Could out of control players prompt Bengals to make coaching change?


A decade ago, the Bengals developed a habit of taking chances on guys who had a habit of getting in trouble off the field. The ensuing rash of incidents embarrassed the franchise, but it never cost them any key wins.

Today, the Bengals have cleaned up their act away from the gridiron. But the chippy tendencies of guys like linebacker Vontaze Burfict and cornerback Pacman Jones greased the skids for the team’s fifth consecutive playoff exit — and for the seventh postseason loss in the Marvin Lewis era, without a single playoff win.

It’s on the Bengals for employing guys like Burfict (who was out of control most of the second half) and Jones (who can periodically be counted on to do something stupid) and for failing to control them. As to the former, owner Mike Brown can blame himself; as to the latter, Brown should blame Lewis.

And so the question becomes, given the excruciating manner in which 30 yards of field position due to a blatant illegal hit from Burfict followed by a senseless dead-ball foul from Jones turned the first playoff win in 25 years into yet another one-and-done postseason, whether Brown will decide that 13 years is enough with Lewis.

Making the dilemma more intriguing for Brown is the reality that offensive coordinator Hue Jackson will now likely leave to become the head coach elsewhere. If Brown decides it’s time to entrust Jackson (whose players on offense did nothing to contribute to multiple embarrassments) with the head-coaching job before someone else does.

“If Marvin Lewis can’t control his players, then maybe Marvin shouldn’t be on the sidelines coaching that dreck,” former Bengals quarterback and CBS analyst Boomer Esiason said after the game.

At a minimum, the performance of the players coupled with the looming departure of Jackson gives Brown plenty to think about. He’d better think quickly; Jackson begins interviewing for jobs elsewhere on Sunday.

327 responses to “Could out of control players prompt Bengals to make coaching change?

  1. Hopefullu these idiots learn after this devestating loss. I feel so bad for their fans because they had the game won. They had it and they found a way to blow it.

  2. Once again the Bengals crap themselves in the playoffs.

    Lewis is the non loudmouth version of Rex Ryan. His players have no discipline and control over themselves

  3. I’m proud of the steeler players for not getting sucked in to the low life behavior shown by the Bungals.

  4. How much more time does Marvin Lewis get??? )-7 in the playoffs and a perennial underachieving team. Now he is on TV saying the “breaks” didn’t go the Bengals way. Breaks!!!! It was a self inflicted typical Bengals loss.

    Time to go Marvin…

  5. Why, it works for Pittsburgh and Tomlin.

    I think the Bengals need more players like Burfict.
    Eventually everyone will get accustomed to it and everything that happens will be dismissed as “just hard-nosed football”, or as happened with Shazier’s hit on Bernard, “just an unfortunate hit”.

    If Lewis doesn’t raise hell THAT should get him fired. If he’s not willing to stand up for his team after all the BS Pittsburgh continues to get away with, then he needs to go.

  6. If Jim Harbaugh can lose his job after leading the 49ers to 3 straight NFC championship games and 1 SB, Lewis should lose his job for having a 0-7 playoff record

  7. He should be fired tonight.

    You can’t be the head coach and lose control of your team in the final 29 seconds of a playoff game.

    Marvin’s gotta go

  8. That would never have happened in New England

    Not a patriots fan, but they draft smart, heady players


    Have a no nonsense team culture set by their coach

  9. That was a horrifying end to a game. Just completely out of control players, no discipline, no reason to be in the NFL at all. Fire the lot of them.

  10. Marvin Lewis did not lose that game….that honor belongs to Jones and Burfict
    Hill lost the ball on a great strip by Shazier but Jones and Burfict are absolute idiots

  11. Ultimate meltdown! Burfict and Jones have a combined Wunderlich of 5. They have no business being on the field when smart plays need to be made.

  12. I feel bad for the Bengals’ fans. Just some of the dumbest, most selfish, idiotic players getting all the penalties. Just plain dumb! No other words!!

  13. It should have happened years ago honestly. The Bungles have had what, 8 first round loses in a row now? How can that be acceptable? Especially with how this last one went down.

  14. Not sure who’s making personnel decisions but having that many character issues on one team. Someone needs to be accountable.

    You could see Burfict was out of control that was coaches responsibility to make sure he didn’t screw thing up. I just don’t think he is intelligent enough to “get it”. So it was a matter of time before it exploded.

  15. I really don’t see him being able to save his job. His call to have Burfict and Pacman on his team. Players getting out of hand falls back to coaching. Plus his awful playoff record, I don’t think he will back.

  16. Marvin should lose his job because:

    A) The Bengals are always horribly prepared


    B) They are one of the worst teams at making halftime adjustments.

    But hey, if being consistently unable to breed discipline in his coddled players is why he gets the axe, then so be it.

    The reason doesn’t matter, the evidence is in. This team will not win playoff games with Marvin Lewis as their head coach.

  17. When Burfict ran to the locker room after the interception I said Lewis should lock him in there so he doesn’t have an opportunity to cost them the game. He’s proven over and over that he’s got $50 million talent and a 50 cent brain/impulse control. I would cut him so fast tomorrow it would make your head swim.

    Sad result for Lewis who I think is a good coach and a better man who’s been overachieving for an organization long known for frugality of the penny wise pound foolish variety.

  18. At some point, if coaches can’t control these out of control players, the refs have to kick them out. Coaches are not going to take out their beat players, so the refs need to be given that authority. Brown could have been killed tonight. Burfict was clearly targeting guys to injure them, #95 was caught on camera screaming he would “kill them myself”. Adam jones is a total sack of worthlessness. Marvin Lewis is toast. This loss was a result of him dressing really bad people he can’t control.

  19. Pacman Jones losing his mind on Instagram.

    I don’t know how any sane Cincinnati fan can defend that team after tonight.

  20. Burfict is the dirtiest player in the league. And the whole nation got a chance to see what we’ve been talking about for over a year now. Next time we see him, there will be payback. Believe that!

  21. This is 100% on Mike Brown. Smart GMs took Jones and Burfict off their draft boards. Didn’t want anything to do with those guys because you can’t win with bad character guys. This is not on Marvin Lewis. Mike Brown is the “Al Davis” of this team. He makes the personnel decisions. This isn’t on Duke Tobin either. His hands are tied too.

  22. If I were the owner of the Cincy Bungles I’d fire the entire coaching staff immediately. This team has been out of control for the entire season.

    Tonight we had plays that were so dirty that players could have been paralyzed or killed.

    Either the coaching staff and the players responsible are terminated or the NFL should revoke the franchise.

  23. What do you expect? You lie down with dogs (Burfict and Pacman) you get fleas. Those guys are dumber than a box of dumb rocks and their stupidity cost the Bengals what would have been a landmark win. The fumble from Hill didn’t help either. Yet another Bengals collapse in the playoffs.

  24. The Bengals quite possibly may be the most undisciplined football team to ever play a (home) playoff game. And it just might have gotten Coach Lewis fired. Good job!!

  25. Well,written. It was a disgusting show that got worse the entire second half, culminating in that vicious attempted decapitation by Burfict. The coach is responsible and must go. I hope Burfict is gone as well, perhaps for multi games next year, or done for good.

  26. get rid of burfict and they are fine. Pac man wasn’t an issue until after steeler coaches came onto the field and egged them on while the ref was directly in front of porter and yet ignored the whole thing. The refs handed the steelers the game.

  27. Guys on offense did nothing to contribute to embarassment? The RB fumbled! If he doesnt fumble then none of this happens. The two point conversion play call was an embarrassment. The Bengals were an embarrassment on offense and defense.

  28. I truly feel sorry for Marvin Lewis. He seems like a players coach. Yet some juggleheads let him and the team down. You can’t coach stupid players.

    He has lost the team. I would resign tomorrow and he will have a job by Friday with some other team.

  29. So no comment on why Joey Porter was out in the middle of the field going back and forth with Pacman Jones? He’s not a trainer, an offensive coach, or the head coach, what reason does he have to be on the field when Antonio Brown is down injured?

  30. If you’re gonna fire Lewis, you fire the entire staff. Hue Jackson sure looked like a genius tonight posting a bagel for three quarters, even if it was with a backup quarterback. How can you trust anybody on this coaching staff to control any of these people?

    If I owned the Bengals, Lewis and the entire staff would be gone in the morning. Knowing Mike Brown, they’ll probably stay another five years at below-market value.

  31. And what on God’s green earth is Joey Porter doing on the field? Did I miss him going back to school for his medical degree?

    The field belongs to players, officials, and medical staff only. Bengals fans must be going insane while the Steeler magic continues.


  32. That… that was the most fantastic meltdown I’ve ever seen. Truly the Bungles. If I was the owner, I would burn everything down and jump into the ocean.

  33. Hopefully the Bengals will retain Lewis so they can continue to lose like the TRASH LOSERS they truly are.

  34. The NFL needs to sit this guy down for 4 games after this game as your trying to injure someone is NOT the objective and what was with the running to the tunnel? The game wasn’t over

  35. Burfict punched at Decastro. No call. Takes a clear run at Ab’s head – why was he allowed to stay in the game?


  36. Similar to the coughlin/Odell situation a few weeks ago, this one falls on Marvin. Burfict was out of control, not just in the 4th quarter, but the whole game. He should have been pulled, and should also be suspended. Pacman should know better, especially right after a 15 yard personal foul penalty was given out. Props to the officials, they finally handled something correctly. I was a neutral fan pulling for the bengals in the beginning, but how can anyone root for a team like that.. I love this rivalry and I love when it gets intense, but tonight it was out of control, and the bengals deserved this loss along with their classless fans (the ones cheering injuries and throwing trash). How disgraceful.

  37. Titans fan here.

    Burfict is the reason all this started. An out of control player busy trying to injure others. He should be kicked out of the league.

    Glad his team of losers lost because of him. Hope Brown is OK.

    Not a Steeler fan but I sure was rooting for them today, happy they came through.

  38. The game was lost by the Bengals at the end by a couple dopes and a coach that couldn’t control them, but it was lost at the beginning of the game, and really perhaps before it even started, because the Bengals starting QB was injured.

  39. I always liked Marvin but he should get canned tomorrow or Monday. Over a dozen years as HC for the same team, which never happens in the NFL, and he STILL doesn’t have a playoff win, and now he can’t keep his veteran players from losing their composure in a home playoff game. Marvin has had many, many, many chances to win and he hasn’t. Enough is enough. Fire Marvin while you still have a chance to keep Hue Jackson.

  40. Steelers gifted another playoff game by the refs. Coach on the field (porter). No flag. Shazier hit. No flag… and resulting turnover. Pacman’s phantom 15 yards. Wtf.? But I guess that’s what you get with 2 non contending teams on wildcard weekend.

  41. Did Coach Lewis fully explain to Burfict that his selfish immature ways would ruin it for the whole team?

    No one else on this team that could explain it to him?


  42. Burfict is as dirty as they come. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking people were overreacting. But is it any coincidence that Bell, Ben and Brown all have been injured by him? I feel bad saying this, but I was hoping someone ended his career today.

  43. The NFL would be a better league if more teams stuck with a coach for several years. Let him develop players. Let the team develop an identity.

    Cincy did it right letting Marvin Lewis coach the Bengals for this long. And it seems his teams got better every year…

    But after tonight — good-bye, Coach Lewis.

    The performance of the Bengals was shameful. It wasn’t fun to watch. It wasn’t “tough guy football” it was violent chaos.

    Ironic, ain’t it? Bringing in low character players to win at any cost, and they still lose.

  44. Burfict should be run out of town, before Marvin Lewis, he’s the one who cost them the game. Guess karma reared it’s ugly head. One day the bengals will realize guys with great talent and low character and little intelligence will not get them to the promised land. Feel your pain Bengal fans.

  45. Side note: You might recall Brian Billick was let go as coach of the Ravens, seemingly in large part because that team was completely out of control. (Recall they had a 22 penalty game that year.)

  46. Could out of control refs prompt bengals to make a coaching change?

    There – I fixed the error in the headline for you…

  47. It’s hard for Defensive players today. You aim for where their chest is but then receivers land, turn and get low now your chest aim is an illegal head blow. If a players goes shoulder pads first like Burfict did and a receiver ducts to avoid contact causing the head blow how is that the Defensive players fault? He can’t judge what that player will do. NFL has taken the big hits out of the game so the only solution is aim for the knees and listen to the players complain. 99% of NFL players would rather miss a game or 2 for a concussion rather then a year or possibly career for a knee

  48. Marvin Lewis a really good coach. His 5 straight playoff appearances are second most in the league right now. However, it’s time for a massive overhaul in Cincy. Cut loose the entire coaching staff, Burfict, and Pacman Jones.

    If the talent can’t overcome the out of control disposition, and it isn’t, then it’s time to change this roster.

  49. It’s a double-edged sword. All the best Bengals players (on defense) are insane. You either let them loose or try to cull them and then create a coach/player divide.

    All things said – I think Deion Sanders is actually drunk, live, on air right now.

  50. Well, lacanfora indicated on CBS that Paul Guenther might be the favorite if so.

    If they will, with the players’ blessing, hire Tom Coughlin.

  51. Get rid of Jones for sure, and throw Burfict into anger management rehab until hell freezes over. If he pitches the slightest fit, cut him and pay him off. After that, make tough decision on the coach.

  52. Not sure why- but my comment about Peko and Gilberry was deleted.

    Anyway- Burfict and Jones weren’t alone in their behavior.

    Both Peko and Gilberry came off the bench in separate incidents to try and start something.

  53. With 30 seconds to go, I was jubilant that the Steelers were about to lose. When that winning FG split the uprights, I was jubilant that the disgraceful Bengals lost.
    I feel bad for their fans.
    What an utter meltdown by those 2 knuckleheads.

  54. Marvin Lewis’s whole history with the Bengals was filled with bad guys on and off the field. What Burfict did was criminal, he could have broken Brown’s neck. He should be suspended for the whole season next year.
    As for PacMan Jones, he’s been a dirt bag since day one. How he’s not in jail for attempted murder is beyond me. Seeing him crying like a baby after that game made me very happy.
    Marvin Lewis should be fired. He’s a joke as a head coach. Losing that game the way his Bengals did today is a disgrace.

  55. The stupidity I just witnessed after watching that implosion was almost unbelievable, until I remembered this isn’t the first time that team has done dumb things. They threw away the football game, plain and simple. If I owned that team, I would make many changes starting with Marvin Lewis. A decade is long enough for him to get it together. A new coach and new outlook on things might get that team over the hump come the playoffs. I would also turn that roster over with respectable players. Pathetic

  56. And the Cincinnati QB whining about the weather in the postgame? It was pouring rain when Cincinnati had the ball but when Pittsburgh had it… Are you kidding me? Man that’s big time loser talk.

  57. However you want to look at it, how can an 0-7 playoff record keep you employed? Only with Mike Brown (Hugh Culverhouse of the North) and family since the money is flowing.

  58. Marvin Lewis is a class act but he’s gotta take the heat for that disaster.
    That said, Burfict and Pacman gotta go. If you can’t depend on them to be smart in that situation when can you count on them?

  59. Yes, he should be replaced. Tonight’s game was a disgrace for the Bengals, and to a lesser extent, the Steelers.

    But what people will always remember is the Bengals losing their cool and cheating their fans out of a playoff win. No excuses.

  60. This is what happens when you sign ignorant, low-IQ, ghetto dwellers that don’t understand the meaning of personal discipline and are slaves (can I say that?) to their emotions. I never blame a guy for fumbling since it isn’t intentional, and you never know what the physical situation is in those scrums, but Burfict and Jones need to be sent back to somebody’s plantation.

  61. So to add to this, first completely admit to all Bengals fans that I am a die hard Steeler fan.

    Let me say that even at this point barring a few exceptional player on Steelers the Bengals are a more talented team. That is a pretty hard thing to state. From the years that the Bengals have been the bottom dwellers to now. They are a extremely balanced and talented squad.

    But the bottom line is that Marvin Lewis does not have control over them. You did not loose on the field. You lost on the direction of this one man. He does not have control or dominance over his players. That is a necessity.

    On the emotional side, Pittsburgh won. Tomlin for all the crap he is given has a strong hand on his players. It is not the same for Marvin Lewis. He is a good coach and could be of value to any team in this league but tonight only highlights what many have known. He is not a head coach.

    As a Steelers fan, I honestly hope that he has a job next year as the Bengals coach. But the truth is that the Bengals need to bring in someone like Tom Coughlin … or do I even dare to say “Bring in the Chin” (for $10 million+)

    Cincinnati does not have discipline, and to be honest, can never win any of the big games because of such.

    Pittsburgh did not win the game, in fact they lost … but at the end Cincinnati lost it …

    Personally I say two teams that got nasty .. unfortunately the Bengals did not know the limits and let there emotions control them.

  62. Marvin Lewis should want out. He deserves better. Short of sending them to the locker room, how else was he supposed to control them? The announcers even said how much time he spent trying to calm down Burfict.

  63. Cincy the team and the city completely and utterly embarrassed themselves on national tv tonight. Bravo! Fire Lewis, cut Pacmoron and Burfict.

  64. Didn’t you get the memo pft? You’re supposed to call him Adam now so that everyone can forget about what a horrible person he is.

  65. Coaching Change?! How could you even question a coaching change at this point.

    I assume Marvin Lewis has already been fired. If he’s not, I would suggest Bengals fans root for the Browns instead.

  66. The bungles blew it again wow. AS A RAVENS FAN I FOUND MYSELF ROOTING FOR THE STEELERS BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT BURFICT IS A DIRTY PLAYER AND ALWAYS DOING something stupid ,i have no respect for fools he won the game then lost it #DUMMY. COM

  67. The Burfict penalty was well deserved but what is Joey Porter doing on the field jawing with the opponent?

    Should’ve been off setting penalties he’s just a goon Pitt sent out their to egg on Jones and Burfict.

  68. Forget the out of control players.It’s first down on their 25 with 1:25 left.
    You take a knee and make them use all of their timeouts.

    You kick a field goal and make them have to drive the field and score a touchdown with on timeouts.

  69. This was outrageous , how is porter not penalized again for being on the field?

    This game was rigged

  70. It’s never good to point the finger however, based on how this game ended and the players involved. I would not be surprised if Lewis is fired tomorrow morning. Burfict has been a problem going back to his days at ASU for sure; I thought he was going to get a penalty when he ran into the tunnel after the INT.

    At what point does the players union step in and tell guys to quit acting like idiots? Instilling pride in the profession is their responsibility too.

  71. I actually was rooting for the Bengals the whole game (not a bengals fan), but as soon as Burfict rand 80 yards in the other direction and down the tunnel I wanted the Bengals to lose.

    Marvin Lewis has led many teams without a great quarterback to the playoffs for many years and Bengal fans should be happy for that based off there success in the 90s.

    It’s hard to say what coach can control the egos of Vontaze Burfict and the Pacman.

  72. Maybe im missing something here.. I really saw nothing wrong with any play by burfict or jones in this game. What did seem wrong was joey porter (a defensive coach) being out at midfield while his offense was on the field AND shaziers helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless gio bernard. CBS really was one sided with the commentary (am I missing something?)

  73. As a lifelong Bengals fan, I will say that this loss “takes the cake” in a series of embarrassing playoff debacles.

    I’m beyond depressed, but somehow not surprised. The most important game in franchise history in years and you can’t even control yourself. I’m just embarrassed and sad to be a fan of the team right now.

    Although I don’t often agree with Florio, he is correct. Burfict is a head-hunting dirty player with no self-control. Pac-Man has improved, but always can be counted on to self-destruct at the most inopportune time.

    Because Marvin has lost control of this team, is a terrible game manager, and is 0-7 in the playoffs, he should be fired.

    When Marvin was initially hired, Tom Coughlin was also a candidate. It appears things have come full circle and a no nonsense hard-ass is exactly what this group needs. More to the point, accountability is necessary.

    I appreciate Marvin and what he did for this franchise. I have looked forward to all of our games for the past 13 years, which is probably the biggest stretch of time in franchise history.

    Thank you for providing a steady hand for a franchise that could no nothing for years.

    Parting is such sweet sorrow, but we find ourselves at that point.

  74. The Bengals aren’t “out of control”. If you check the illegal hits in this game, I’m sure you’ll see its not one sided – even though the flags that were thrown were.

  75. Burfict took out the three best players for the Sqeelers this year. The Roethlisburger hit was completely legal much to the disappointment of Jim Nantz. We took the loss and that sucks but the way Burfict takes out Sqeelers makes it feel like we still won. Brown won’t be back next week for the Sqeelers 2015 funeral.
    Unfortunately though our funeral was today. Sucks. Oh well.

  76. Or was it out of control officials who blew about five calls in row against the Bengals, and not Bengals players out of control…it is almost as if the dorks who write here didn’t even watch the game.

  77. Chargers fan.
    Bengals and steelers are both dirty. Every time they play they intentionally try to injure top players on thr other team. I dont care what team you root for. That is plain bushleague and classless

  78. It should prompt it. I have never seen a lack of discipline cause a meltdown like that. That said, Mike Brown doesn’t pay folks to sit on the sidelines… so it won’t happen. You’re killing me, Bengals! It’s hard to make Pittsburgh look classy, congratulations.

  79. As a die hard Bengals fan – I can only hope this happens. Marvin has coddled these players long enough. It’s time to move on and put them in their place.

    This was embarrassing to watch. Extending the playoff drought is one thing – but to look like a bunch of punks while blowing a game is something else. I hate punks in this league – but to realize your favorite team is full of them is pretty painful to watch. There should have been 5-10 more flags on them tonight than were called.

    I live out of state so I don’t get to see them often – but this was embarrassing.

  80. Fire Marvin Lewis now. Tons of talent wasted by dumb coaching decisions year after year after year after year. This is the worst loss in franchise history — the perception of Bengal ineptitude just gets worse and exponentially grew a level that may never be repairable. Complete freaking embarrassment.

  81. Were the same folks calling for Lewis to get fired for failing to control Burfict in this game also calling for the Giants to fire Coughlin for failing to control Odell Beckham in their game against the Panthers?

    If a coach can not exercise some control over his players then he should not be the coach. If a player can not conduct himself in a professional manner he should find himself a new profession.

  82. Who has been able to control Burfict and Jones? No one. The Bengals brought them in and knew their disposition. That’s a coaching problem. They chose to bring in character problems.

  83. the bengals owner should walk into the locker room and tell Burfict to clean out his locker. Done. If management would cut clowns like this, maybe behavior like this would change.

  84. Certainly Cincinnati players losinng there cool ultimately undid them, but why was Joey Porter on the field jawing with players? No horse in the field here, just think that Jones was certainly goaded into that last penalty.

    The outcome sure makes everyone forgot the dumb running call in wet weather instead of taking a knee three times and then kicking a field goal.

  85. I’m not a Patriots fan, but Belichick coached teams wouldn’t cost a game with selfish penalties.

    Bengals blew it.
    As did Marvin Lewis.

  86. “And so the question becomes, given the excruciating manner in which 30 yards of field position due to a blatant illegal hit from Burfict”

    My first reaction on this was the same. But listening to PrimeTime changed my mind, and it hurts to say I agree with Deion Sanders, but he has a point. If Burfict wanted to crush Brown, he could have. He actually turned his arm in, dipped, and lowered his shoulder like he was trying to go low. Had he wanted to lay him out, he could have given him a Ryan Shazier like hit (maybe he wouldn’t have been flagged then).

  87. Joey Porter on the field in the face of Bengals players cursing them out and Adam Jones gets the penalty?

    This after other Steelers coachers and trainers in an unprecedented act took physical shots at Bengals players.

    It’ll be ignored by the Steelers loving media, but never before have coaches and trainers got physical with opposing players like that. Will the media even ask if assistant coaches are even allowed on the field (they aren’t).

  88. Coach Lewis didn’t show enough emotion/anger in trying to put his players in check

    This playoff win was theirs to keep if the Bengal players ha just used common sense.

  89. That kind of misconduct on the field is not tolerable. Marvin Lewis had no control over the first penalty. The second one could’ve been avoided. This really has to make you wonder if the owner’s patience has run out. The Bengals ownership has been really patient with Lewis longer than I expected. Lewis could’ve had been fired multiple times over playoff losses, and missing the postseason. Now, this could just be the straw that broke the camels back. If Lewis is fired, this could be the premiere head coaching job in the NFL with all the talent that’s on this Bengals team.

  90. Not a true fan of either team, but I entered the game pulling for the Bengals, if only because the Steelers have more than enough rings already.

    But after watching the despicable behavior of both the Bengals and their Fans. I was rooting for the Steelers at the end.

    Bengals players need to be suspended. The Coach, who had no control over his players, should be fired and, taking a page from European Football, the Bengals fans should be penalized by forcing the Bengals to play two home games in an empty stadium.

  91. Whatever. Hill doesn’t fumble, then we’re talking about how hard they played… And they did…. Feelin for ya Bengals fans

  92. Do you really believe that Jackson can control Burfict or Jones or anyone else on this team? I say let him walk to. As you point out he side of the ball did not do anything for most of the game.

  93. Burfict is a punk and should not be in the NFL. Same goes for Jones and many many other players around the league. It’s high time to bring some class back to the league.

  94. Anyone that defends Burfict’s hit is hilarious. Would have been ejected in college. Needs to be ejected for first 2 games next year. Dude is a danger to himself (as evidence by his multiple concussions) and others.

  95. The only parties who were out of control: the officials, mike munchak, and the commenters. Show me one instance of a Bengal being out of control. You can’t. And before you start, I hate both teams.

  96. Too funny..bunch of losers..i clearly heard those bandwagon fans that couldnt even sell out a playoff game chanting who dey who dey with a minute and 50 seconds to go…hey cincy guess Pittsburgh is the answer to your who dey who dey too funny

  97. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Much better football coaches have been fired for much less gross incompetence.

  98. The coaches can only tell the players to be in control of their emotions, but once their on the field, it is a different matter. The organization has to do a better of job on researching the character of the player they pick. You can bet the two above players would not be on the Pat. team if they acted like they did.

  99. The entire franchise is a ‘cluster’ and after today’s display of how not to manage your buffoons in prime time then ownership should be looking at selling the franchise and purchasing a used car lot or a table tennis team. Enough of this crap for a good fan base in Cincinnati.

  100. Burfict and Jones should be permanently banned from the league. Two players with no redeeming qualities coupled with the fact that they are just not good people. Truly an embarrassment to the city of Cincinnati.

  101. Not Lewis’s fault, the players can’t keep their cool and still have to “rep their neighborhood”. Would’ve finally won a playoff game, but they can never keep their BIG mouths shut.

  102. Being a fan of the game, I looked forward to this one. After the hit on Bernard I was hoping for a Cincy comeback, only because of the actions on the sidelines by the Steelers. Cincy came out strong, but the players were out of control, TOTAL lack of control. The run out of the end zone should have resulted in a penalty! Plus a lot of other sh#t the COACH should have SHUT DOWN regardless of emotion. Never been a fan of Boomer the analyst but he hit the head on the nail on this one.

  103. Vontaze Freaking Burfict. Out of control in college and still out of control. He owes his teammates more than he can repay.

  104. Brown should fire that disgraceful fan base too. What a disgusting display from the Cincinnati fans from start to finish. Totally pathetic and sickening to watch. The fans were even more out of line then Burfict. This was 10x worse than when Sam Wyche grabbed the mic to scold Bengals fans for acting like trash.

  105. I think it’s time for the Bengals to move on. 0-7 in the playoffs is unacceptable. Ownership has to show fans they want more.

  106. Steelers are banged up due to those idiots refs.Took a td away game is over ben and ab never hurt either. no one is talking about that due to drama bengals players created. j peezy was checking onjust his best player due to targeting by a player that has a history of this bs. refs really stunk. how can you run 75 yards celebrating what should have been a game winning interception and not get flagged? than the true bengals showed up and blew the game, that should never been a game if the play was never blown dead and steelers get the TD. the ending was better though. enjoy pacman and bungals

  107. If Marvin Lewis keeps his job after THIS fiasco, he must have compromising photographs of the owner. This was a complete meltdown. I was rooting for the Bengals until that disgusting Burfict hit. After that I was pulling for the Steelers, and I hate the Steelers. Not to mention, all the Bengals needed to do was NOT TURN THE BALL OVER, they could have TAKEN A KNEE and it would have been very difficult not to win this game. Disgraceful.

  108. Cincy had a very good season. They lost both coordinators prior to last season and I really expected them to struggle, but they have been a good team the last two years. This year’s team looked like the best of the Lewis Era when Dalton was healthy. Lewis has survived so much worse than this. I’d be shocked if this game alone caused the Bengals to fire him.

  109. You just knew when the Bengals turned it back over late that the knuckleheads on the defensive side of the ball would do something to cost their team the game.

  110. 25 years ago. That’s the last time Cincy made it out of the first round of the NFL playoffs.

    From all appearances, we can safely tack on another 25 years before they break out, even if then.

    I apologize to all the Bengals fans out there. You deserve better than that freakin’ debacle we all watched tonight.

  111. The Burfict foul was not blatant, but with the NFL rules intent doesn’t matter, so it’s still a foul.
    But the flag on Pacman and nothing on Joey Porter was absurd. Refs were in over their heads and handed the Stealers the game with that second flag.

  112. I’m still at a loss as to how Joey Porter on the field wasn’t worthy of flag.

    Anyway, Lewis hasn’t got it done. Not sure how much longer they can stick with him. And this is the cherry on top of the it all. Pacman, see ya.

  113. Love Smith could come in to coach this crew. But I believe he is better suited to be the new Packers defensive coordinator.

  114. If he isn’t fired after this, Cincy fans need to boycott games. That was the worst meltdown I’ve ever seen in my 30 years of watching football. He has ZERO control of that team and not a lick of respect from his players. That was pathetic.

    Pittsburgh didn’t deserve to win either. What a crap show that was. Everyone involved (including the Refs) should be ashamed of themselves.

  115. You figure at some point the inevitable will happen. From where he started to wear this team is, has been an amazing feat but I don’t think he’s the guy to get them over the hump at this point.

  116. I have no clue why Jones was flagged. Seemed like the moment he arrived the refs pushed him away and for good measure gave him a penalty.

  117. Yes, he should be fired.

    Tony Dungy got a much shorter leash in Tampa and was fired when he couldn’t get the Bucs to the next level there. It resulted in a very talented team winning a Super Bowl.

    The talent level in Cincinnati is at a Super Bowl level.

    It’s coaching, alas, has not kept up. I’m a Marvin Lewis fan, but it’s over. It has to be.

    But, who would we want to replace him? That’s the bigger question.

  118. bungles deserve all this misfortunate. i read something on the internet where a self proclaimed bungles fan was tryna say they owned whodey and that whodat was a ripoff.
    Mannnnn i dont even hate cincy one bit and like those stripe nhelmets but how you gonna tell a lie like that!?!

  119. Surprise. surprise. Boneheaded people making boneheaded moves. But the biggest boneheaded move of all might have been Prime Time on the NFL network defending Burfict. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? One side note: WTH was Joey Porter doing on the field?

  120. As Dolphin fan that has not experienced the joy of the play offs or even a half decent season for a very long time I would love to be in your shoes but losing like that last night and knowing what I would feel like after those bone head plays when the game was basically won I would not want to be you guys. The fumble was bad enough but that was a football mistake the penalties were just unbelievable. If there was ever a piece of film to show how two players can completely destroy the great work of many and the hopes of tens of thousands of fans that was it. It’s interesting that players that live on that edge that can not control thier emotions, see the big picture will always at some point despite their great play will eventually destroy a seasons hard graft one way or the other.

  121. Marvin Lewis probably shouldn’t be retained. I feel for the Bengals because I’m a Chiefs fan. Lewis has had plenty of chances this last game not withstanding.

    I sure would consider Jackson before he is snapped up by another NFL team.

  122. That behavior of Pacman & Burfict was disgraceful. The perfect way to “give’ the game to the Steelers. How stupid can you get, and obviously don’t care about the team? Afterwards both post on Instagram!!! Who wants to hear from 2 idiots. Burfict should be suspended for what he did, and a good job too. Marvin Lewis will be lucky if he doesn’t lose his job also. What sort of command of this team does he have, to allow stuff to happen all through the game, obviously very little?

  123. “And so the question becomes, given the excruciating manner in which 30 yards of field position due to a blatant illegal hit from Burfict followed by a senseless dead-ball foul from Jones turned the first playoff win in 25 years into yet another one-and-done postseason, whether Brown will decide that 13 years is enough with Lewis.”

    This is a whole bunch of words strung together nonsensically. You’re a professional writer?

  124. I think Marvin is a good man and a regular season winning coach, but how many 1st round playoff losses can one man have b4 he is replaced? I would move on from marvin. They had that game won until the refs and his own players melted down.

  125. How about cutting Burfict and Jones? You know, the grown men who were actually responsible for the violations. Why is it that some people always want to place the blame for others elsewhere? Yeah , let’s get rid of a coach that has made the playoffs 5 straight years, how many current coaches are on that list? In an age when Pettine, Thomsula, etc…are seen as viable coaching options, Marvin Lewis would last about a hot minute on the open market.

  126. So, like I was saying…
    he rips the helmet off Amari Cooper’s head while Cooper is on the ground, grabs Cooper’s head and slams it onto the now-empty helmet, trying to open it like a like a coconut. Craziest thing I ever saw in a football game. But get this – the guy stays in the game! Now all of a sudden, the whole league is doing this – guys gettin their heads slammed repeatedly into their own helmets. Everywhere you turn – BONG BONG BONG – Will Smith is out there, running in circles saying, “Tell de trute! Tell de trute! Beep beep!” Kids are slamming each other’s heads into Play60 signs; refs are slamming each other’s heads together like the Keystone Kops; you can actually HEAR Tirico slam Gruden’s head into the telestrator! It’s like.. All the rage. So caught up in the moment I guess.
    Anyway, what was that about Marvin Lewis?

  127. The fact that Lewis didn’t get into ANYONE’S face trying to take control of their idiocy says it all. Not his style? Then probably time for a style change.

  128. If Brown doesn’t make a move now, he never will. Lewis proved he has no control over his players. Burfict, even though he’s a great player, should have never been in the game at that point. You could see he was loosing his sh** way before the penalty. Jones proved he’s learned nothing after all his past mistakes. He got punked but a former player (now coach) who knew what he was doing. Those two will continue to make the same mistakes as long as the head coach allows players like them the opportunity to do so.

  129. I’m glad the Bengals aren’t my team. That is the stupidest way to lose a game I have ever seen. They should immediately fire Marvin Lewis. He had lost control of the team. On the way out take the two bums that cost them the game.

  130. Whoever is responsible for keeping Jones and Burfict there are to blame. Does Lewis have control over the roster?

    As far as Burfict and Jones go, what good is a player to a team when they cost the team wins? Especially in the playoffs. Signing either player is asking for problems.

  131. I just simply don’t understand why teams continue to give drama queens a job. The desire to win cannot outweigh having a trouble-making diva. Unless your Jerry Jones, of course, as the Cowboys are the football version of The Island of Misfit Toys.

  132. Question?????….What was Joey PORTER doing on the field?? Why was he not penalized???

    So….to answer your question…both coaches have zero control of their personnel…and both coaches should be fired.

  133. it should…obviously they don’t listen to him…is not like Burfict and Jones are virgins in the out of control mode being exhibited in the NFL today (Beckham and Goldston immediately come to mind)…me first players…

  134. As a Pats fan, I know those players would not be on the team next year. Hell, Belichick sat Welker, having an all pro season, for a period because he made some foot jokes.

    Marvin Lewis does not control that team. The chatter coming out of the locker room after that game is testament to that.

  135. The Bengals need a change in culture and that really has to start with leadership. If Lewis isn’t fired, then the general manager should be fired. Oops!!!!! They don’t have one. Mike Brown, owner, son of Paul, runs this show himself. They deserve what they get.

  136. Porter was legally on the field to assist with an injured Antonio Brown. In the video you an see the ref pushing Porter away when Jones came up to confront him and was penalized.

  137. thetwilightsown says:
    Jan 10, 2016 7:24 AM

    So, like I was saying…
    he rips the helmet off Amari Cooper’s head while Cooper is on the ground, grabs Cooper’s head and slams it onto the now-empty helmet, trying to open it like a like a coconut. Craziest thing I ever saw in a football game. But get this – the guy stays in the game! Now all of a sudden, the whole league is doing this – guys gettin their heads slammed repeatedly into their own helmets. Everywhere you turn – BONG BONG BONG – Will Smith is out there, running in circles saying, “Tell de trute! Tell de trute! Beep beep!” Kids are slamming each other’s heads into Play60 signs; refs are slamming each other’s heads together like the Keystone Kops; you can actually HEAR Tirico slam Gruden’s head into the telestrator! It’s like.. All the rage. So caught up in the moment I guess.
    Anyway, what was that about Marvin Lewis

    yeah, something messed up with the culture these days.

  138. It’s absolutely hysterical listening to “Stealer” fans complaining about “dirty play”. When will Tomlinson get fired for not being able to control his bunch of future prison guests?

  139. lewisisthebestsincepb says:
    Jan 10, 2016 7:45 AM
    Vontaze Burfict made some great plays…jeremy hill fumbled and leon hall got burnt on fourth down…any one that blames VB or Marvin is an idiot


    Guess that makes you retarded. No hit to the head of a defenseless receiver = no penalty. No penalty = no Pacman penalty…All of the above leads up to a better chance of Cincy winning.

    The Steelers hit of the Cincy dude was legal as he had turned and started running upfield. Don’t like it? Too bad.

  140. mistrezzrachael says:
    Jan 10, 2016 8:26 AM
    Question?????….What was Joey PORTER doing on the field?? Why was he not penalized???

    So….to answer your question…both coaches have zero control of their personnel…and both coaches should be fired.


    Same reason a lot of Cincy coaches/players weren’t penalized earlier in the game when the Steelers o-lineman blocked a Bungle all the way to the end zone, and the Bungle ended up on top of him starting crap.

    Pretending that didn’t happen and the Bungles coaches and sideline players didn’t come on the field there too?

  141. Question?????….What was Joey PORTER doing on the field?? Why was he not penalized???

    So….to answer your question…both coaches have zero control of their personnel…and both coaches should be fired.


    Alot of people go on the field when there is an injury

  142. It is the players that lacked control, not the coaches, on the Bengals. They were not “coached” to lose control. They need to draft better men. The Steeler’s coaches, on the other hand, do seem to lack control.

  143. For ANYONE who thinks Lewis is not to blame is a fool. If he pulls these ghetto prisoners off the field Cincy wins the game.
    -Lewis needs to be fired if he does not resign. (It is his fault)
    -Bufict a 1 year suspension and cut by Bengals.
    -Cincy needs to hire the DC they have on the staff before they loose him.

  144. Honestly I don’t know how this guy is still coaching the Bengals. He must have something on the owner

  145. I don’t get why caches even have a gut like Burfict n the team, he singlehandedly lost that game without a question.

    Spear a guy in the helmet on n an uncatchable ball during the last drive f the game up by 1 when you’ve gt them shut down at the 50?….. ww, just…. wow….. WOW

    Coaches that keep cancers like that on the team at all deserve to be fired

  146. Porter may have been on the field to check on the condition of his player AB , that burfect tried decapitating

  147. Cincy cost themselves dearly but why was Joey Porter on the field, instigating Bengals players before Pacman’s flag? He had no business being out there and probably should have been flagged. Bottom line, both teams embarrassed themselves last night.

  148. FINALLY something more embarrassing than rooting for the Dolphins. The way the BUNGLES blew this one made me think Dave Wannstedt was coaching them!

    Jim Mora is off the hook as far as best coach to not win a playoff game! I just can’t see Marvin Lewis saying, “PLAYOFFS!”

  149. Coach Porter was on the field to check on Antonio Brown and to punk the stupid and easily-provoked Bengals players. Mission accomplished.

    I feel like that last penalty should have been on both teams and offsetting, because Porter really shouldn’t have been talking smack with Bengal players either, but the Steelers would have made the 50 yard kick, anyway. It’s the Burfict penalty that killed them the most.

  150. @mistrezzrachael:
    “Question?????….What was Joey PORTER doing on the field?? Why was he not penalized???”

    Ummmm, because it’s not against NFL regulations for a coach to be on the field in that situation. After you’re done learning to get some class, move on to learning basic NFL rules before posting again.

  151. Lots of fines all around – but that is too easy for this debacle:

    Jones and that idiot Steeler line coach should be fined heavily.

    Lewis just has to go – he has no control of his players.

    Burfict suspended for several games.

    Porter should be suspended for going onto the field when he had no business out there but to stir trouble.

    The lousy fan base (for cheering injuries and throwing crap on the field) should be required to remain Bengals fans for life – that is the worst punishment allowed outside a court of law.

  152. Both coaches got their teams ready to play… both coaches preached to not cost their team the game. Then they let guys go onto the field and do their job. If not Tomlin or Lewis in charge of either of these teams… then who? Both have a good record, have done well. Replacing them is silly for an unproven coordinator.

    In terms of Lewis – he knew Burfict was teetering on the edge. Told him to settle down… but is he supposed to see that coming in the final minute when he NEEDS to have his best players on the field? You gotta send a guy out and hope he doesn’t do anything that stupid. Keep him out and lose, people are calling for your job as well.

    The whole game, both sides, was simply out of control for most of the time.

    Shazier’s hit on Bernard was awful and violent (and not in the NFL is violent “its ok” way), and it was inexcusable that the call was missed. (That would get you an immediate ejection in College and is textbook targeting). Dangerous for both him and the other players. To see him celebrate that hit reminded me of the complaints when Burfict celebrated his hit on Leveon Bell – just felt awful.

    Burfict’s hit on Brown was criminal and stupid. It showed a complete lack of discipline and situational awareness. Shazier’s hit was a missed call – no way the refs would miss this one. Accusing Brown of acting is silly – he was damn near decapitated. Burfict went from winning the game to costing his team the game in a matter of 1 minute of game time.

    Hill’s fumble was tough – but he was trying. I would rather see this than the penalties.

    Pittsburgh coaching staff should be receiving a memo. It is one thing if it is only the players – but coaches should be setting a better standard. From the Reggie Nelson hair issue to Joey Porter being on their field inciting players – no coach should touch or speak to other players. It is that simple. This was very odd to watch and should be dealt with. …..That said, Adam Jones should know better and have a measure of self-discipline in that instance. Simply a lack of professional behavior from a “professional” football player.

    And the crowd… passion is great. Loving your team is great. Getting swept up in emotion is human – but to throw things at players when they are getting carted off is inexcusable. That was pretty embarrassing to watch.

    Lastly, given everything, I don’t think either team would make it to the Super Bowl – much less win it against top-tier teams. They are too banged up form playing each other 3 times… The AFC North has always been a “hard-nosed” division – but this crap has got to stop. This game was an embarrassment for BOTH teams in the way the conducted themselves.

    But firing the coaches isn’t the answer. Players (and some positional coaches) being more professional, understanding that fights don’t win games (last time I checked it was points), and playing a game without trying to murder each other is what is needed.

    Say all you want about putting dresses on players (and all of that junk 60 year olds recall about watching football in the 1970s) – It is a miracle no one left that stadium in an ambulance….

  153. So instead of being contrite for just losing their team the game these two morons go on social media and blame the REFS for calling obvious penalties on these goons. Redskins and Pats fan here, but for a while last night, with no skin in the game, I was actually hoping the Bengals would win. Then, after seeing the behavior of these gangstas I was SO glad the Steelers won. Classless team, classless fans (throwing cans at injured players? Nice), and apparently, classless owner as well for hiring these punks. EVERYONE knows the history with Pacman Jones. Now everyone knows what a cancer this Burfict guy is as well. Jerrud Jones must be licking his chops at a chance to get these hoodlums. They love assassins like these guys in Dallas. HTTR! Enjoy the playoffs from your sofas, Jones and Burfict. You lost that game for your team last night!

  154. No one is mentioning all the fans who threw trash all over the field. Seems to me the team is a perfect fit for the city and that they certainly deserve each other. Don’t change a thing and stay classy!

  155. A post like this shows how little you know about the situation in Cincinnati. Mike Brown will NEVER fire Marvin Lewis for a variety of reasons, most of all is the fact that he would never eat the remaining years on his contract. Lewis has carte blanche in Cincinnati until his contract expires. A 0-16 season would not ever get him sent packing.

  156. The Bengals have chosen to be the Father Flanagan home for wayward players. This strategy has backfired. Mr. Brown should fire Lewis post-haste, and bring in a coach with more discipline. Pacman Jones and Burfict should be gone before the sun sets today.

  157. The irony of this is that VB made supposedly a game clinching pick. If Hill doesn’t fumble, no one is calling for Marvin Lewis to be fired. Marv has to go and should have been fired 2 years ago after losing to the Chargers.

  158. The grass is not always greener on the other side. This team is winning, yes they havent won a playoff game but if you change HC now it could put this team back to their losing ways during the regular season so post season wont matter.

  159. That DB coach should not be made a DC anytime soon DB is all he every did. And they placed 20 something Vs the pass.

  160. Steelers fan here. Bengals were the better team between the lines, Steelers won the mental game which was the difference. Cincy has to either keep Lewis and drop Burfict/Jones, or get a new coach who can get those guys in line.

  161. Marvin Lewis needs to be fired, NOW. He has no control over his players, and if the Bengals want to win now, they’d better try and get an actual real life head coach while they can. Hello Coughlin!

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