Giants want to interview Hue Jackson

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Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson had a busy weekend.

His team lost to the Steelers on Saturday night and he spent Sunday interviewing with the 49ers and Browns about their head coaching vacancies amid reports that the 49ers favor Jackson over other candidates for the job. No deal has been signed yet, however, and Jackson may have at least one more option to pursue.

There was talk over the weekend that the Giants were interested in talking to Jackson about becoming their next head coach and Adam Schefter and Josina Anderson of ESPN each reported Monday that they have formally requested an interview. Nothing appears to be scheduled and the interview might not happen should things move into a more serious direction with one of the teams that have already spoken to Jackson.

It’s unclear if Jackson would pass on speaking to the Giants if an offer comes his way before an interview is scheduled, but all of the interest in his services likely bodes well for his chances of landing a second NFL head coaching job.

24 responses to “Giants want to interview Hue Jackson

  1. Hue made some behavioral mistakes in Oakland that cost him a playoff bid…his X’s and O’s were pristine but the personnel buttons he pushed were iffy…I’d venture to assume he’d find the Giants gig much more appealing than the Niners…I’m not quite sure the Giant’s gig is a fit for him honestly…NYC is too volatile a market for a guy that might pop off at the mouth

  2. jerrysbrother says:
    Jan 11, 2016 12:05 PM

    The way his offense played this past weekend, these teams should rethink hiring him.

    Do you mean the offense with the inexperienced backup quarterback that should have beaten the Steelers?

  3. As a Giants fan, I do not want “the smoke and mirrors that is Hur Jackson” as stated by Mora Jr.

    If the Giants want a winner as a HC, they should have kept Tommy

    Its the GM!!! HELLO!!!!!

  4. It has been scheduled for Tuesday. I think he’s not as good of a fit for this job though as Mike Smith. Still think he should wait it out a year with the trio of train wrecks (Browns, Bucs, and 49ers looking) and the Eagles just coming off of the Chip demolition of the roster with Dummy Roseman fully entrenched in his power there with the owner’s ear.

  5. He’d be a fool not to at least take one more day and listen to what the Giants have to say before committing to the 49ers. In fact, watch what he does, if he doesn’t talk to NY then I’d be worried if I were Jed and Trent, that I was hiring a fool, but then again he’d be in similar company.

  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I’m okay with almost anyone else they interviewed, but not him. Just look up what happened in Oakland.

  7. duanethomas33 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 12:36 PM
    Heard from a source, inside the 49er’s that Hue Jackson, will be named the next HC, by the end of the day.

    That’s a Fact.

    No it’s not.

  8. I always thought of the Giants as one of the more stable organizations in the league. They’ve made mistakes but for the most part their choices over the last 30+ years for HC seem to be well thought out (starting with Parcells). I’d be surprised if Giants hired an egotistical, power-hungry headcase like Hue Jackson who wreaks havoc on a roster. In my opinion Jackson is much better suited for a dumpster fire like the one that they have in Frisco.

  9. If and when HueJax gets a HC gig, be ready for the following from his speech and pressers: “We’re building a bully”, “These men”, “Believe me when I tell you”, a few references to “Coach Davis” and at the end of the season he’ll toss the assistants and team under the bus and state unequivocally, “I’m going to take a stronger hand in this whole team, this whole organization”.

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