Jerry Jones is apparently not a Kardashian, Sir Mix-a-Lot fan

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When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looks at his teams performance relative to the NFC East, he definitely doesn’t see glory hole.

In fact, he had a fairly blunt assessment of what it looked like there at 4-12 this year.

“I’m looking up, on my back and all I see is ass,” Jones said, via Jordan Raanan of “I want a different perspective.”

The Cowboys finished last in the NFC East, with a slew of injuries and some questionable personnel choices ruining the season. But as you might imagine, Jones is confident they can turn things around.

“I do see opportunity though,” Jones said. “But I want a different view and that will ring and intertwine through every meeting, every personal visit I have with everybody involved with the Cowboys. I want to see a different look.”

No one has repeated in the East since 2004, so there’s a strong chance he might not have the same perspective next year, with two of his neighbors being in the midst of change and the other being Washington.

21 responses to “Jerry Jones is apparently not a Kardashian, Sir Mix-a-Lot fan

  1. “Jerry Jones is apparently not a Kardashian, Sir Mix-a-Lot fan”


    That makes TWO of us.

  2. For gods sake enough with the “glory hole” jokes. we get it, it’s funny. haha move on.

    2 questionable personnel moves as I see it (Backup QB and Hardy)

    If Romo and Dez had stayed healthy all year we would have rolled over the east.

  3. Really? Apparently the media feels that everyone, including multi-millionaire NFL franchise owners, should subscribe to value the dregs of society such as the jenners/kardassians/whatever.

    Mr. Jones values aspires to having a team that performs better and gets rid of selfish borderline criminal players such as Bryant and Hardy. Set some standards Jerry, refuse to draft players who have criminal records or who show a clear selfish motivation b/c they will only bring down the entire team then blame it on the owner and coaches.

  4. Try starting with a real HC… BUT honestly I don’t think you really give 2 s hits if you win or not…

    After 20 years of inept football and people still give you money… I think that’s what you really are after the money and the wins are just a bonus.

    You are good at selling ‘hope’… that’s about all you offer.. false hope. Wish people would just quit buying his BS and wake up.

  5. Well, I don’t necessarily see anyone in the NFC East as being a front runner for the Super Bowl next season, but I think that the division as a whole will (should) be better with the changes being made.

  6. The problem for fans is that the NFL is not a meritocracy when it comes to owners.
    You can be incompetent and have no clue as to what you are doing, yet you are still guaranteed to make millions.

  7. “I’m looking through the glory hole, on my knees, and all I see is ass,” Jones said, via Jordan Raanan of “I want a different perspective.”

  8. Um, Jerry, A fish never starts to stink from the tail on up; it’s always from the head on down. Seems like the same could be said for the Cowboys.

    Maybe hire an actual, for-real, experienced GM/Personnel guy and let him do his job?

    But that would entail hiring somebody who is not an ass-kissing yes-man, and historically, you don’t play well with non-sycophants. Time for a change?

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