Alfred Morris: My goal is to spend entire career with one team

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Quarterback Kirk Cousins’ impending free agency has drawn the most attention in Washington heading into the offseason, but he’s not the only member of the backfield with an expiring contract.

Running back Alfred Morris is also on his way to the open market, although he doesn’t sound particularly eager to make a jump to another team. Morris said Monday that he’d like to remain with the Redskins after spending the first four seasons of his career with the team.

“When I first came into the league, no matter what team I went to, I just wanted to do my whole career with the same team,” Morris said, via “That’s still my goal. I would love to return, but a lot goes into that. I haven’t thought about that. You all keep bringing it up, but we’ll see what happens.”

Any desire to spend one’s career with one team has to be matched by a team’s desire to hold onto a player for the duration and the past season didn’t offer too many signs that the Redskins were married to Morris as their tailback. He started every game, but saw his lightest workload and turned in the worst numbers of his career. Rookie Matt Jones ate into his playing time while Chris Thompson and Pierre Thomas, who signed with the team late in the year, also had regular roles. Given their willingness to look in other directions, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Morris is playing somewhere else come the fall.

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  1. I have never heard anything negative about this dude or his character. The positives you hear around DC never stop. As a Ravens fan living in DC I have always enjoyed watching him play and have no problem rooting for a guy like that. With how much rb’s make these days I can’t imagine they would want to let him go. If they do, he will make another team better. More than welcome to head up 95 a bit…

  2. This is a guy that rides his bike to work from an apartment and is a class guy. Hard worker. Nose to the grindstone who sets a great example and is a leader. As long as he doesn’t try to break the bank they HAVE to re sign him. Give him a bonus with somewhat back end loaded 4 year deal so they can move on if they have to but he should she needs to be on their team.

  3. I love you, Alfred. I’d like to see you in burgundy and gold for life, but unfortunately, today’s NFL isn’t like that. You are a class act–no matter where you play.

  4. Uhhhhhm…. Why would that be a player’s goal? Teams aren’t loyal to players. Hell, even the fans themselves are fickle in their loyalty. So, why should a player sacrifice his own best interests to play with one team his whole career?

  5. I’m a Redskin’s fan and Morris is a class act in every way. If the Redskin’s decide to part ways with him I would love to see him go to the Ravens. He would be exceptional with them. We didn’t have an offensive line that could run block. a TANK wouldn’t have any better numbers if it was behind that line, this year.

  6. You deserve more than what the Redskins will offer, buddy. I’m hoping Shanahan gets another crack at coaching so you can reunite with him and his zone blocking scheme. All the best big guy!

  7. Doesnt fit Grudens scheme. Not the same player he was but could be affect in the right scheme. Shanahan/Kubiak are running the zone blocking scheme he thrives in. Worth a look for both, even though they have depth at RB.

  8. There’s a few guys who could do well on a new squad, I think. Morris and Miller come to mind immediately, and even Forte might be able to give another good year or so in the right situation. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of contracts those guys all get.

    I’m assuming that Tampa Bay are going to try to lock Doug Martin up, and that his contract would be the biggest one that a back gets this offseason.

  9. When you have a guy like Morris on your roster you find a way to fit him in your scheme. Career Stats:

    Seasons – 4
    Yards – 4713
    TD – 29
    Fumbles – 11 (2 in 2014 and 0 in 2015)
    AVG YPC – 4.4

    Number 5 all time Redskins rusher
    2X Pro Bowl

    I would love to see Alfred stay in Washington and be the Redskins featured back! HTTR

  10. The guy is a class act but I think he should probably go wherever Shanny is going or wherever they have good zone blocking, he’s a monster in that type of offense.

  11. The only way that’s possible is if he’s willing to sacrifice money, and accept whatever terms the team offers.

  12. Despite the fascination with Matt Jones, Alfred out performed him. I’d hate to see him go. Especially for an unproven commodity. It’s hard to get yards when the run blocking is substandard.

  13. One bad season and they want to part with him? Seriously? Redskins would be stupid to let this guy go.

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