Report: Thursday night package could be divided among multiple networks

As the NFL contemplates the destination of its Thursday Night Football package, a new option has emerged. Multiple destinations.

John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL is considering the possibility of selling the Thursday night games to two or three broadcast networks.

Specifically, Ourand reports that, in addition to requesting bids for the full-season package, the NFL asked CBS, FOX, and NBC to submit bids for 3-5 games.

The goal for the NFL is to maximize the audience for broadcast games, but also to retain enough exclusive games for NFL Network to justify the monthly subscription fee.

Currently, NBC televises the season-opening Thursday night game and the Thanksgiving night game. CBS produces all other Thursday night games (and a couple of late-season Saturday games), some of which are televised by CBS and NFLN and others of which are televised only by NFLN.

30 responses to “Report: Thursday night package could be divided among multiple networks

  1. “The goal for the NFL is to maximize the audience for broadcast games”

    Read: Bleed as much money from the networks as possible for a product that is about 25% as good as the usual product

  2. Will audiences not be confused as the games move from week to week?

    With any other sport, the answer would be yes. With football, you could show the first half of a game on CBS and the second half on QVC, and viewers would find their way.

  3. Mark Cuban is right. Greed is leading this pig to slaughter. I don’t think one game on Thursday night this year was worth watching. Especially the ones with the crazy colored uniforms.
    Remove Thursday games except for the traditional Thanksgiving line up.

  4. The NFL Network snatching games is really turning me off and it’s actually making it easier for me to not care if a game is on or not.
    Kinda like when they go to Pay Per View and move the Super Bowl to Europe and then I will be completely done with them.

  5. I agree with most. The Thursday product is bad. Keep traditional Thanksgiving games and maybe opening night showcase games and that’s it.

  6. I hate that the NFL is really spreading its product around too thinly and adding too much to the traditional Sunday game (Thursday, Saturday, Monday) and as much as people like us hate the Thursday night game (I haven’t watched a single one except for Thanksgiving in the last two years), the game kills its time slot every week so unfortunately, it ain’t going away until fans go away.

  7. Honestly, primetime games regardless of the night aren’t good anymore. Like SNF was any good this year?

    Sports fans just say this about TNF because of what happened in 2012 and NFL Network’s presence as a bonus subscription network.

    Then again, here is what NFL Network should do before it goes out of business: sell to DirecTV and have it air NFL Redzone air on Sundays, have an optional bonus game in later Sunday afternoon games based on fan votes, and schedule TNF between teams that are no more than three hours apart while driving.

    Otherwise, fans will get two wishes: smaller cable bill and TNF gone.

  8. Showing the games on NFLN makes it even harder to watch bad football for most of the country but they have to justify people paying for the channel by saying “here, you can’t see these bad games anywhere else so buy our product.”
    It will never make me pay for the channel and if they start doing playoff games or any other games on that channel I still won’t buy it.

  9. How fun, you get to channel surf every Thursday to find who is broadcasting the hidden turd of a NFL game. It’s the game within the game.
    So odd weeks could be NBC and even weeks could be CBS but every other odd and even week it will be on NFL network.
    Cool, got it. Easy. Stupid.

  10. We already have 7 games on at 1 pm EST on Sunday afternoon. Take one of those and add a second game at the same time on Sunday and Monday night, if one game sucks we can turn to the other.

  11. I can’t believe all these people, saying no Thursday games, hell if you are a true N.F.L Football Fan you should want one EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK, I know I would. I LOVE FOOTBALL ANY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. GO JETS.

  12. I watched none of these games this season except for the one the Pats were in.

    They are almost universally terrible games as the teams don’t have enough time for their bodies to recover from the previous game and not enough practice time to put good game plans together.

    Keep watering down the product NFL. I’ve gone from watching every single game I could all season long to watching just the Pats and buying zero merchandise or going to games in Foxboro once a year.

    Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League

    Goodell is vile

    Goodell must go

  13. Triple that on Joe Buck. Man that guy is like a soap opera. You guys here have some creative suggestions. Late night Sunday, or double up on Sunday Night and Monday is perfect. I do like Thursday night football. The scheduling this year made the games terrible however.

  14. Maximize audience? Take Sunday ticket off Direct Tv, then you’ll maximize the audience. Make it available to everyone.

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