Bears OL Kyle Long headed to Pro Bowl


Bears offensive tackle Kyle Long has been named to his third Pro Bowl in as many seasons.

Long was added Thursday as an injury replacement for Eagles tackle Jason Peters.

A first round pick in 2013, Long started all 16 games at right tackle in 2015. Long becomes the first Bears player since Brian Urlacher (2000-02) to be named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first three seasons and the first Bears offensive lineman to be selected to the Pro Bowl in his first three seasons.

17 responses to “Bears OL Kyle Long headed to Pro Bowl

  1. He made the popularity bowl that no one is gonna watch!!! It was much better when all the players were able to play including the Super Bowl participants & extended the NFL season 1 more week now it just sucks!!! BOYCOTT WATCHING IT & MAYBE IT’LL CHANGE BACK

  2. Good for him. He had his struggles his first year at RT but is still one of the better O-Lineman in the league and by far and away the best Bears O-Lineman as well an established leader. That unit needs some talent upgrades this offseason but he’s a guy no Bears fan needs to worry about.

  3. Not bad for a guy who was labeled a project coming out of college with as little experience as he had starting. Congrats!

  4. Throw the thumbs down all you want on my Moses comment, but I witnessed Long get abused by career back up Trent Murphy with the Skins when they played this year. Long didn’t impress as a RT, IMO.

  5. I love Kyle and he is a terrific guard, but this was undeserved. He played poorly at tackle, particularly in the passing game.

    Here’s hoping that he either grows into his role at tackle or they just move him back to guard.

  6. The Pro Bowl selections at the o-line positions continues to be a joke. Once you’re an established linemen you’re basically grandfathered to make all Pro Bowls as long as you remain halfway decent. Jason Peters was once an elite LT but those days are gone. He doesn’t deserve to make the Pro Bowl anymore and Kyle Long getting in as a tackle us a huge farce. He’s a very good guard and an average, at best, tackle. Anyone who says he’s better than someone like Donald Penn should go crawl under a rock.

  7. As a Bears fan around play-off time you just need to root for the Marshalls, Peppers, Olsens, Allens, Tillmans, and Riveras still in the hunt.

    Worrying about Kyle Long as a tackle vs. as guard in the Pro Bowl is not close to as much fun.

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