeah, he might turn things around in Miami, but it won’t be with Tannehill.

  6. electro2014 says:
    Jan 9, 2016 6:59 PM
    I have that ” Not so fresh Cam Cameron Feeling” all over again……

    Remember when he didn’t coach the last pre season game and had his assistant coach run the team while he sat in a coaches box and watched? He said it was just in case something happened to him he wanted to have his coaches ready to go.
    God its been a rough 20 years trying to root for this team

  7. FinFan68…well spoken…3 things you learn in life….you pay taxes….you die….and you read negative comments on this blog. Go Dolphins… the best one today was I will give up the jack pot money if Ross sells the Dolphins. Bill

  8. Good luck to Gase and the Dolphins. Wanted him to stay as OC for my Broncos but he deserves the chance to now run the show. Hopefully he can get Tannehill to the level he shows at times. Would love to see the Fins get back as a legitimate contender but teams need to be realistic and know that it is not going to happen in 2-3 years which unfortunately is all new coaches are given these days. Again, great hire and good luck to a bright future to Gase the Fins and the Miami fan base

  9. Would love to see the Fins get back as a legitimate contender but teams need to be realistic and know that it is not going to happen in 2-3 years

    When an absentee owner hires a football guy to run the show and advise him. And he tells the owner to can his coach before the next season. Should that owner listen to him with his huge ears?

  10. In the AFC EAST, dominated by defensive minded coaches, Miami again goes the OC route.

    I guess going 1-5 in the East wasn’t enough.

    I hope he works out. But with Ross bringing in Tannenbaum, and his cheerleading of Tannehill… I don’t see much of a shift in the East in the near term.

  11. Gase has 4 plays
    1…Run up the middle -1 yard
    2…Bubble screen -2 yards
    3…Screen pass for 2 yards

    He actually cost the Bears 3 games with his insane play calling..I feel sorry for the Dolphins

  12. ……EVERY great manager knows one thing….you DELEGATE and let the people youve untrusted in the position DO THEIR JOB. Already he’s showing inexperience. He’s job is to oversee the big picture and be a smart game day manager. He’ll make hus mistakes here with the Dolphins and be a much better head coach in his NEXT gig.

  13. I certainly hope he works out better than the last coach from the Bears Miami hired.

    He got a lot out of Tebow, so I am cautiously curious and optimistic as to what he does here. Then again both the Eagles and Giants wanted this guy.

  14. The people who are Dolphin fans mostly like the Adam Gase selection, many of this group like it very much. So many three and outs. We certainly have defensive needs, but the defense were on the field 50% more than they should have been. A Tannehill improvement means great things for both sides of the ball.

    As for the comments from fans of other teams, who typically hate any decision the Dolphins make, get a life and follow your own team.

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